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April 02, 2008


demo guy/norton job

why are the nortons so hell bent attacking the demo guy? is it because the demo guys wife replaced one of the norton family members on the sha? hmmmmmmm.

isn't the norton beef with hf? heard what happened, what a shame.

oh yeah, removing posts about a certain somebody because you are told to do so is pretty shameful.
you know what i mean, don't you.


What does a recent house party in Winchester have to do with the PDS?

What is up with the demo guy and the Nortons? I heard that they where pissed off when he took that seat on the sha too!

Selfpropelled Torpedo

The torpedo lady appears to be a disgruntled employee. She is creating a hostile work environment for those down the yard. For example, she will only speak to a few people, she walks around with one of those fake grins, and when someone asks her a question she is purposefully vague. This doesn't appear to violate any policy, but its really affecting the morale of co-workers. Will this the torpedo lady rachet up the hostility and become globally explosive, or perhaps start focusing on a specific target. The torpedo lady displays problematic behavior which effects others.

People in the dpw yard should be aware of the devistation that a "torpedo lady" could cause!

Torpedo Lady

I was just told about this site and this particular posts by a friend. You guys think you are smart, huh? Not quite, apparently. This is harassment and I'm going to sue the Somerville News for this, if that's what it takes to stop it. You are slandering me in public, making it difficult for me to conduct my job properly. It would be wise for the irresponsible and sexist owner of this tabloid to take down this defamatory column before it gets nasty and lawyer fees start flying.
"Torpedo Lady"

Time Bamdit

The "Torpedo Lady" wouldn't really be stupid enough to use a city computer on city time at 11:30am to post on here would she?

Stealing time is an offense that warrants termination according to her union contract.


go on comp and forget it your just a number....not play with them thay play know from the past...stress works for you....going going gone.....

Torpedo lady is a troublesome employee

Every organization has at least one employee who makes life miserable for everyone else. Managing the torpedo lady must be difficult for SK. The torpedo lady gets away with doing little or no work. There is no such thing as bad employees, only bad managers. Maybe her boss needs to try to motivate her.



James Norton

Uh? and Demo Guy/Norton Job -

You should really check your facts before you make stupid statements...let's recap for the mentally impaired:

1. the "Norton's" could care less about the "demo guy" personally - it's a rumor column, you morons.

2. Newstalk, for the 1,000,000th time, is not written or compiled by one singular person - get a grip and please get over it.

3. the "demo guy"s wife doesn't work for the SHA, stupid - and there is no seat on the SHA that was taken by "demo guy", his wife, the other jerky-hack or anyone else - from any "Norton". you people love reaching for the stars - how about reaching for the toilet paper.

4. you have no freaking idea "what happened" with HF and anyone around here, trust me - just because he or the other moron asked you to go to the library and post that crack, doesn't mean you know squat, because I am sure you have no clue.

5. and finally - for once and for all - nobody here has removed any posts about anyone on here, unless they are considered a "civilian" or "non-combatant" in the eyes of the public. oh sure, there have been plenty of phone calls from all sorts of people asking us to take stuff off the weblog - but i will tell you EXACTLY what they are told straight up: "if we took it off, it would look even worse" or "if you think you have been slandered, please hire an attorney and sue us". i'll tell u what - find me a comment about someone you think has been removed from here (especially whomever the heck you think we have specifically chosen), and i will put a front page ad in the newspaper and online here for a week apologizing for being a lying jerk. good luck.

We welcome comments and suggestions - if they are in the spirit of the "conversation" or "topic" here. If you violate "JN's Rules" or decide you want to be an jerk, I will ban you - unless you pay the bills around here, then play by the rules, or go somewhere else. Period.

Chew on that.




Are you referring to the "Newstalk" column as a "rumor column?" If so, then everyone is just commenting on the rumors and spreading their own rumors with their postings. Maybe this column should stick with facts instead of rumors. You would have less complaints about deleted postings and the like. I find some of what is posted in this column to be useless and not necessary.

Just a suggestion.

Jose Gonzales

¿Tan Cosmo, qué usted piensa del coste de monos en el Reino Unido? ¿Usted nos piensa debe liberarlos?

James Norton


I didn't know you were elected to be the spokesperson for the mentally deficient on here, but since you want to step to me and try to defend them and/or attempt to put me in my place, let me enlighten you on a few things as well:

1. we don't ever and i mean EVER print anything in Newstalk that we haven't heard from at least two separate people. and we certainly won't print anything we know to be out and out untrue - if you, or anyone else think otherwise, please sue us.

