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March 21, 2008



Massachusetts immigrants should be allowed to pay in-state tuition. They should should not penalized because their parents came to another country to try to improve their lives. At some point, members of all of our families did the same thing.


we should be calling ICE on the people who emply these illegal immagrants 1-866-DHS-2ICE report who is employing they will take action!


Why should illegals get in-state tuition? U.S. Citizensfrom New Hampshire or Maine can't get in-state tuition, why should someone who broke our laws to come here? And, what is really the point, since theoretically they cannot work in this country without committing another crime (identity theft). Change your focus to 'legal immigrant rights' and you might get some support. I'd like to know what U.S. citizens lost their spot in those schools so that Pastor Morales could attend illegally. Perhaps we need a reform on people who have been harmed by illegal immigration, like small companies put out of business because their costs are undercut by those who hire illegals - who are often less qualified and can be paid less.
I'd also like to know what type of Visa Roger Santos holds. Is it for a visit, or is it a Work Visa? If it's for a visit, he becomes illegal as soon as it runs out. And he complains that he 'receives few benefits' - this is the problem with our economy right now, these people want us to support them. I'm having enough trouble supporting myself, thank you very much.
And while we're at it, how about a campaign to get 'Centro Presente' out of the Somerville Schools where they are allowed free rein to push their agenda, at our expense!

Legally Speaking

Actually, residents of NH are absolutely allowed to attend nearby MA state schools at MA in-state tuition rates! It's a reciprocity agreement between neighbors. Also, all a NH or ME,or for that matter a Hawaii resident would have to do to get MA in-state tuition rates is to live in MA for a walloping 6 months! Furthermore, the student age population in MA is shrinking, and our MA state schools need more in-state students to attend to keep up the student fees and in-state tuition revenues. MA benefits as a state, and the state revenues increase if all MA high school grads are allowed to pay the same rate and become MA state college students. It's not so hard to understand, is it?

Intentional Confusion

When will these Brazilians stop playing victims? Santos, or whatever your name is, how difficult is it to understand that ILLEGAL immigrants are ILLEGAL? If you like your illegal immigrants and your mother country so much, why the heck don't you just go back to Brazil and declare your little village a sanctuary village? Everybody here already welcomes legal immigrants, unless they are crooks. The issue is not about immigrant vs nonimmigrant. It's about people who break the law and people who don't. Just go through the legal channels the US has to achieve permanent residency or citizenship. Otherwise, stay out and wait in line. That simple.
I will definitely inform/support ICE in any way I can to end the illegal business of aiding/hiding illegal immigrants in Somerville. Thank you for making this task easier.


Is that NEWMAN wearing the hat in the picture?


No it's not Newman in the photo! Newman was in the room but he was filling his face with free food at the time of the photo!


I came to this country legally and spent TENS of thousands of dollars on attorneys (and still not done), because respecting laws of your adoptive country is how you respect it. The scumbags who sneaked into the country think they can whine their way to all the services and etc. though they broke the laws. Guess what, I am the first one to call ICE on your a$$. Why? Because you are scum who has no respect for this country.


Thomas God bless you and I hope the process is over soon. We need more immigrants like you - LEGAL. That is what this country is all about.


Thomas - You're full of sh_t!


People who enter the United States of America illegally are not immigrants. This article does a great sales job, more or less propaganda but breaking the laws of another country does not entitle you to abuse this society for you personal gain. Illegal aliens do not have rights in America.


I am in favor of orderly legal immigration. While I am sympathetic to illegals, most of whom are hard working people, I am not in favor of illegal immigration. Why is this so difficult to understand?


I consider my politics to be centerist. Liberals were always saying during the Gitmo stuff, "we are a nation of laws." Well that's correct my liberal friends. It applies to federal immigration law as well.....not just when it is convenient to your pet cause. Illegal immigratio should not be encouraged. If you want to change things, work to change the law.



