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April 11, 2008


Jeter_B L O W S

The police presence can't last forever, there's got to be a long-term solution.


Kudos to Chief Holloway and the SPD for stepping up the patrols. Thank you!


why don't they round up the little bastards...they know where they hangout. A little harassment goes a long way...push them along..Also I thought Somerville had an ordinance that no more than 3 or 4 people can congregate in a group...Go to Foss park and it is like a city...It is sad to say but someday some crackpot will be doing his/her own drive bys, "Death Wish " style...

The Judge

Does this person who did not have a license to carry a fire arm now get the mandatory jail term or is he just going to slip through the cracks and be back on the streets of Somerville?

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