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April 30, 2008



"Some of us here at Newstalk are thrilled Bob decided to run"

You're kidding me! I had no idea the writers of Newstalk were supporters of Bob Trane! You've been so respectfully quiet leading up to this announcement that I didn't even think you'd comment on it at all...

Funny, with all the campaign and fundraiser talk, you'd think that there would have been some mention of Sciortino's campaign kickoff a few weeks ago. We hear it was very well attended by a wide range of Somervillians and Medfordites and that Sciortino gave a good speech highlighting his accomplishments for the district. We're sorry that Newstalk missed out on the fun. Maybe they could have learned something.

Trane's Brother to bank roll campaign

Is it true that paul trane has some special intrest in the district and is going to be bank rolling his brothers campaign? I am sure that bob will have to work hard to upseat sciortino. I hope he's hiring a good campaign strategist. Money won't be an issue for Trane but he'll have to work on his message and update his email list.

Ron Newman

New places? When Pigs Fly and Kickass Cupcakes have been open for months now.


I've been buying bread from When Pigs Fly since last Dec. Kick-Ass Cupcakes opened last Sept.

There is a new establishment on that block on Highland Ave. but it's not those 2 shops.

Ron Newman

And just for the record - while When Pigs Fly sells wonderful tasty bread, they are not a "local bread bakery". They truck the bread here from their bakery in York, Maine each morning.


Thanks, Ron. When Pigs Fly bread has been sold in supermarkets in Boston for several years.

Isn't there something else going in next to Kickass Cupcakes? Maybe some seating for them, perhaps? They need it.

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa)

Wonder if Carla will be attending the cleanup this weekend. If so, he better stay in 4, as he'll have few friends in 7. Remember, progressives don't get thier hands dirty, they have someone else do it for them.

When Pigs Drive

Thats ridiculous that they truck it all the way down here. That doesn't sound very "green" to me. How can that be popular with the liberals in Davis Square?

Ron Newman

Kickass is expanding into the neighboring storefront, opening some sort of "Dairy Bar". I don't know much more. For a very brief time, a florist called The Green House occupied that site.

When Pigs Drive

Oh let me guess....... they must use biodiesel right?

James Norton

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa) -

Are you daft? Was I not clear about using terms like "Carla"? The only reason I'm only bitching you out and not banning you is because you have been on this weblog as a regular for a long long time. Please, if I can get Imux and the Imux impostors to dial it back a little, I expect the same from everyone else. Make your point by being clever.


The Mole

Well if it is in Newstalk then it’s got to be true. Funny how a week ago I mentioned something about the two back-to-back properties on Cragie and Porter Streets and now it is in this weeks Newstalk.

Then another post said something about “O’Donovan Way” which would be a pass through from Cragie to Porter just beside the new complex SOD is trying to erect. Which he will erect since he has the means and the ways to get permits that others cannot.

How does he get it done? How does the Zoning Board sleep at night. SOD has to answer to a higher authority at some point.

The Mole

Hal Burton

Perhaps it is time the Ward 5 Alderman resign from his chair. Sean should be working for the people of this city without expecting Somerville to "give back" to him.

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa)

Ok, JN, it's strictly the Medford Rep. from now on. How about the Rep's two buddies, Becky Boo-Hoo and Ugly Betty, is that permissible? Hope so, as they provide a lot of the backdrop in this race. Along with, of course, the Chairman of the Board, no, not Dennis Sullivan or Frank Sinatra, but MS-13's best friend, Marty Martinez!

Whistle Blower

With the high cost of fuel today, around $3.59 a gallon, the taxpayers of this city are paying a lot to keep the fleet going. As Commissioner Koty stated a few days ago, he anticipates rising fuel cost for next fiscal year and maybe and additional cost to this years allotment.

Well Commissioner Koty, keeper of the turnkey to the gas pumps at DPW along with Skidder, how can a commercial truck with the logo of Advanced Closet Systems out of Somerville, be at the gas pumps at the DPW filling up at the unleaded gas pump? Could you answer that question for me please? I would love to know so I can invite the entire City residence to come in and serve themselves.