I maybe wrong (as I'm not a card carrying Lib) but I think most, at least many "liberals" actually agree with you - sympathetic to illegals but not in favor of illegal immigration. Anytime I've seen the topic come up on Democratic Underground (perhaps the biggest lib. chat site) it seems like at least 1/2 to 2/3rds of people say enough with the illegals. We need a zero tolerance policy on illegals AND an mammoth overhaul of our legal immigration policies and procedures. Even if "Thomas" who posted above is full of sh*& it is true that anyone who attempts to get in legally will have to spend thousands of dollars and years of time to obtain legal status. A coworker married a women from Ireland and they're still (after a year and a half) working on getting her a permanent green card. And she married a US citizen. As broken as the system is with illegals it's perhaps more broken for those who try and emigrate to this country legally. Both situations should be addressed. Just another case of our government not serving its citizenry.

dapper dan

There is no reciprocity between the states. However, within New England, there is the New England Regional Student Program (NERP). With this program, there is a reduced rate for students from other NE states. So, a prospective student from NH, for example, would currently pay 175% of the MA in-state rate to attend UMASS. Also, not all programs and majors are eligible for this rate. The student has to apply for NERP status. Still, it's a worthwhile program to look into. Not trying to get into the discussion, just trying to keep the facts straight.

Illegal Immigrants

Well said. These jackass activists are so dumb that they are shooting themselves in the foot by demanding that we accept illegal immigrants. Especially by doing so in recession-like times. Of course, these activists are just exploiting the illegals, by creating phony hope. Don't you get it, pinheads, that we have laws here in the US, and that you are instigating breaking the law? You can expect abstract sympathy at best, but not concrete support from the rest of us. Come here via the legal channels. jump the hoops, pay the fees, and we will welcome you.

Let me be clear

"... young immigrants who excel in high school are often defeated when they graduate and want to attend a state school, only to find they cannot afford it because they are not granted in-state tuition rates..."

If the "young immigrants" are here illegally, then I don't see how they can demand anything, since they have no right to be here...


To all - Pardon my injecting profanity into this, so far, civil exchange; it was a knee-jerk reaction to Thomas' post, which I belive is fictitious.

"If the "young immigrants" are here illegally, then I don't see how they can demand anything, since they have no right to be here..."

You're correct, as the law stands, unfortunately these children had no choice, they were brought to the U.S. by their parents. I don't know the answer.


I don't mind the LEGAL immigrants who assimiated themselves into American society, have been here for a while, working, paying taxes, etc. paying in state tuition.

I have an issue with the ILLEGAL IMMIGRAMTS who seem to get everything free handed to them.

Learning of the english language should also be a requirement, as it is the standard language for the commonwealth.


Lori - "I don't mind the LEGAL immigrants who assimiated themselves into American society, have been here for a while, working, paying taxes, etc. paying in state tuition."

Well, why should anyone object, if they have a legal right to it?

"....... ILLEGAL IMMIGRAMTS who seem to get everything free handed to them."

Please, give us an example.

"Learning of the english language should also be a requirement"

A requirement for what? (Capital 'E' for English.)


Cabbie - it does take awhile getting through the INS process, under the best of circumstances. I'm assuming that your she had already been granted a Socical Security #, so that's a good thing. Now, they just have to wait for the interview date, and if all goes well, she'll be granted her green card in approx. 3 months. The INS system has a tremendous backlog.


Cabbie - sorry ---- I meant ' your coworker's wife must have already received a SS #.'


They get free health care, welfare benefits, etc.

they should also learn English,as it is the most prevalent language in the state. may i remind you that the non-english speaking legal kids need to learn english via an "English Immersion" program in the state's public schools.


btw, if we were to go to the native countries of these illegals, we wouldn't get a thing handed to us for free, and none of them would be speaking english for us. we would have to be fluent in their language!


I am growing weary of the "immigrant" descriptor. If you are an illegal alien, you are NOT an immigrant. It is not our fault if illegal alien children were brought into this country by their parents and it is not our responsibility to provide "relief" for their situation.


Let us please remember on this Good Friday that Christ died for us all - illegal & legal alike - we are all brothers and sisters.



Would you like to tell everyone what Good Friday has to do with mass illegal migration?

Carlos go eat a burrito

Carlos, please, go eat a burrito and stick your dead Jeebus into it.
Sure, we are all brothers and sisters, since all humans share 99.9 of genetic materials. However, when you want something for free from me, then we have a problem. If you want to be welcome here, stand in line and fill the paperwork, like all the people who did that before you!


Campbell Good Friday has nothing to do with illegal information but does have everything to do with kindness and compassion. I was BORN here and I don't like burritos but then again that doesn't matter to some who are ignorant, does it?


illegal immigration


Christ did not die so that you could be an idiot Carlos. He wanted you to be responsible for your life. Don't use Christ as a crutch, or anyone else for that matter. And that's illegal migration.


Right Campbell God bless you. I am responsible for my life. Why so much hate in your life? I wrote illegal information instead of immigration. How am I being an idiot?



