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March 29, 2008



when mayor mike was unhappy about the x-rated video store on the top of winter hill he stationed a cruiser as many times as possible right out front.within a short time the owners business fell way off and he moved to mystic ave.try to keep a high profile on wilton street and see how fast that house is empty. i know it isnt easy but do a lot of passes with the cruiser 24/7 and you'll see a difference.

Check the Regulations

Check the regulations. If that is a 'sober house' as has been described, they are not regulated and almost anyone can buy a property, call it a 'sober house' and begin renting space. I'm not sure if the city can do anything about it. On the other hand, true 'halfway houses' are regulated, include frequent testing, as well as strict rules.


Is there not a house like that on Madison street?


The city cannot roll over and accept this situation. The city owes it to us to fight for our neighborhoods. I am not a lawyer but I'm pretty sure the city has recourse to fight the property owners claim of "reasonable accomation" under the ADA. And I'm fairly certain that the City can regulate how a "clean house" is operated without violating the ADA. A simple regulation requiring 24 hour on-site supervision, or 24 hour on-site security or better yet both, monetarily provided by the "program" of course, and this situation is over. Better yet try to get this over at the State level and similar "clean houses" around the Commonwealth are also over. And for those who would say that this is an "anti-treatment" policy I'll point out that there is no treatment involved in these "clean houses". I'd further argue that they do someone with addiction issues more harm than good.


Like I said in a previous posting, call the police when suspicious activity is taking place or videotape who is going in and out of the house. They are using a legal loophole to benefit themselves financially and it is unfair. They are housing addicts, not recovering addicts.

It is wrong

It is wrong and a burden to society to simply arrest substance abusers. They should be forced to do hard labor. The kind of work that illegal aliens do for cheap should be done for free by substance abusers as part of their rehabilitation programs. That will keep their minds off drugs. Freaking losers.


To: it is wrong,

When the government directly benefits for free from the labors of the people who it has decided have broken the laws it has passed you have an incredibly dangerous conflict of interest. Abuses of that sort of system were widespread in the chain gangs of the early 20th century.

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