Oh wait a minute they can't serve themselves. They need a card and a code don't they Skidder? Now I am sure if we check the log on the day in question this card will come back to a legitimate user huh???

Well, I want to know how commercial vehicle with a commercial plate K31192** got into the yard and filled up his tank. I am sure a lot of others residence do too. Believe me this is not an hallucination this is fact. The only thing I wish I had with me was a camera to take the Kodak moment.


Attention whistle blower, use your cell phone to take pictures next time.

I WantTo Know

I’ve seen that Advanced Closet truck before. It has two locations on the sides of the truck. One location is listed as Somerville and the other one is listed n Woburn. If a commercial truck is filling up their tank at the DPW yard, there are several things wrong with the picture.

One, someone issued a card to this company; two, someone is allowing this company to use a valid access card and pin number; three, at the high price of fuel costs, Advance Closet or its’ driver who may be friends of someone at the DPW that has control over the distribution of fuel, they are making out like a bandit at fuel costs hovering around $3.60/gallon; four, City taxpayers are getting screwed royally while gas flows to outside entities.

As the poster explained, it will be hard to prove other than having it on film. Whether it be during the day while the gates are open and a security guard is posted or after hours when the gates are closed and access too is needed by a card or pin number, someone is letting this happen and blame should start at the top.


A search for Advanced Closet in Somerville turns up an address of 74 Elm Street; someone else can do a reverse lookup, etc. and see if any of the usual suspects turn up.


Free speech in the Somerville News? That's a joke! People get blocked from posting here if they disagree too much. I wonder if this will make it through...


Who Came Second In the Spelling Bee Da joey Cakes Cup Cakes?

it *is* funny

I did the reverse lookup you suggested Tricky, I'm sure it's against the rules to post the name here, but I don't recognize it. Rhymes with McSchmereson.

Willy Whistle Blower

I don't believe you. No picture, no proof. Try another lie. Where is the Mole?


Aren't there cameras in the DPW yard?

The Mole

Well, if "It *is* Funny" is correct, that household has a SHA worker who has access to the DPW gas pumps and if it is not the worker that is moonlighting with Advanced Closet Solutions then it has to be a member of their household.

One and one equals two in my math book and if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it's a Frggin hosing we are getting from 74 Elm Street.

What is Boss Hog to do about it or better still, what is Joe Mac, SHA golf pro going to do about it.

The Mole

Unit D is a Joke!

I got some answers for everyone but also have some questions of my own....

Let's do the answer's first, as for the supposed free gas that Skidda was passing out this actually went to PCO (Parking Control Officer) by the name of Paul M. who works the 4-midnight shift. So
a: this person is a new hire as a city employee.
b: this person is entitled to gas per shift
c: this person has his own gas card.
d: the vehicle in question is his personal vehicle.

Now onto the questions I have:
A: How does MB get to teach CDL training?
Is he certified? Did he take a class on how to teach others? Why him and not someone who actually drives a CDL rated truck everyday?

B: Who benfited from this whole Unit D farce?
Would it be none other then MB's GIRLFRIEND Lisa P?

It's pretty funny that the guy who wants to ask all the questions is the guy who sits around all day doing nothing. Why don't you just sit in your office and figure out a way to scam more $$$ out of the city.....if it's not one thing it's another with you! I don't get how a guy who makes as much $$$ as you do for doing nothing but screwing people over has so much to say???

The Mole

Well, it has come time to say that when I went to Lowell High School, one plus one was two and a duck was a duck when it did all those things that ducks do. I must confess, my earlier statement and assessment of the situation with Advanced Closet was absolutely off the mark.

For whatever reasons drew me to that conclusion other more powerful facts draw me away from that conclusion. So, "It *is* Funny" we are up the wrong tree that is blooming this time of year. Without going into details, Boss Hog can rest comfortably and Joe Mac can still slice his golf balls on Thursday mornings. The vehicle has nothing to do with the SHA or any affiliate of that establishment and all the reasons to let it go. My apologies to whom ever may have been the subject of my post.