I don't have any hate in my life. You just made that up and just lied to yourself for saying that. Don't, I repeat, don't use Christ or anyone else in life as a crutch to support whatever agenda your into. Its an excuse and only exposes that you have a weakness to use them instead of standing on your own two feet.


Christ loves you too Campbell. May God have mercy on your dark soul.


I think you had best take care of yourself Carlos then wasting your time playing the religious card. Christ only cares if you know you have lied to others and to yourself.


God bless you Campbell. May God have mercy on your soul.


I better not be hearing that we're giving any more of my tax $$$ to these paco-tacos down in East Somerville. The cops need to round them up, kick in some doors, break some heads and get them the hell of our country. We don't have the money or the time to debate this bs any more. When all the jobs are gone for real Americans then it will be open day on moonbats and illegals. Mark my words; the backlash will be ugly.

and Ron - I don't even want to hear your whining on this issue.


"Carlos, please, go eat a burrito"

Burrito's are not a Brazilian food item. Actually, there a Hispanic-American creation.

America is for Americans

This is a bad year for illegals to demand anything. The economy is tanking, we are wasting 400M/day in Iraq, regular Americans are very nervous about their jobs and the future. If you are smart, people, keep a low profile and wait for a better moment. Advice from an American.


Notice how these propagandists intermingle the legal immigrants with the illegal aliens? It's insulting to legal immigrants and people's intelligence. What planet do these writers of these articles come from? Do they really think people are that dumb?
Is there rampant discrimination against legal immigrants????
You'd think there would be alot of lawsuits if that were the case.

Good luck trying to get the 10,000 signatures and the majority of state legislators...LOL. Illegals need to be shipped home as fast as we can get ahold of them.


FYI: In-state does not give undocumented students any money nor any special privileges, other than being able to PAY for school. Is it not in our interest to have young people in schools or doing something productive - instead of marginalizing them, and keeping them in the streets? Research has proven that crime rates increase when young people have nothing to do, and are outcasted.
Since when did education become a priviledge and not a right?
Before making blanket judgments of immigrants, consider reading about why immigration rates are increasing in the US, and read about struggles that people are facing worldwide, and how the US is implicated in much of that. Remember that at one point in US history, owning a slave was LEGAL. However, just because it was LEGAL did not mean that it was morally good.

Also, immigrants are not only from Latin America. Massachusetts has MANY immigrants from Europe and Africa who are also undocumented.


That's why we say ALL ILLEGALS need to be deported. That's from every country.

The illegal alien students DO get something...something that New Hampshire/RI/Maine etc. legal residents and citizens don't get..."the subsidized in-state tuition rate for LEGAL Massachusetts residents".
It is a subsidy of THOUSANDS of dollars. They also are ADULTS when they graduate highschool therefore they become full ILLEGAL ALIEN ADULTS at that time.

Yeah, and what's with that threat in the article by one of the "advocates" saying that if "the North American community doesn't give" them all the free stuff then "watch out" ??? What?
Are they going to flood out emergency rooms, break our school budgets, trash our parks, kill Americans with their uninsured cars and
unlicensed drivers, sell fake documents to terrorists, commit mortgage fraud, rape little girls in wheelchairs, etc? I got news for you...they already do all that. I think the
Homeland Security Dept. should contact the person quoted and ask what he meant.


It is impossible to assume that ALL immigrants are committing crimes. And even if they were, what they are doing is in no way similar to what Europeans did to Native Americans in this country when they were immigrating here. We still haven't even done anything to undo the harm that Europeans caused in this country to Native peoples.
So what do you propose would be a solution to this immigration "problem?" I can assure you that deporting 2 million people is not a solution, and it would be more costly that our war in Iraq.


Illegal aliens aren't "immigrants". If they get tourist visas...they are not "immigrants", they are foreign tourists. If they overstay the visas...they are not "immigrants", they are in the country illegally and they LIED on their applications. Case closed.

88% of Americans were born here; that makes them "native". The Native Americans you speak about had ancestors who came over from Asia.
Google "Journey of Man". Stay on subject.

It's not an "immigration problem", it's an illegal alien problem. It's a lack of enforcement issue. We do not have to deport ALL of the 20-30 million illegals (I don't know where you got your 2 million figure...there are that many in Southern California), we need to deport the ones we find, cut off all benefits, enforce employment laws and make stricter ones, ban them all from driver's licenses, ban the use of ITINS, etc. and they will self-deport.
Even if we decided to deport them would be worth the expense as the costs to Americans far outweighs the price of the shipping them home.


America doesn't belong to its citizens as "we" "took" it from the Native Americans. Interesting straw man argument there Billy.

