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April 17, 2008


Speak Your Mind--As Does James Norton

I commend James Norton for continuously speaking up for his own beliefs, often against the public majority-not afraid to speak his mind. Norton recognizes those who have engaged best in Somerville Politics. Norton has defiantly made various groups and politicians sit up and take notice. James Norton speaks his conscience and is not afraid to speak bluntly. I admire how he exposes those that don't have a conscience to begin with, those that are beholden to campaign contributors, those that are lazy or mis-informed, and those that lack leadership. I hope James continues to push his message and educate those that simply make no sense!

Essayons, and Chew On That!


Can someone provide some background? I've begun read the Somerville News pretty regularly online, but I'm afraid I don't know what articles are being discussed here.


The sad fact is that most people go into local politics because of what they can get out of it rather than what good they can do for the entire community. It gives you access to power and ability to trade favors etc....
Witness the mayor's shameless pay off to the Unions to shut out small non-union contractors from all City construction jobs over $100,000 (i.e. every construction jop). Most of these union memebers do not live in Somerville and yet he has sacrificed the interests of Somerville taxpayers and small businesses and the altar of the bully unions who are already massively overpaid for their work.


Actually Ed, six members of my union, proud Somerville residents all, attended the Aldermen's Legislative Committee hearing on the Responsible Employer Ordinance. The REO simply sets standards for all contractors bidding on projects in Somerville (want a look at how many contractors cheat workers and taxpayers on public construction projects - go to Attorney General Martha Coakley's website and look at media advisories on legal action taken against contractors).

And three signatory contractors in my union are Somerville based. Paying taxes in Somerville, employing residents of Somerville and already meeting the bid standards the REO will create. They are Hub Glass, General Glass and Creative Signs. Not big corporations but responsible local employers who pay living wages, provide health insurance and a pension, and two of them have construction apprenticeship programs certified by the state.

It's about time Somerville taxpayers had the protection of an REO when they pay for public construction.

Unions suck

Do they also provide a limo for workers? Just checking... Who gets into the construction apprenticeship programs? Yeah, we thought so, the sons and cousins of union members. My application was rejected 3 times and so were those of my friends. Fuck unions.



Thanks for naming some of the contractors that are from the city that provide the apprenticeship program that the REO will require. Nice to know not all businesses in Somerville operate by making large campaign contributions to local politicians and doing side work for well placed friends in order to get work. One local contractor should soon be featured prominently on the AG's website very soon for it's illegal business practices.


I enjoy reading articles where people still use the phrase McCarthyism as an insult.Considering the fact that he was right about communist's infiltrating the country. Unfortunately though communism has never died completely and seems to be making its way in to the liberal teachings of the public school system. where they practice things like "non-aggressive discussion".

Mike another poster said you know full well that only connected people get union apprenticeships. It's like trying to get in the fire dept or police dept. So lets not pretend.

Brian P

I love lamp.

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