The Mole


Someone is trying to start trouble.
Why would you mention Skidda, MB, and Lisa P?
Seems like someone is trying to start some infighting.
Leave Skidda, MB, and Lisa P out of it. Instead of dropping names and trying to start trouble, Focus on whoever is actually writing this shit. Look at what time this bullshit was posted. All 3 of these people were probably at work. If you think any of them are posting this shit, Trace the IP address and see if it comes back to their city computer. If it doesn’t, go after the person that is posting the rumors and lies.
Or is it just easier for you to try and start trouble. I know if I have a problem with someone, I would confront him or her. I don’t come on here and hide like a little pussy.


Regardless of who it is, let me get this straight:

- - - -
a: this person is a new hire as a city employee.
b: this person is entitled to gas per shift
c: this person has his own gas card.
d: the vehicle in question is his personal vehicle.

- - - - -

So residents are paying taxes so a parking officer working the evening shift can pump gas into a personal vehicle?

I'm sorry if I'm being to cynical here, but does *anyone* think this process is remotely, uh, subject to abuse? This city is, what, six miles from end to end, and we're offering free gas for city employees to pump into private vehicles?

Who decides who gets this "perk"? This is completely absurd.

City Hall Nose

Well, if anyone has read the recent article about what the State Board handed down recently to the Mayor of our City, you shouldn’t be so surprised. It seems the egg timer has run out for the Superintendent of ISD since he has not secured the required licenses required of him for the position he has held for all these years.

G.L was given ample time to complete the steps necessary to be in the position he is in and he has not accomplished this task according to the State Board and they are asking that the Mayor remove him from that position or file with the Board an appeal directly to them for and extension. The key here is, “Directly with the State Board”, no one else.

While they are at it, why doesn’t the State Board look at the other Superintendent that also does not have the proper qualifications for the position he is occupying at the moment?

Yes there is another one, the not so new Superintendent of Lights and Lines that is required by City Ordinance to be in charge of all electrical permits throughout the City, both residential and commercial. The State requires the Wire Inspectors to be licensed however the City is not hiring the proper personnel to make sure what is being done in homes and businesses knows what the codes are. Come on now; are we all going to be electrocuted?


Why is that absurd? Parking officers have to use their own personal vehicles during their actual job (not just to and from their job like the most of us). With gas at 3.50 a gallon and them doing all city driving, it would not be woth it to them to work! Lets face it, parking officers do not have the best job, get paid crap, and should have their gas paid for when they are using theor vehicles for work. It's not like they are using the gas for commuting expenses, they are using it for work!!!! The city is run just like any other company, they have expenses and need to cover those. Why is everyone always trying to out someone or get someone in trouble. If you do not like the way the city is run, then either run for mayor and change it or move.


Oh and by the way mole, your credibility is going away, don't think you are so smart and coy. There are other "moles" that know just as much as you do.


Jamie, I'm sorry and I know you are probably going to ban me for saying this but I must say what is on my mind.

This newspaper is nothing but a FU#@ING tabloid. Defend it all you want. It is what it is! I’m so sick of you allowing people to write whatever the FU#% they want about anyone. This is BULLSHIT!

Yeah, my name was mentioned and im not too happy about it. Yeah, I can choose not to read it I don’t read it. My Family reads it and my friends read it and then my phone rings. Then the questions start. Is this true? Did that happen? Is this guy doing that? Did he, Will she? Why did this happen? Are you involved like they say in the blog?

Get my point Jamie?

I don’t mind looking at the STAR tabloid when im in the checkout line at stop and shop and reading this kind of shit about Britney Spears or people that I will never meet or never have to deal with. I understand the need for entertainment value. What I can’t understand is why people just cant worry about themselves. Some of the people writing this shit are nothing but jealous assholes that are compensating for their own shortcomings. Others are just pussies who hide behind their computer screen spreading hate while trying to cause as much trouble no matter who gets hurt.