2. useless or not, it's a popular part of the paper, has been for years - and since we don't "sell" the newspaper (and have operated at a "loss" for most of the time we have been here), we couldn't be pandering to the masses to sell issues.

3. let me know when you start paying our bills weekly (you would choke on them believe me), otherwise - don't bother telling us to only print the facts. the news portion of the paper is purely news, the commentary the opinion of the writer, newstalk a rumor column (that gets information on everyone, not just against the PDS crowd if you hadn't noticed) and the view from prospect hill the opinion of the newspaper itself.

tell you what, why don't you buy your own paper, or better yet, revive the Queen's socialist rag - until then, feel free to post what you want here, but don't assume to tell us what we should or shouldn't post and then expect not to have it thrown back in your face or even be banned - i would expect more from you - so preach to someone else or from another pulpit, please.

you have a tremendous day now



Dear JN:

My comments were not made to cause the stir that they obviously did. Are you always this angry?

I am trying to CLARIFY what you have posted on your previous comment. First, you say that others should check their facts prior to posting. Then you say that it is a rumor column. Which is it? I am neither sticking up for the others who post comments nor sticking up for you. Why bother ranting and raving about other postings if we are free to say what me want and not have it taken down?

I read this section weekly and can see what is rumor and what is not. I can also see what slant this paper leans towards and it is not my slant. I am not a home grown Somervillian and am proud of that.

Trust me JN, you have not enlightened me in the least. Your rant has only further turned me off on this city and makes me wonder why I ever check out this website.


James Norton


Now we get to the meaty part of the bone. Thank you. This newspaper is so non-slanted its not even funny, but it takes a certain kind of person to make the statement you did - and I appreciate your opinion a little bit more, now that I fully understand the context of it.

And no, I am not always angry.



Leak alert!

To those who once thought it was herb v, you were wrong! The real leak is Bobby boy!The little guy's new hearing aid!

Just pull the string!

You guys at the paper were right, the noise levels are beginning to rise on their own as we speak! The tides have turned and the best is yet to come any time soon! Seems that the behind the curtain actors and issues are going to be played out live on prime time real soon! This website is better than watching the Jerry Springer Show! Thank you Somerville News for helping us see the light by purging out the truth from undesirables that pose as one of us but in reality lurk behind the dark and evil curtain!


I have contacted the Somerville Journal on how it would be nice if they did a story on Ron Craven. He is presently a coach with the Seattle SuperSonics and a great role model for our city.
His story is very interesting and I think it would be nice for all to see.

They smile at your face...all the time they want to take your place

They smile at your face..all the time they want to take your place. Never wear your heart on your shirt sleave. Know that anything said in private can be easily taken public. Backstabbers like Bobby Mac and Herbie V, often take inside information and release it to individuals on the opposite team in hopes to gain political points. In the recent weeks we have witnessed what the flapping of the gums can cause.


I also agree that Ronnie Craven is a great coach who has made it to the top. Good for him as good things happen to good people. Good Luck Ronnie!

What did he do?

Can anyone please tell me what's going on with registrar John B and what is creating a surge all of a sudden on this site? What is his involvement with?


I saw the big kid from the high school play this year Pat Flanagan. I heard that Ronnie Craven worked with him over the summer time. The kid looked great he lost alot of weight and looked like he was a college prspect. Pat was lucky to have a guy like Ronnie work with him. I used to see Ronnie doing all the road races in Somerville pushing his twin daughters around the city.


I know Ron Craven very well and am very happy for him. I have talked to him about his new job coaching in the NBA. He told me things that I had no clue about. It is nice to see a homeboy go big time.

Big D

Ronnie C is beautiful, hometown boy out in the Emrald city making it happen, you are beautiful Ronnie C. It seems like yesterday he was down Trum Field schooling dudes in the rec games.


I went to school with Ronnie he is a great guy I am glad to hear that he got that job in Seattle.
I see his brother all the time Paul and he gives me the updates on how Ronnie is doing. Who knows maybe he will come back and coach with the Celtics.

Need To Know

Why is the red truck, owned and operated by the "No Show Project Manager" JOD sitting in his driveway all day long while being paid over $70,000 per year? He doesn't show up for work other than to get his check each week. No one is holding him to the fire in getting whatever projects he is assigned done.

How do I get a job like this that pays you to stay at home?

Steve C.

I just read all of these comments on ronnie craven I also went to school with him and did not know he was coaching in the nba. He is a real nice guy.

