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April 18, 2008



A city of hope is a city where the law is upheld, retards... This is freaking brilliant. A silly 17 year old who knows squat about how the world works, who pays the bills, how money is made and circulates, tells the rest of us that we should embrace poor illegals. Listen kiddo, do you understand that your unemployed mom and dad may have to compete for their welfare check with these illegals one day? How great is that gonna be? How can you be so retarded to conflate the issue of welcoming legal immigrants with that of aiding criminals?
Curtatone, being unable to get support for his stupid idea, is trying to recruit the McLaughlin types to bullshit our kids. That is disgusting, Mr. Mayor, you should be ashamed of yourself. If there has to be a lawsuit, there will be one, Mr. Mayor. Aiding illegals is, duh, illegal. End of story.

Hard to Believe

I have a hard time believing there are some morons who would make these kinds of inane statements:

"Who are we to discriminate/The people who helped build/This city/Just 'cause they don't have/ Legal authority/ Although they make up one-third of our community."

I'll tell you who we are. We are the people who live here legally, you dumb girl. Legal immigrants are always welcome in this country and in this town. Illegal aliens are not only not welcome, they should be sent back to their country of origin.
Where did you get your information that 1/3 of our community is made up of illegal aliens? If so, there should be MORE massive raids to get these criminals back to where they came from.
Illegal aliens committed a crime. It is a terrible thing to make them into heroes. it sends the wrong message to our kids. They are simply criminals, people who cheated, people who got in line in front of good folks who followed the rules of the game.

The Dumb Girl Who Wrote This

Ok so here it goes.. my mother has a job and because she has an education she doesnt have to compete with immigrants for job and neither is she competing for welfare checks.. thank you.. and second this country was definitely built from immigration if you ever paid attention in class you would have remembered all started with the people from england who migrated here and stole the land from the native americans then they migrated the africans here in order for them to become their therefore this dumb girl thinks that it is ok for immigrant to come and live here.. its not like they are stealing from you, because if you have not ralized, immigrants get all the low paying, just to get by jobs, while you have an opportunity to make big money..and if it wasnt for your mother, grandfather, or great grand mother migrating here, you too would be in the shoes of these people that i wrote about. SO LET IT BE KNOWN THAT THIS IS AN IMMIGRANT NATION. and the name calling was unnecessary.


So, dumb girl, the fact that somebody stole land and killed people hundreds of years ago makes it OK for people to steal land and kill people today? Strange logic the McLaughlins put into your head. And we are NOT talking about immigrants here, stupid girl who does not get it. We are talking about illegal aliens, who are not immigrants, they are criminals. Immigrants are welcome. Illegal aliens are not. And they will be deported.

to my girl who worte this

TD don't replay to these fools, they are losers with nothing else to do.


TD, you should fight back. Imux is a damn coward who deserves to be humiliated. You are much smarter than that racist bastard, so it would not take much to take on his "arguments". Go girl!


Tanisha, You're going places. They never have.

Imux(he's one to talk) should just stick with his hookers.


Imux can't get it up so bad, even his Japanese
blow-up doll walked out on him!


Imux, Did a McLaughlin steal one of your girlfriends back in the day or something?

Worsr Poet ver

The worst and most idiotic poem I have ever seen!!! They are illegal....end of story.



We live in this strange thing called a democracy where citizens vote politicians into office. They then make our federal immigration policy. I am not sure why you want to encourage Somerville to help people break the law.


Tanisha, thanks for posting here and for speaking out for people using your own name and your own words. It's too easy here for us (myself included) to hide behind fake names, and it's even easier to throw out dumb insults when no one knows who you are and can't call you out for it. Don't waste your time with them.


This girl is amazing. This is the same girl who won nationals for track isn't she? Tanisha who cares what dicks heads on the somerville news page say you're going places they could never dream of. You go girl.

The Dumb Girl Who Wrote This

Thanks to the people who take time and really think about what they are writing, the other people who live in a box who fail to realize that immigrants keep up this country can just eat dirt. People really need to think about the benefits of immigrants.. they keep this country clean, maybe even your homes, and grow the crops that you eat.. Reading all these comments have allowed me to think and discuss the immigration issues with many people and I still stand by my words!.. and yes im the track girl!


Dumb Girl, just because you are a minority does not make you right. I'm sure that you libaloons are gonna jump all over me accusing me of being racist. Freaking idiots. Dumb Girl, you want to invite illegal aliens to your home. Do so. We don't need freaking illegal alien criminals in this country. Americans can do all the jobs we need, braindead traitor girl. You ain't going nowhere with that crap. And, since you are not even attractive, you ain't going nowhere at all. You are on right track to go flipping burgers. Stupid kids, everything that comes out of their mouth is so ridiculous. Study hard, work hard, suck up to the wealthy and powerful. Only way to go ahead, kiddo.


Imux, I am curious as to why you are hiding behind this ridiculous name which sounds like a type of genital wart. Perhaps this is your legal name and if it is your mother did you an injustice...or maybe she realized what type of a bastard you would have become and rightly named you. You are the most ignorant person listed here. You are a pussy and a coward. Clearly you were looking to see if you could have some sexual fantasy with this girl, after being rejected by a blow up doll. Otherwise, keep to the subject matter and dont go on a stupid attack against the young woman. Focus on taking your vigara so you can get a girl your type and age to take your frustration out of and not on a teen. If you have so much to say...why don't you get up in front of people and state your case. You speak of wealth...are you wealthy? You are probably a lifetime welfare recipient, living on immagrant taxes. You are not powerful, you are no body. It is people like yourself who are collectively the reason why other nations cause acts of terrorism against this country with your racist and hateful rants. You are clearly a loser. What have you done in your lifetime. This young girl has taken her highschool to he nationals in NY and has also competed against girls from all 50 states. And you... you sit there in you trailer home eating your TV dinner. Do something with youself and for your fellow man, contribute to your nation instead of knocking people who are doing constructive things with their lives!!

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