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March 31, 2008


Yeah boy

These poor kids should be released on the grounds they were fighting Tufts frat boys. Give em hell, kids.

Beat em up, beat em up, SHS!


More losers who will be serving these Tufts grads fast food in the years to come.

SHS Grad

Just to let everyone know that the comment made by Yeah Boy does not reflect the opinions of all SHS grads, but just a few (who probably didnt go to college.)

stab um all

thank god some one finally did what we all wanted to do. These frat guys love thinking they're tough. they get drunk and out of control and start fights in other peoples neighborhoods well welcome to somerville asshole! maybe now they'll think twice.

Ron Newman

From the facts published here, I see no evidence that a fight started somewhere else or that the fraternity members were drunk.


These townies were not in their neigborhood, they were trying to get into a frat house. I just wish I were there to whoop some townie a$$. Dumb low life punks who start $hit with the college kids deserve to go to prison.

Alpha Capa Bull

I’ll start by saying I don’t know many sober people that are out at 2am, especially at a frat house on professor’s row. My guess is both sides where intoxicated. First off, you have to be drunk to be a local, and even want to go to Tufts for a frat party. Next for years drunken frat guys and asshole students have been using our streets as bathroom, and not welcoming Somerville or Medford for that matter on “their campus. Yet they are welcome to our bars and clubs in Davis. Tufts students seem to think they are something special mostly when drinking, and they have nothing to say to locals, unless they are drunk or hiding behind a key bored. Nobody deserves to get stabbed, but this doesn’t at all surprise me.

Ron Newman

College students are out and about at all hours, often just going to or from a lab or library or a friend's dorm room.


College students are out and about at all hours, often just going to or from a lab or library or a friend's dorm room.

Posted by: Ron Newman | April 01, 2008 at 04:02 PM

Ron, you are one sick & twisted little puppy, ain't ya? There's definitely something not right in your head. It's kind of funny in an aggravating-as-hell sort of way.

get ya facts straight

all these kids were trying to do were get into a party and have some fun. the frat boys probly had a lot of things to say to these kids. i actually know casey personally and he is a good kid. he parties at the college regularly. these kids were jumped by several members of the frat and all they were doin was defending themselves.

Ward 3 Voter

speaking of students. first of all sorry to read about the tufts student.

my big gripe is the students up at Somerville High, they drive there cars up to the high school and leave them there all day when they are in class. in my opinion they should have a special permit saying there are students at SHS or other wise don't park up there or walk to school or take public transport. or perhaps we should bring busing to somerville. so shs students give us a break and leave the cars at home.



"All the kids were trying to do was get into a party and have some fun." Where they invited onto private property? I doubt it. If not they deserved to get their ass beat. He was a good kid, yeah the neighbors of the serial killer say, "oh he was such a nice guy, very quiet, kept himself to himself...." repeat ad nauseam.....I bet this Casey kid has a criminal record.

College ave Al

Id like to know the kids side of the story. The paper even gives a quote from the frat guy. The things is this guy was part of a large fight that im sure the local kids where out numbered in. Look at the post above the students call them townies and look to try and kick some ass. Maybe the frat guys where looking for trouble and found it?

123 house

The News, like every lazy news organization, relies solely on police reports to write a story as soon as possible. A fast story is more important than a factual one. We will probably never really know what happened.

That being said, fuck frat boys. Maybe this guy's near death experience will make him stop doing keg stands and wasting his parent's money and read a book instead of talking tough to townies.

X pac

I actually know all 3 of these kids and they are all good kids. they have never once started a fight but they will defend themselves. the vraibel kid participates with kids of special needs on saturdays and would never harm someone that wasnt trying to harm him. offers someone a beer at whatever party he goes to.great kid. the casey dude, ive partied with him before and hes lived on campus for 20 years. he puts up with all the bullshit of people gettin drunk and runnin around late at night when hes trying to get up for work early in the morning. at least let him n his friends have a few drinks here n there. I heard phillion is the man and wants nothing more than to meet a few ladies and get a lil tipsy. Tufts out numbered these poor kids and these frat boys got what they deserved.


Imux - you are one sick & twisted little puppy, ain't ya? There's definitely something not right in your head. It's kind of funny, oh, wait, no, it's not.

stab um all

i say we start a new rule...the streets of somerville are now considered private property and any tufts student who trespasses gets his ass beat..we won't go on your campus and you stay out of our city..hows that sound?


they try to use townie as an insult. If its so bad to be from here then get the hell out! we don't want you here. sorry we actaully have pride in where we're from and have a sense of idenity and culture unlike you jerks who are the same nation wide.

ps. this is Mass. Townies are from Charlestown


I am a local or a so called "Townie" as Tufts students like to call us. I remember about ten years ago when I went to college (commuted to Suffolk). My friends and I would get food late night at expresso's (or how ever they spell it) when the place was packed with Tufts students. Not every time but occasionally the Tufts students would call us "Townies" and project a sense of arrogance. This would always lead to confrontation in which we would proceed outside the restaurant and engage in physical confrontation. All most everytime the Tufts students would recieve a punch in the nose and we would go our seperate ways. To make a long story short, Tufts students, not all but enough, feel they are more important and superior to the people who grew up in Somerville and Medford. That is undeniable. Referring to this matter, I am sure both parties were intoxicated and each were not shy about expressing their feelings toward one another. That being said, the local kids had no bussiness trying to enter the party. I am sure they were rejected at the door and asked to leave. I cannot say wether they were disrespected by the college students but it appears this confrontation started when the local kids attempted to enter. To deem it the fault of the students is not fair and simply wrong. To say these locals are good kids and would not hurt a fly is also wrong. Good kids do not go back to the house and smash windows. In this case, the locals are wrong. In some cases, a portion of these college students get what they deserve. Some need a goo punch in the mouth. That doesn't solve anything but it teaches them that their arrogance is not welcome.