New Schools

Re: the Argenziano/Lincoln Park School, if you check back you'll find that every new school in this city has opened with massive problems. The Rehabbed Kennedy School STILL has a leak in the gym (ever watch a game while the players are dodging buckets because it's raining out?? I have). Many design and construction flaws at WSNS also. They Healey School was actually signed off on before all of their problems could be addressed by the contractor, and now the city has had to pay to fix them. I don't know if it's a reflection of the city's oversight of the projects (probably in part), or just the state of the construction industry. I do know that you should be hiring Project Managers who are professionals (and I mean in the construction industry, not in the sign-holding industry!!).

The Lincoln Park School should not have been named after argenziano

Argenziano was a great guy/superintendant. That being said, the lincoln park school should have never been named after him. The City Of Somerville should take a closer look at who they name schools/squares/etc....after! Our board of Alderman and Mayor is approving way too many dedications...It will diminish the credibility of the recipient if the city continues down this path. I cant believe the city dedicated a school to Al Argenziano! Don't get me wrong, he was a great guy, but he did nothing spectacular to get a school named after him.

The Mole

Below are fiugures that are obtained from the City site up until 2006. Do you feel as though we are heading in the right direction? Do we have the right people in the right place to make out City safer?

Crime in Somerville by Year

1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
Murders 0 1 0 3 0 3 1 2
per 100,000 0.0 1.3 0.0 3.8 0.0 3.9 1.3 2.7

Rapes 17 17 7 27 11 13 7 19
per 100,000 22.8 22.4 9.0 34.4 14.3 17.1 9.3 25.2

Robberies 52 54 72 125 98 114 139 129
per 100,000 69.9 71.1 92.5 159.4 127.3 149.8 184.3 171.1

Assaults 101 93 157 193 149 128 115 172
per 100,000 135.7 122.4 201.7 246.1 193.5 168.2 152.5 228.1

Burglaries 260 293 428 427 378 468 521 434
per 100,000 349.3 385.8 549.8 544.4 491.0 615.0 690.9 575.5

Thefts 944 930 1,063 1,361 908 1,002 833 1,204
per 100,000 1268.2 1224.4 1365.5 1735.1 1179.4 1316.8 1104.6 1596.5

Auto thefts 602 660 481 433 521 359 319 316
per 100,000 808.7 869.0 617.9 552.0 676.7 471.8 423.0 419.0

Arson 602 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 3 6
per 100,000 808.7 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 4.0 8.0 crime index (higher means more crime, U.S. average = 323.2)

1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
206.2 211.9 217.8 283.9 224.0 233.6 222.3 260.1


Just wanted to comment on Ron Craven he is a real good guy who does not think he is great because he is now coaching in the nba. His kids go to school with my kids and every time I see him he always says hello.


Just out of curiosity, is he related to Brian Craven from down around Benton Road? I was in Scouts with Brian at St. Catherine's back in 1971 or so and he and his brothers were all really tall. It would not surprise me to learn that any of them became basketball players.



Yes that is Ronnie's older brother Brian who lives I think now in Weymouth. They are a very nice family. To think someone from Somerville coaching in the pro's I think thats great.

Good Guys!

He has a brother Paul as well that works at the Somerville Home Depot! All three brothers are great guys!

Ron Craven

Can someone clarify what position Ron Craven has? I thought he held a scouting position? Is he an assistant coach? What did he do before this? While I am familiar with the family I never heard his name connected with any local youth, high school, or college basketball before this. Has he coached before? I know that another local guy, Kevin Mackey, used to coach college-level basketball and is now a scout for Larry Bird's team, but he was always involved. Did Craven play in college, or in semi-pro?


Yes Ronnie has an extensive coaching career. He has coached at the high school level, college level, and was a very good player. He is from my neighborhood and was always a nice guy.


I know Ronnie very well he is with player development with the Seattle Sonics and works also with their developmental team the Idaho Stampede. I saw him at a couple of high school games this year he worked with the big guy Flanagan the 6'9 center and made him a better player indeed. Ronnie is a good coach with great people skills, he is very humble when you talk to him about his new position. He recruited Sam Presti (the Sonics GM) out of high school. That is his connection with the Sonics.


