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April 17, 2008



Wow I don't even have a car, and yet somehow I manage to get to church and the doctors OK. Guess I should start viewing not driving as a "death sentence" too even though its helping my health.

Sister Young

He's still a shitbag!


Mental note: bringing up your charity work in times like this is actually much more detrimental to the public perception of you than just keeping your mouth shut.


What a scumbag! I hope he reads these comments!


Privitera says,"If that silly girl hadn't repeatedly smashed her body into my car none of this would have happened. It took the autobody shop two days to fix the dents in my bumper."


What is most troubling is Privitera's attitude which is arrogance personified. Most of us in his position would feel humbled and apologetic. Here is Privitera blaming her for the accident entirely, and whining about his loss of license.

I have no doubt that both were to blame....he was not attentive and neither was she when she was chatting on her phone. did hein fact lose his license for 5 years??? The article is not clear.


I believe he is allowed to petition the RMV for a hardship license. Why do you need a hardship license? In case your wife gets sick? Call 911 like the rest of us. The DA's office better oppose this attempt to get a license. This guy KILLED someone. He refuses to accept his share of the blame. He seems to be the most arrogant man.

William Hurst

Did Ted Kennedy lose his license?

Ron Newman

Say Frank, have you ever heard of the MBTA?


I'm amazed that this scumbag can pay $4 million in a settlement, but can't afford a taxi to church. Have taxi rates gone up that much?

$500 photo

I heard that the Som News was offering a $500 reward for a photo of FP behind the wheel of any car within the five years of his sentence! Nice!!!!

Bounty Hunter

Yeah! A job for Photo Bounty Hunter! That's an easy way to make an easy $500 for Frank's neighbors! His many enemies are salivating!!!
Hey SN bozos, get your facts straight. Damyanova, 22, was an international student from Sofia, Bulgaria. NOT Hungary. You damn ignorant worms.


he got what he had coming to him. It is great he paid the family 4 mil...he has it. He is/was one of the biggest SLUM landlords in the city..I know this personally because i rented some of his place as a Realtor..real shit holes.

And the old Somerville news under publisher Publicover fawned all over him with layouts when his daughter got married...he in his tux with ancient frail movie stars...5 years? for a death? It should have been 4ever.


yea but if he was someone from the projects he would have got 10 years in prison. Corrupt system.

I feel bad for his kids!

One word describes how I feel "PIG"

A pig when it comes to business
A pig when it comes to food
A pig when it comes to frienship
A pig when it comes to life
A pig when it comes to paying contractors
A pig when it comes to everything!!!!!!!!!!

We all cant be wrong on this blog! This guy obviously had a negative effect on numerous people. I feel horrible for his kids, all but one of them are the salt of the earth! You figure it out.


Just to get even with that moron, I'll get you guys that photo of FP behind the wheel of a car for free! Sooner or later he will slip and I'll be there to catch it on film! Pay Backs a Bitch Frank! Remember who you once ambushed!


Dingo - "I know this personally because i rented some of his place as a Realtor..real shit holes"

How could you represent such dumps, as your claiming. Where was your conscience? I guess you didn't care, as long as you got your commission.


Dingo - "I know this personally because i rented some of his place as a Realtor..real shit holes"

How could you represent such dumps, as your claiming. Where was your conscience? I guess you didn't care, as long as you got your commission.

Kate's charity service!

Dear Kate, if you were in Dingo's shoes, and your job was renting apartments, would you rent it out for your client free of charge? When you go to work in the morning, do you get paid or do to just do it as a hobbie, free of charge? I didn't think so! So kare with all said, have a wonderful day!


I would not represent a slumlord. It's very telling that you didn't imagine that.

Go hug a tree!

Kate you won't uh? But you will milk the City's clock and and kiss the mayors ass 5 days a week and then some!Won't ya?

Somerville Bob

Sounds like the other vehicle didn't slow down when approaching a pedestrian in the crosswalk either. Slow down you idiots.

Somerville Bob needs a pill!

The poor girl was thrown at the car by FP's Lincoln that's why!
You Idiot!