Imux - you are one sick & twisted little puppy, ain't ya? There's definitely something not right in your head. It's kind of funny, oh, wait, no, it's not.

Posted by: Kate | April 02, 2008 at 08:48 AM

Kate, why all the anger? Let me guess... your little illegal Brazilian boyfriend woke up, looked at you and is now hiding under the bed. Not from ICE, but from you.

Ron Newman

Someone's got an anger issue here, but that someone sure isn't Kate.


How cute is it that little Ronnie comes to Kate's defense. Ron, don't get your panties all twisted up. The weather is getting nice and soon you can ride your tricycle around town (without the seat as we all know you like the "pole").

Tufts student

All of you white trash will be working in our companies, collecting the crumbs we allow you to collect, remember that!! Go back to your smoking, gambling, drinking and inbreeding and leave us students alone


Just yesterday, I fired my housecleaning lady. She refused to give me a blow job. Who does she think she is? Now I booked a new one, from Ukraine. Should get here on Friday. I hope this one is more on the ball. See what you did libaloons from Somerville? These days, one cannot even get a decent house cleaning woman. Bastards!


"Tufts student"

Yeah, but at least I'll be original. But if not, we could always take this outside.

How ya like dem apples?

Jack Meofe



You can have all the money in the world, the biggest house and best cars, the biggest d@ck, but when your shell get hit, You ain't worth spit, just a memory, Remember he, used to push the champagne Range(nah),
have fun serving all your bosses pretending to live life and then going home crying your @sses off because your 65 years old, and lived a life without ever having a day of fun. By the time you guys are done with getting your diplomas and paying off all your loans you'll be 40 years old, lost your whole youth and can try to have fun when your arthritis is getting worse lol.


Hey Ward 3 Voter. this city is not only yours. If kids have to go to school, then thats their job and should be able to park around the high school all they want. You think because you are some high class person and above the teens you have privelges over us? Not happening, sorry. Why dont you bus your @ss to work, send your children to school when they are teens and you would know how it feels


Imux - I was simply feeding you your own ridiculous statement that you directed at Ron. Your statements are frequently very offensive and inappropriate.

Tufts man

1.37 a.m. Learn the difference between "your" and "you're" you moronic townie.

As for arthritis, I think you are more likely to get that ailment with your manual labor job.

Should have stayed in school!!

Jumbo Jim

Hey Tufts Man, he may work manual labor with a chance to improve himself. Your problem is you'll always be a pompus ass.

Re: Tufts Man

Hey tufts man, why does my spelling matter if all I do are manual jobs huh? I don't need to write my boss any summaries on Einstein or what the nucleus of an atom is. By the time you are 40 and finally done with all your schooling and paying off all your loans you would finally realize that mostly all the Sh@t they teaching you in school is worthless just like your life. So think about this tomorrow morning in chess club, thinking YOU'RE living life to the fullest when you haven't even broke the seal.


I love that these Tufts think it really means something to go to college. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't mean s**t. If you choose to go to college sure it will increase your earnings and the chance at a better life for you and your family but thats about it. It doesn't make you a better person. If you are an asshole you will continue to be an asshole and have to swallow your pride in front of your own family when your arraogant ass gets you into a confrontation with a good old blue collar working class stiff when you cut him off in your BMW and he proceeds to make you apologize for your actions and there is nothing your college degree can do about it.

Medford/Somerville Man

Tufts Man,

I am a well educated Townie (27 years old) that would break your neck if you ever had the sack to step away from your computer. I have a bachelor's degree in political science and a master's degree in public policy. I have friends that went to Tufts University (a more prestigious college than I attended). One is as successful as an individual can be and the other is on the brink of poverty. They are classy individuals who realize that life is a lot more than a paycheck. That's not what makes someone successful. All the money in the world would not make you successful. By the way, once you get your degree, you will be working for me. Hopefully I'll throw you a few crumbs!


Look at 10.52 and 4.23....both townies threatening violence...that's a shock! Keyboard toughguys.....I'm gonna break your neck...blah blah! Funny thing is, you have demonstrated by your posts alone that the report on the Somerville news was probably correct. Townies like to stab people over nothing.

It's funny that townies always think they are tough and that all students are 150 pound nerds. You pick on thw wrong person one day.

The bottomline is that these townies were trying to get into a property that they were not invited to. That is called trespassing. Then when a fight broke out one of these dirtbgs pulled a knife, which he could have killed someone with. Then when they come back and start smashing up the place with golf clubs.

What is even more amazing is that there are locals on here DEFENDING these scumbags. And you wonder why students have no respect for townies? Incredible.

I am sure if some Tufts student went round to your house univited, stabbed someone and caused criminal damage you would be overjoyed!

4.23pm....unless you are a partner in a major law firm, it is unlikely that I will be working for you. Loser.


Townies and "Tufts" men... You are just envious you did not get into MIT... Trust me townies, Tufts men are not that smart, compared to you. Compared to MIT students and graduates you are both monkey-like. Just stop being jealous of people who have more intellectual talents than you do and just try to make the best of you life with the few goodies nature gave you. 'K?


what's funny is that the locals got their asses kicked, i saw it first handed and it was a massacre.

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