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April 20, 2008



Congratulations to Maude. I am glad all your hard work has paid off. The youth of Somerville could learn alot from this young lady.

It is good

Congratulations to our little friend here. Legal immigration is a good thing. Hopefully, she'll make it. So, let's wait for that before making a movie.


How many of the yuuuufffff of Somerville moaning at the conference the other day work as hard as this girl??? Not many I bet.

"The harder you work, the luckier you get."


I'm not sure what Danny's role in this was, probably just getting his name on the SN and getting credit for it. I don't know the details, but it does seem that this kid is very smart, determined and works very hard. So, she deserves all the credit.
Danny, you say that she should be a role model for all youth in Somerville. I agree with that. But, do you see the paradox and your double talk? She will become one of those same huppies you so much despise. One day, she may be one of those yuppies who comes to Somerville and buys a high priced condo, pushing out people such as yourself.
So, Danny boy, you are full of crap, you are one of those wannabe left ideologues who hate middle class Americans who have achieved the American dream, but at the same time make immigrants and poor folks who are trying to achieve that same dream into heroes. The bottom line with you, Danny, is that you are basically very envious and bitter about what others have that you don't, even though this was your choice of life. And you desperately want to be seen as somebody who makes a difference. Doesn't matter if you have to lie in the process of doing so or whose ass you have to kiss. You are much worse than the yuppies in Somerville. Idiot.


As a so-called "yuppie" condo owner I agree with Paradox's comments. I think the hatred of "yuppie" condo owners in Somerville is pure envy and is born out of a common misconception.

If anyone actually bothered to tak to condo owners they would find that they are normal people who worked very hard to get where they are.

Their is a common misocnception that we are rich people who were born into money and just got everything handed to us on a silver platter. (Sure, there are people like that.....but they are unlikely to be living in Somerville! Try Back Bay or Beacon Hill or Lexington!!)

I had a normal background. My mom was a single parent that raised 2 kids on a flight attendent's salary. I went to public school, undergrad and then grad school. I can afford a nice place but I have worked hard and sacrificed alot to get where I can finally enjoy the fruits of my labors. I am thankful for that.


Paradox, I know Danny...he's no leftist idealogue, he doesn't hate the middle class, he's no ass kisser! There is nothing envious and hateful about Danny. Look at his good work with Teen Empowerment.

And he's a yuppie hater? Well, local yuppies gave the youths at Lexington Park a lot of unwarranted grief just about being there! Yet he and his brothers worked hard to help make Lexington Park a place where ALL would be welcome, native Somerville people AND yuppies.

So, don't mouth off about what you don't know. And you sound more than a little envious and hateful yourself....

Ron Newman

Why is all this hate being directed at the McLaughlins in the comments to this and other articles? They do a lot of good for Somerville, and this article is an example.


"How many of the yuuuufffff of Somerville moaning at the conference the other day work as hard as this girl??? Not many I bet."

well maybe if you took the time out to actually go instead of sitting in front of your computer typing nonsense you would know if we worked as hard or that she was supposed to have a speech in the the show, so would she have been moaning too? ohh and very clever"yuuff" aha. yuppie

Medford/Somerville Man

This is a great story. Why are people blogging about Danny and yuppies under this article. Losers! Congradulations Maude! You obviously deserve your success


i don't "get" the Danny comments?
This is a positive story and the girl deserves
admiration and respect.


the Danny comments are just some dick heads trying to get under his skin because he said he wouldn't comment back to the negitive comments.This is a great story.

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