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April 13, 2008


Orlando Severino

Why do these people love crappy neighborhoods. Its like we have every farmer and rich kid on earth moving into crappy hoods because they feel like they aren't the plain white bread people they are. I am kind of sick of it myself being Hispanic. I hate it when these people come up to my stoop and tell me they love my culture. I tell them I am American so my culture is yours then they start speaking Spanish to me even though I don't speak it.


Orlando - it sounds as if you feel offended. People like that are usually well-meaning. They've not previously been exposed to city life, and it is exiciting for them to now be living in the midst of racially and ehtnically diverse neighborhoods. I believe they are trying to reach out and be friendly/neighborly. Next time this happens, try to make some sort of joke out of the other person's erroneous preconceptions.

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