Somerville Resident

Actually, the girl walked into the side of his car and fell back into the other lane where the truck ran her over. If you want to talk smack, get the real story right. If you don't think that there is sorrow on all sides for what happened, you are seriously wrong. Stop making things up, get the true story first and then make your decision.

Tony Benet

Hey somerville Resident AKA Priv Jr, just like I wrote,the poor girl was thrown by FP's Lincoln! Stop being so defensive, the case is over!The king got a deal and a half!He's lucky that he didn't end up in the slammer where he frigin belongs!

Somerville Resident

Tony Benet, I am not Priv Jr. so again you are talking out the side of your mouth. I do know the true story and I am aware of the fact the he is lucky that he isn't in the slammer because of ignorant people like you that just can tell the true story. If you know the area, you know it is dark at night and on a rainy night conditions are even worse. I have read a million times how well lite the area is, maybe now it is. There were a million contributors to this tragedy, the weather, both drivers, etc.

Frankie Avalon cell mate!

Like I said Jr, stop defending it! Pop's got away with it! As I figured, the apple don't fall far from the tree!

Sorry, but I can't be seen with you!

Mr. Frank,
Unfortunately I won't be available to attend your next big birthday celebration while I'm in the states. My predecessor before me, Paul must would have possibly had lower standards like Bennett & Avilon, but we know it wasn't for your good will they came, because you never had any! It was for your tempting fee you paid them to attend that got them all there! Even the former mayor turned another cheek when you were trying to kiss up to her to help your little baby's bowe! Even the current mayor saw the light and walked away from your alleged willingness! But unfortunately my standards are set much higher and I can't be seen around undesirables lowlife scum's like yourself!
With all that said, you have a nice day!
Oh yes, one more thing, heres a tip, you should air condition that monument / shrine that's awaiting you for someday at the woodlawn cemetery that you had built! I hear that it's hot where your going!

Best of luck,
Pope Benedict

The long lost brother peter

What happened to your long lost brother peter! He did not accept your few pieces of silva, and you forgot all about him.. At least he has his dignity. If your own brother knocks you, somethings wrong!

Sal Minio

Hey Young Priv, I'm still here! You thought I left? Wrong! I'm just learking around in the background waiting to catch the Senior Priv aka "The Big Fish" behind the wheel! I can't wait to take that magic photo! Maybe we can get Bobby Darin to sing "This Magic Moment" when it happens!
"Pay Backs a Bitch"

Sal Minio

Joeybag O'Doughnuts


FP is a Jerk

My car jumped a curve to avoid hitting another car in traffic but causing me to hit a small fence! The police broke my aggys, cited me big time and I got a heffty surcharge on top of it! This Arshole kills someone, gets off scott free and he's bitching about his driver's licence! This guy is a Jerk!
I'm going to start carring a camera and try to catch the Big Fish to get that $500. reward that the New's is offering! At least it will partialy cover my surcharge and the fringin ticket the cops gave me!

Good Opportunity

This is a great opportunity for some of his neighbors. Just place a motion-activated webcam pointing at where his driveway intersects the main street. Sooner or later you'll get your $500 shot!

Somerville PI

Folks, the reason they call these tragedies accidents is for that very was a tragic accident!. Unfortunately, accidents cause harm to people, and sometimes people die. Putting a senior citizen in jail for an accident is not the answer. Lock up some of the sex offenders and domestic violence jerks. In this case, FP was involved in an accident. Forget about all the other crap......his real estate holdings, business dealings,and personal wealth have nothing to do with it. Accidents happen to all sorts of people, could even be you some day!!

He's not human

Ya but, Franks an Asshole!


Frank is a humanitarian who has gave his life for this city. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. It is sad a girl died but Frank has done much. I am glad justice was done.

He's still not human

Ya but, Frank's still an asshole!

Da Grim Reaper

Francis, Remember, when you were poor, broke, and desperate, and the contract you signed with me?

Well done my son, You have come far, but,

Remember, we have a deal, And you will have to leave all worldly things behind,

And PAY..



Bahy Habib

This is wrong he should he should go to jail stupid ass

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