With respect to Native Americans -
I'll point out that if those same Native Americans would have clamped down on illegal immigrants in the 1600s maybe the evil white man wouldn't have pushed them aside.


Cabbie, the imbecile who wrote this article and to the rest of you anklegrabbing moonbats, you all need to wake the hell up. We don't have the resources to handle paco-taco, chaquita-bannana and the rest of these illegal pieces of human excrement. The libaloon democrats in congress have so lowered the value of our dollar and brought us right ino recession that this will get ugly over the summer. And if they decide to nominate Osama Obama then we'll be in a depression soon enough. Gawd... I hate you libaloon moonbats.

Trust me when I tell you that if I even suspect someone is here illegally I drop on a dime on them to ICE. I've been right 50% of the time, so that's a bunch of illegals whose lifes just become a lot tougher. Toguh titty for them. They should not have come here illegally and made the decision to flaunt our laws.


Somerville Republican

We have no choice in this election, they are all liberals. McCain is a GOP traitor, and we all know it. This is a conspiracy to destroy the conservative movement.
There is no dollar crisis, idiot. It's intentional and very clever, and it was brought about by this very competent administration. Democrats could not do squat, let alone lower the value of the dollar! It's the way the Feds are going to solve the deficit problem with other countries.
Imux, you are a fake conservative, I've never seen you at the Somerville Republican meetings and nobody has ever heard of you, so shut the fuck up.


Imux, you're an idiot. How you took from my post that I'm in favor of swingin' the doors at the border wide open for illegals is ponderous. Almost as ponderous as your belief that the dollar is weak because of that damn "democrat" congress. Sure, Bush's (lack of) economic policies, an on going and costly war, lack of an energy policy (aside from his friends in the oil industry getting rich), and mammoth deficits all had nothing to do with the decline of the dollar. Keep telling yourself that, it won't make it true.
And Som. Republican. Care to explain how devaluing our currency is "the way the Feds are going to solve the deficit problem with other countries". So if it takes more dollars to pay back the Chinese it helps us solve the deficit problem how? I'll put it to you this way - you have to pay $1000 in bills - you have $900 dollars - I take $200 off the topic of your stack - do you now have the $1000 you need?


I do not and will never support illegal immigrants. If someone wants to live in this country they need to enter it correctly and have proper documentation.

I resent the illegals that hang around Foss Park. There are many times that I have wanted to yell out to them as I drive by, "Get out of my country and go back to where you came from! You don't belong here!"

I wish that American citizens would raise more of a stink about the illegals. Perhaps we could have a picket line and hold up signs in Foss Park next to the illegals? I wonder if we would be disbanded and told to leave the premises if we did such a thing? Yet, 50 plus illegal immigrants stand at Foss Park daily and nothing is done about it. I recently noted that there is a school bus there to bus them in from other cities and towns. This should have been discouraged and stopped a long time ago. It has gotten WAY OUT OF HAND!!

Aside from this, I resent the fact that these people who are so bold to live in this country illegally, have the nerve to hold picket marches of their own demanding rights and blanketed amnesty from our government. We owe them nothing and they are entitled to nothing. They have no rights. The United States government should give them a big boot in the ass back to where they came from, that's all.

Does it also occur to anyone out there that the reason the hospitals are almost bankrupt, making cuts and laying people off is because of the illegal immigrant? Although we are required to have health insurance per recent Massachusetts’s law, once again the illegal bucks the system and does not. They go to the hospitals, run up bills and don't pay them. The hospitals cannot refuse them care. This has obviously taken its toll on the hospitals, staff and affected the rest of us because of the care, or lack of due to these shortages, we receive.

If a person wants to live in the United States, they need to be properly documented through our immigration bureau. They also need to learn the English language. I am tired of the illegal immigrant who flagrantly disrespects our language and our countries immigration laws. They need to be dealt with severely and we should deport as many of them as possible. It is an outrage that we have not done a thing about this problem and let the illegal immigrant take over. Enough already!


I strongly oppose any program or benefit that would be extended to the illegal immigrant. They are not living in this country legally and are not entitled to, nor should they receive, anything at all. Except, maybe, as someone said in this blog earlier, "a big boot in the ass" out of the United States.

I am sick of the illegal immigrants who continually attempt to brow beat our government, so they can get everything handed to them. Yet, they don't have to do anything to earn it, or to deserve it. It's just not right.

There are plenty of U.S. Citizens and legally documented citizens who live in our country who should receive these benefits. Not illegals.

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