I for one am FU#@ING sick of it. Now they are spreading their hate against the ISD Superintendent and the Lights and Lines Superintendent. They 2 of the nicest guys I have ever met. They have both done outstanding jobs in their capacity as superintendents, they are also very well educated with regards to their jobs. Do they require certain certificates or licenses? Who FU@#ING cares.

So once again instead of confronting the person that pissed in their cornflakes, they turn on the computer and come here and say whatever the fu#% they want. Why? BECAUSE YOU LET THEM!

Do me a favor; don’t respond with some bullshit answer about how honorable and mighty you are. I don’t want to hear it. I’m fed up with all this shit.


PT Kelly

Does anybody have any information regarding the recent water department scandal including the head of the water department and the owner of P.T Kelly? Rumor has it that CA and S Kelly were caught red handed! Is the City searching for another contractor? Rumor around the yard is that the gravy train is over and CA's job could be in jeopardy. The larceny of material/supplies and city money by those in a position of trust is deplorable. Both individuals should be held accountable for thier actions.


You can't cut hair in this state without a barber's license or a cosmetologist's license or whatever. If there are unlicensed superintendents, or heads of departments or whatever, the city at the very least should provide the means for them to obtain licenses, and pick up the annual costs of their licenses as part of their compensation.

There is a lot of "spreading the hate" that goes on here. Naming names over more or less petty nonsense fits that bill, but I'd hardly include unlicensed supers in that basket. If they are not, the city needs to get them licensed.



You don’t know if they are licensed or not. The asshole starting the rumor doesn’t know either. Hell, nobody really knows if a license is even required. But, It’s written here on the good ole Somerville news tabloid so it must be true!

My point is why let some asshole start the rumor to begin with. Joe average citizen reading this now has doubts about the qualifications of a couple of important functional superintendent positions. The superintendent’s kid reads the blog and now worries that his or her father may lose his job because some loser came here to spread the hate.

Why? Because Jamie lets anyone come here and say whatever they want without repercussions. What if I said tricky was the nickname of John Smith of 123 American way, Any town, USA. John Smith is a pedophile that paid judge so and so to seal his record so he could become a school custodian? Not a nice thing to say since I have no clue who you are but this bullshit tabloid gives me the right to say whatever I want.

That’s Bullshit!


BS - this isn't the first time the licensing issue has been mentioned here, that's why I latched on.

You would think either this paper or the other could confirm or deny these allegations, and we could get on with more important things. But if they're unlicensed and need to be, they need to.

Ron Newman

Folks, the story "State: City's head of inspectional services holding job illegally" is on the Farm Team Paper's website, dated yesterday. Don't blame the Somerville News blog (or the Farm Team website) for reporting facts.


You are missing the point. If this tabloid were serious about being a "news source" they would create a confidential hotline or inbox and investigate allegations. Don't just let people come on here and talk shit, make up stories, spread rumors and hate. Nah, that wouldn’t keep the hit counter moving in the right direction now would it. The truth of the matter is Newstalk is defined by Jamie as a rumor mill. What good can come out of having a rumor mill? All it does is foster the desire to spread unverified information that could potentially cause someone (in some cases) bodily harm.

That’s not news. That’s Bullshit!

The conversations I hear about this blog are staggering. People believe anything they read here and that is simply not right. What will it take to see my point?

Ron Newman

I often find the NewsTalk column glaringly inaccurate, and have said so in comments on this blog.

But the story you are complaining about originated on the Journal's web site, not in the Somerville News. Someone then commented here on the Journal's story. I see no obvious grounds to quibble with the Journal's reporting on this subject.

City Hall Nose

B.S.; there are no rumors that GL has not fulfilled his commitment the State set forth 18 months ago. The State gave him plenty of time to get his credentials in order and he hasn't. Plain and simple. He is required to have those licenses and he has not. It is just like you driving without a driver’s license when you are required to have one.

No one said these two people were not good guys. Where was that posted? I don't care if they were Dr. Mrs. McCarthy’s best buds. They are getting paid to protect our interest every time a contractor comes into our houses to do work. Codes are implemented for a reason. To protect US.

