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April 08, 2008



The article neglected that MS-13 is made up mostly of illegal aliens. They also gang raped two little disabled American girls in Foss Park after dragging them out of their wheelchairs.

I suppose our Captain Upton "excuse maker" says that wasn't a sign of gangmembers taking over a neighborhood too?
How were the perps able to spray-paint in such big lettering
that many buildings without the police taking notice?

Grog is an idiot!

Hey Grog 29, It seems that a person could have been possibly walking down the street at night spraying paint as he or she was walking in the dark! So don't make it sound like the cops did nothing! The home residents that live there didn't even know that it was happening! So stop being a wise ass with your remarks! Instead try to be a bit more positive!

Grog is Imux

In case you have not put the 2 and 2 together, Grog IS Imux. mathematically certain. Just do a bit of correlation analyses on the post times over the past few months. When Imux is away, Grog is away, and vice versa.
Also, Imux IS JN or a close associate of JN. Most likely, they are in collusion in the real-world (real-estate world). It is appalling that our esteemed Bill Shelton is in on it as well. Bunch of crooks, IMO.


No police force can be everywhere at all times.


Very interesting... I did notice on three occasions that Imux was able to change his own posts on the blog. That means that Imux had admin access, which means that Imux works for the SN. Good analysis, previous poster!


Sure, Grog may be an idiot. But who's more of an idiot, Grog or the guy who said :

"the crime is being handled as a destruction of property investigation not a gang-related crime"

I guess my tired old behind knows more about graffiti culture then the Somerville PD. If it wasn't someone from MS 13 who tagged these buildings it was someone who could get their ass beat to a pulp. See in the gang/graffiti world it's considered an offense to use someone else's tag. If the person tagging these builds wasn't in MS 13 they're running the risk of an MS 13 member coming at them with a machete for tagging MS 13. When you understand the gang mindset you understand that this was most likely gang related.

But I guess it you don't call it gang related then the stats look better and Somerville doesn't have a gang problem.

Ron Newman

"That means that Imux had admin access"

or it means that the Somerville News occasionally edits or censors his comments. I prefer to believe this, anyway.


Cabbie - I, also, wondered about that sentence. There are some photos on the other paper's website. At one of the houses in question, it appears that the perps had to walk past a statue that is up on top of a table. I would have thought that if someone was out to destroy property, they would have knocked over the statue on their way in or out of the yard.


STOCK TIP: I am buying a ton of Alcoa (NYSE: AA) stock today. With all the tinfoil hats that you imbecilic moonbats are going through this week I am going to get even rich(er)! Do you guys buy tinfoil case now?

A little advice for you moonbats (Kate/Cabbie/Ron/"Grog is whatever") -- there are a lot of people who do NOT agree with your "hug-an-illegal" philosophy. Morons.

Got to go as I need to login and edit more of my posts. LOLOLOLOLOLO!!!



Where am I hugging an illegal in a comment where I'm critical of the PD for not viewing this as an MS 13 gang related crime? How does my claim that Somerville's finest are padding the stats to create an appearance of less gang activity in the city a pro-illegal comment?


Imux - I think YOU'VE been exposed to aluminum, for too long!


Mr Newmann, I have documented three instances when Imux modified his own posts. In one case, the original post was:

"Ron, the next time you hug a tree, remember it is just a tree"

The modified posts was:
"Ron, the next time you hug a tree, remember it is not an illegal"

Now, why would the SN modify the post in such a way? If anything, it makes it sound more offensive. Therefore, I don't buy your argument that the SN modified it. Or, perhaps someone working there did, and this someone is Imux, possibly James Norton himself (or his equally untalented brother).


Am I the only one that has the [EDIT ANYONE'S POST] button at the bottom of the screen??? No one else sees it?!! It must be some Karl Rove or Dick Cheney or Halliburton or Exxon or Bush trick to play with all your minds!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Get some new tinfoil! I have a feeling that Cabbie's tinfoil hat comes to a point - just like his head. Kate's has 2 - rather busty - antennas sticking out and Ron has painted his tinfoil hat passion pink... to go with his red pumps. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

Cabbie, just to clarify, you have made too many leftwing looney tune posts in the past to not be an official tinfoil hat wearer. Though you do seem to come off the cliff a bit in regards to the illegals. Good for you. A little more time discussing issues with me and I'll have you signing up for the Ronald Reagan fanclub. I'll take you under my wing and "learn" you good -- trust me.

Proof, keep checking as I'll be back in a while to edit some more posts. Moron.

Yorktown Street

I don't know the facts, but has it been established that MS-13 members are mostly illegal immigrants, rather than plain old immigrants like 30% of the people in Somerville?

James Norton

Grog is Imux, Yup, Proof and Ron -

All four of you are friggin whacked. Imux does not work for The Somerville News. I am not Imux. Imux does not have admin access. And you believe that I have edited Imux's postings here and/or given that chucklehead admin access?

