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April 18, 2008


Larry Bird

are u surprised? all the pollutants from 93 just wash down the hill into the river all the time, i'm surprised its not rated the most polluted river in the US


it's really a shame, you wonder what happened where the charles (while still polluted) is the gem of the city while the mystic is a wasteland. we have got something special in this river if we can figure out how to take care of it.

Peter Maier

Nobody should be surprised about the bad water quality in our rivers and lakes, since the Clean Water Act was never implemented as intended and promised, due to an incorrect applied water pollution test, EPA used to implement the Act. The result is that EPA ignored nitrogenous (urine and protein) waste and thus still allows rivers to be used as giant urinals. Two other consequences are that one can not evaluate the real performances of a sewage treatment plants and what their effluent waste loadings are on receiving water bodies.

Although EPA acknowledged the problems with this test in 1984, in stead of correcting the test allowed an alternative test, that now officially ignored the pollution caused by nitrogenous waste, while this waste, like fecal waste, exerts and oxygen demand and is a nutrient (fertilizer) for algae and aquatic plants, now considered by EPA the largest form of pollution in our open waters, causing eutrophication and eventually dead zones.

Due to a worldwide incorrect applied pollution test, the CWA, the second largest federally funded public works program, failed and it still appears to be impossible to correct this test and implement the CWA as intended and promised to the American public. For more nformation visit

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