Get a grip and stop BSing all of us.

Willy Whistle Blower

Hey BS, stop drunk posting late at night. Blogs like this expose the corruption that has gone on for 50 years in the City. Go cash your check...hack !


Back to Screech:

If parking officers *must* use their private vehicles during their job (I don't have the time or desire to get in a dust-up over that, fine), here's an idea - let the city reimburse them per mile. Fifty and a half cents per is the going rate.

City gasoline should be used for full-time city vehicles only, and not "fuzzy" situations like private vehicles - where I'm assuming the gas gets used for private purposes as well.


Hey Willy, I got 2 words for you. Bite Me!


the secretary of state website has all the info yo need to see who is or is not licensed. the required license for gl's job is a construction supervisor license. there is also an hic or home improvement contractor license but this is pretty easy to get and not acceptible for an isd position. even the inspectors need the constuction supervisor far as the gas for pco's if i remember correctly each shift gets a certain allotment of gas per week. i think the overnite (midnite to 8 am) gets the most because they drive all the main streets such as som av summer st highland av medford st broadway for overnite commercial and street sweeping,then walnut, school,sycamoe,central, lowell,cedar,willow and so on for overnite residential. its a lot of driving and as the previous poster said would cost considerable amount of money compared to their pay rate.also remember what my dear mom used to tell me since i was a little tyke growing up on winter hill....believe none of what you hear and half of what you see!well its been real and its been fun..but it hasnt been real fun.

Water Bills

Pt Kelley, what is the scandal in the water department and could it have been the reason for the outrageous water bills we got the last couple years? Do tell.

The Mole

It is unfortunate that PT Kelley got the boot. It had nothing to do with CA, Water Superintendent or our water bills. What it had to do with is requesting Kelley to lower a quote he gave the Mayor on a job outside of Kelley’s scope of his current contract.

Kelley really didn’t want to do the job so he quoted it high and figured the City would go elsewhere. Well they did for a much lower cost than that of Kelley’s, but remember Kelley didn’t want the job. Well, now this became rules for dismissal for non-performance. We all know how that goes.

The City has now hired a couple of contractors to fill in and one I believe is Borgese, or however you spell it. They were seen on Lee and Richardson doing sewer drains.

To clear up on a post that was here last week on the blogg, Boss Hog directed Barbara W, ex-Superintendent of Water to wipeout SHA project manager, Head of the Zoning Board and MBTA retiree, water bills from Highland Road and a few other properties back a few years ago not the current Water Superintendent CA. Why do you think Barbara put up so much of a stink and then was later let go?

It’s Kotys’ WAY or no WAY.

The Mole

mole wake up

Mole - Seriously you have NO clue what you are talking about - yet again. The city has not hired any contractors at all. Also, Kelley was not "dismissed". The city asked Kelley to re-negotiate a contract that has not changed (except cost) in several years. That's where it stands right now. Please get your facts. You have been asked by several people to do your research and you continue to just throw the first rumor you hear out there. You sometimes admit you are wrong but don't you get embarrased?

Water Department

If the citizens of Somerville took a poll in regards to what department was the most scandalous within the city, I predict the water department would be the front runner. The recent events between the water department head and the owner of PT Kelly are beyond all standards of what is right or decent. The head of the water department has acted in a conflict of intrest. The head of the water department had a formal responsibility to to serve the public, and her relationship with the owner of a city contractor jeopardized her professional judgement, objectivity, and independence.


I think if the *citizens* of Somerville took a poll, T&P would win hands-down, as their misdeeds have been the most visible/noteworthy.
Poll city employees, and you might come up with another answer.

That said, anyone notice how the brackets either have been prorated to reflect different reading patterns (i.e. for a 4 month reading period instead of 3 months), or are being adjusted per period? That seems to be the removal of a crafty little surcharge: one billing cycle at Chez Tricky ran 150 days, which bumped us up into the next bracket of rates.

Which was only ten or fifteen bucks, fine, I can handle that, but multiply that by the number of two- and three-family houses in the city, and it adds up on the other end.

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