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April 29, 2008


Ward 3 Voter

to the fire bug i hope they punish you to pick up trash so you can smell like garbage


Thank goodness the damage was not as bad as it could have been. How great is it that this criminal was captured on videotape, and then returned to the scene of his crimes!! Excellent job, Dell St. resident and Somerville Police.


His dog is not black!!! so that could make a big difference. because he has a brown dog! I was told the somerville police beat him afer he was arrested!!! I was told they gave susan a whoopin also. Im thinking that him lighting trash on fire is bad, but if the police did beat him that makes me very nervouse about the somerville police, who i am already weary about! look at their videos on youtube! detective O being a little verbally abusive with a young man trying to film an incident in which a they apprehended a man for stealing a car in the middle of the night. The young man was not breakkng the law by filming the incident. but detective O was very concerned!


this jerk did the same exact thing the night before on late thursday night/early friday morning, where he lit a couch on fire then partially burned a house and burned up a car and completely destroyed it on GREEN ST CAMBRIDGE


This, from the 'Cambridge Chronicle'-

"Villarreal is also being charged for setting a car on fire at 53 Tufts Street, resulting in the total loss of the vehicle".

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