I also know Ronnie he has done alot of camps as he got my son into many camps and when my son was being recruited by colleges Ronnis was very helpful to us during the whole process. He really knows his stuff, I remember him telling me things about the recriuting process I have to tell you he knew what he was talking about. My son listened to him more so than any of his coaches or even me his dad. He ended up going to a school that Ronnie had suggested, he even called the coach who he knew and told him about my son. My son got in and graduated we are very greatful to Ronnie Craven for all of his help. I am glad to see that Ronnie made it he really deserves it as I agree with some who are saying he really is a class act..


Ron Craven is a great guy, glad to hear he is coaching in Seattle.


My kids go to school with Ron Craven's kids, he has 3 girls and it is so cute when you see them with him because he is so tall. I do have to say that he is quite attractive so he must look good on TV.


I have to agree as I think Ron Craven is a nice man. I know him and his family. I also think he is attractive, and his girls are beautiful. He used to push his twin girls in all the road races in Somerville. It's nice to read these comments about him.

Fred DiChristafaro

While visiting my sister in L.A. last month we went down to Hollywood [my first time] and I found out it's true! No matter where one travels, your bound to meet someone from Somerville. Driving by Olive's [swanky restaurant] I spotted Mark Wahlberg standing out front speaking to another guy,as I was telling Karen to slow down, she stoped the car, "Look!" she yelled. I said "yeah it's Wahlberg." "No, the other guy." She stoped and honked. With a big smile the other guy came across the street.
I then recognized him as someone who used to bring his Doberman into my practise [I'm a retired Vet.] Somerville's own Tim Faulkner.
After introducing me and making small talk we found out he's trying to bring one of his stories about Somerville to film.
Marky-Mark walked over and told him their table was ready and invited us to join them, but my nephew was waiting for us to pick him up.
Next month I'm going to Rome I wonder who I'm going to meet there?


Could we get a little fact-checking from you guys here regarding Ron Craven?

He's not listed on the Seattle Supersonics website as an assistant coach or "Director of Player Development". He seems involved with the Sonics to some extent in player development, though, although the only other information to this extent is on the Farm Team's website.

Someone ought to make a phone call to Seattle and confirm, before the posters saying that he's "one of the asst. coaches" start getting taken as gospel truth.

Maybe a feature article? All the best to Ron, it's great to see Somervillians out and about and successful in the world.

James Norton

Tricky -

I don't remember you ever being so snotty or referencing the farm team in quite that way. Is Imux rubbing off on you?

Ron was in our office yesterday afternoon - so I would most likely expect some kind of feature on him in tomorrow's paper and online at some point as well.

Thanks for the suggestion.



Ronnie Craven is with transitional development with the Sonics. He works with the Idaho Stampede who is the Sonics developmental team. When someone goes from the Sonics to the Stampede or the Stampede to the Sonics thats what he does. He also works with the east coast scout for the Sonics as he travels alot. He is my neighbor and I just saw him as he was returning from the sweet 16 in Texas as he was looking at B. Lopez from Stanford. If he reads this he will know who as I am always asking him questions about his job.

Big D

I saw Ronnie at the Celtics game when the played the Sonics. I went down and said hello to him as he was talking to alot of people who were saying hello to him he came over and gave me a hand shake Ronnie C. your beutiful my man (Kelly Park) you never forget where you come from.


What is this the the Ron Craven fan club, there are more important things than basketball and who coaches it c'mon. I don't know him and who cares.

it *is* funny

Thanks for posting what I've been thinking. Someone should start a Ron Craven fan club somewhere ... just not HERE. We have name calling and hating to do for chrissakes!

Big D

C'mon is a moron, wow that ryhmes you obviously are not from the ville because Ronnie Craven is someone who makes a difference. When it's a hometown boy who beat cancer and is now coaching in the NBA I think we should talk about it. Ok c'mon you are a moron and more tham likely a Barney!


Well said Big D alot of these Barney's don't have a clue you know why they are not from here. They don't know what it's really like to live here as they will be gone in less than 5 years. Then moving someplace else getting politically active, and then moving again and doing the same thing until everyone gets a whiiff of their.....I think it's great hearing about Ronnie Craven, so (it is funny) stop playing with yourself.


JN - I thought the Cambriville Guide to Style dictated that the opposition mouthpiece was to be dubbed "The Farm Team"; I'd referred to them that way for years, and I thought mention of their actual name here was verboten. Anyhow, there seems to be less reason to refer to them in that matter recently, as they seem to have had forces out and about the town in recent months.

As for Imux, I'm immune to his "charms", for lack of a better word. He comes across like a grade-school debate champion crossed with Fox News, only more delusional. But, it takes a village...

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