Are you people really that far gone? I have been in my car ALL bloody day - and I come back to this silly crap? Please - if you're going to make such stupid, stupid, stupid accusations - then go have playtime somewhere else, seriously - I could care less if you morons EVER interact here again.

We keep this thing the way it is so its open and to promot discussion - do you really think I'm going to go through the complete aggrivation I do with this blog only to get my nuts kicked in with stupid crap like this?

The ONLY time I edit anyone is:
1. when they use a "civilian's full name"
2. when they use profanity in anything other than context
In which case, I either insert the person's inititals or I blanket the expletive with ****

Other than that, I just just unpublish the comment. I have every single comment ever published on this site in their original form - if anyone can produce an original posting and then an "edited" version of the same exact posting - I will personally fire whomever edited it.

Okay - so lets see who can pony up the proof - so I can either tell you to go screw yourself (and ban you from here permanently) or fire someone's ass. Please - try me - I am totally game.

Imux - you are a chucklehead, but I am beginning to agree with you about the tinfoil thing.


James Norton

Morons -

Still waiting on the supposed proof to back up the claims. Really interested in getting to the bottom of this - so please bring it on.


Further Proof

Perhaps the strongest proof of the truth of what people have been suspecting for a long time is the oddly agitated denial of the fact that Imux works for SN! Look, if it was so preposterous, then why go into an epileptic fit to deny it, huh, Mr. Norton? You've been outed. Damn liars!@%


IMUX = JN, no doubt about it.


Just came back for a quick visit and I see I caused a stir with my post.
The cops should get back to work instead of "spinning" illegal alien gang related graffiti and work with ICE to get the illegals out of Somerville. Yes, the majority of MS-13 gang members are here "illegally"; but it seems like we have a PC Police Dept. (Adminsitration) that will not use immigrattion law to prevent crimes against Somerville citizens.

Now the conspiracy theorists (who I said before have a hard time that the majority of people don't think like they do on illegal aliens)
resort to the "I think so and so is so and so"...lunacy.

I am who I am and who I am is not anybody else.


By the way, has the Mayor ordered this illegal alien gang graffiti
REMOVED yet? Or is it just sitting there still? The mayor ran on a campaign to wipe out graffiti and litter. Get rid of it.


Grog - they actually sandblasted it off the same day, in the morning(where it was on cement or stonework). I rode by there, at 3:30 pm that day, and it was already gone. I don't know about the places that have siding. (I believe that denatured alcohol would take care of that.)


I find it quite astonishing to read that our Alderman Pero is afraid to go out after 9pm..imagine an elected official and he is afraid? Why doesn't he have the police patrolling the ward?

This is a guy who at one time wanted to be Mayor? Sounds like a pussy to me....grow some balls walter and get out there.


The Dingo ate your baby!

Ron Newman

Where does it say that? I see no reference to Alderman Pero in this article.


Ron, you're correct, there is no reference here to Walter Pero. I'm sure that Dingo is referring to the Sewall St. article.


You dumb dropouts! Cannot you see that it DOES NOT say MS-13? it says MSB, which means Massive Sperm Buildup.
Are you all retarded and paranoid? There is no MS-13, idiots.


i know i know it was a different article,but....anytime i can call ald pero a ****..i will. hey're a ****


nose - anyone with an ounce of self-preservation, oh, and common sense, feels, at least slightly, uneasy about going out in the later part of the evning. Read the news, not just here but everywhere. Often, for victims, it's just wrong place, wrong time, but you can't tell me that you don't give your surroundings a second look when you're not in a busy area. If you don't, you need to start.

Walter Pero is a good man; I think it's wrong of you to use that word for him.


to get back on topic regarding gang graffiti in Somerville, a couple days ago I was running around the Mystic Valley reservation, and noticed some new taggings by the Boys and Girls club (the one on the water). I had previously noticed some H-Block graffiti on this same stretch of gravel, but these new markings definitely appear to be Latin King. Specific phrases I can remember included "Amor De Rey" "King Zeus" "Fu*k MS" and a three pointed crown. I run around there at least three times a week, so I am quite certain that it is new. any thoughts?

it *is* funny

Orval -- my thought is that I hope you reported this to the cops ... or via 311. They need to track any increase in gang-tagging in order to make the right decisions about staffing, as Holloway just did with Winter Hill.


There was an article in the paper relating to the graffiti by MS 13. I was pissed that this elected official doesn't have the nads to go outside...brave guy...

Perhaps Walter should drink his warm milk and get to bed. What does he do for Alderman meetings, they end around 11 pm...does he have Bruce Desmond walk him home?


ms-13 aint nothing while by themselves. They fight in groups. They should just go back to their country where they belong. They are a bunch of dirty cockroaches who feed on their own mothers

Editor's Note (JN): The (new) Somerville News website is up - you can comment on stories over there.

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