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March 15, 2008


Developers suck

Last month I was walking on a small street parallel to Somerville Ave, trying to avoid the construction there. Pitman St, which intersects with Central St. I was shocked to see a huge apartment building, right off Belmont St, that must have been constructed very recently. I cannot believe this monster was legal. In the back, literally, the walls of the building touch the rock of the hill. In the front, there is no sidewalk at all, the front wall is 2 inches from where cars go by. Who developed that? Somebody should investigate there. I feel sorry for the neighbors.


Rumor is that the monstrous building you are talking about was the result of a strange favor exchange, involving a certain Mary.

Hasnt Ben Sober

Hmmmmmmm....Mary Mary quite contrary...
How DOES your garden grow....??

Is the Mary a Siglerio ? Is she a Mary Tomeo ? Is it Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island......?

Who knows ? THE MOLE KNOWS....come out come out where ever you are moleman and set your people FREE...... By the Way can anyone out there in somervillenewsland comment on the status of a few former movers and shakers from this once proud ALL Amerian city.....

Lets start with the "V.P." vincent piro, then Paul Haley Jr and his trusty side kick and "BAGMAN" jimmy "the wesal" venetiziano......remember the Cedar program and P.H Jr appointed Jimmy the weasal a a field foreman and Jimmy had Gus filosi on his crew...the shake downs were memorable.....Hey what about Joe "blackie" Carp Carpenito. Last seen posing as a Doctor of good will robbing atm machinmes in town...."CLEAN" gene Brune, te hardest working public servent in the Commonwealth, Oh and what is "Fat AL" Alphonsoe Sappochetti up to these days ....Has any one taken him out for his invovlement and name dropping in the MOOSE CAPADE problems....Isnt the former mayor asilent partner in all of that nonsense that had the diamond club and somerville babe ruth pulling manuevers.....The public wants to know ....come on out mole it is time to play too many to ask about .....stay in touch with yourselves.......peace

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