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April 09, 2008



Run Tyler, RUN!!!



seriously, this is what makes this country, and particularly, this city GREAT! the Irish-American Officers group honoring people named St. Hillaire, Oliveira and Capobianco. Recognition for greatness no matter what group you 'belong' to. Keep it up.


Looking forward to your article/take on the transportation bill that's headed to Gov. Patrick's desk.


Congratulations to those policemen who are being honored.... I am proud of them.....

Ed wood

Register of Deeds indeed!!....another hack political job that probably pays close to six figures for doing nothing and then he cashes out with another massive pension on the taxpayer. In the meantime Massachusetts is in a fiscal crisis and people are leaving the state in droves. If a company was run like Mass, the first thing new management would do is trim the fat. There is alot of fat to be trimmed off these government "servants." I bet it doesn't get done!

Ron Newman

Register of Deeds is an elected office. If you don't think the incumbent is doing a good job, run against him (or support someone else who is running).


Is it true that Big Demo Guy Sal is partners with the Max Pac? How else did he get thr contract?


Is this the Ron Craven fan club? Where do I sign in?


Yes it is sign in please. Ronnie C. is a beautiful boy(kelly park) kpu!!!!!

You got to love life in the Ville!

Come on now, you mean to tell me these girls are getting away with this right under their noses at the SHA? Are you sure that the Demo Guy and the Electrician don't have their hands in the Hooker thingy that's going on down at the Mystic Projects as well? Who's printing out calling their cards? I hope their using a union company! You got to love life in the Ville!

Could be?

Are you sure that it's not HV and BMW just going out for an evening stroll around the projects?

Congratulations to Officer D. Dottin from Cambridge City Council

Congratulations to Officer Dottin for his hard work. Your dedication. And your willingness to share your enthusiasm with others. Officer Dottin is a great officer. He also is a wonderfull educator. Officer Dottin's ability to connect with every age group is remarkable. His enthusiasm for the job is infectious. It appears that Officer Dottin did a wonderfull job and has no fear of conflagration.


what a joke.........half of them don't know what they are doing........they just run around thinking their special................but lets face it they only got their jobs because they held signs or brought in votes........its a joke what they make!!!!!

Hank Ryan

If the demo man gets Maxpac demo does that mean somethings Fishy? How far back does this go and how much will he be allowed to get away with before someone stops him? Who else in involved with him as partners and who are his official green lights that give him the go ahead sign? Are there any elected officials involved in this unstoppable loccomotive? How far does his political willingness spree of closed eye favors spread? Please let me know and I can go from there!

Probate Ears!

Hank, go to the Middsex Registry of Probate in Cambridge and speak to HV. I'm sure he can tell you a few good ones!


Good article on Ron Craven in the Somerville News it's great to see people like him do well, he is such a n nice guy.


Yes that was a nice article on Ron craven, I also have to agree with some prvious post's he is very handsome!!


I see Ron Craven the tall guy sometimes at the Kennedy School where his girls go. He is so tall and he is a hunk of guy.




Ron couldnt make a layup in HS. No wonder Seattle is in last place.


It's funny to read that lerch as you obviously never played with Ron, I used to watch him play a well schooled big man. So lerch have you ever played with Ronnie I have up at kelly park many times, he would use you my man..


KPU, I was holdin class schoolin dudes while he was waiting in line to play. Since you said you watched, I guess you were playing paddle ball.


Ronnie C. never waited in line to play he was the man lerchy. Another one who talks smack where has hoop gotten you my man. On a website showing extreme jealousy for a Somerville guy who is good people. KPU>and your a hooball, you see your not from KPU so you don't know what that is, to bad hooball.


Congratulations to our fine Somerville police officers that got recognized for a job well done! The banquet was wonderful and congratulations as well to IAOPA vice president Somerville Police Captain Paul Upton for all his hard work and efforts organizing the very well planned and attended event! Congratulations to all!

Cambriville News

Monday, April 14, 2008

Cambriville - It is with great pleasure that we announce the comeback of Cambriville's most beloved and widely read newspaper - The Cambriville News...otherwise known as McCarthy's Rag.

As many of our most avid readers and ardent detractors know, we have been off the airways for quite some time now concentrating our efforts to find our esteemed Editor in Chief, the Late Dr. Mrs. Mary McCarthy. The old gal went missing last year and an all out effort to find her was launched last week by the Civil Air Patrol, the Vatican
Swiss Guard and Russell Disposal of Somerville.

We are please to report that she was found covered in rose pedals in the arms of a rather embarassed Vatican Swiss Guard under Michealangelo's "Creation" in the Sistine Chapel.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy is expected to return to the United States with Pope Benedict xxxxxxiiiivvvv today and will resume her duties here at the News sometime next week.

Previous reports that the vixen of viciousness was buried under the new Yankee Stadium sporting an Ortiz uniform proved unfounded.

In other news...........45 vehicles were swallowed up on Somerville Ave this morning after construction workers accidently unearthed a long forgotten tunnel. It is not know how or why the tunnel was built, but from the wall graffiti, clearly depicting a likeness of DPW commissioner Stan Koty, it is estimated the tunnel dates from around the Civil War.

Community Reminder.......The deadline for submissions to the "We Love Joe Curtatone" memorial park contest are due to City Hall, Office of the Mayor, Joseph A. Curtatone Avenue for the Performing Arts, Cambriville, MA, no later than May 10, 2008. All submissions should be accompanied by a certified bank check in the amount of 250 lire.

Bill Shelton

Excellent, Cambriville News. Keep it coming!

The Mole

Ah! It's about time the ole bag was found well and suited up with the Swiss Guards. They use to join the Foreign Legion but I guess the Swiss will do for the feisty lady of Cambriville.

Welcome Home party for the good Dr. Mrs. when she jets back with the Pope.


The Mole


Welcome back, Cambriville News, you have been greatly missed.

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