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March 03, 2008


Ethan Field

A complete list of all currently scheduled ResiStat meetings and neighborhoods is online here.


just wondering where the city is getting the money to hire 10 custodians full time illegally i might add...............when he has been saying there is no money for raises plus they are all his sign holders, football players , people that were promised jobs........there hasn't been 10 custodians hired in the last 10 years......when will it end!!!!!!!!!!

City out of control

"PTA president: Parents never notified of stabbing"
"Police looking for bank robbery suspect"
"Student stabbed at Winter Hill School"
"Neighbors: Residents of sober house drinking, drugging"
"In three busts, $50k of dope and a pound of coke seized in East Somerville"
This city is spiraling out of control. Car theft, home break-ins, drugs, crime, etc., etc.
But the city has been saved by ResiStat (I can't quite figure out what that is!). Get a grip. The inmates are running the asylum!


The same place he is getting the money for a NEW POLICE CAR they only need a little walking around money right JOEY CAKES? The hog can tell you all about how easy that is and you only have to plead the 5th amendment.


Why is it that the city is spending several hundred thousand dollars to make the soccer field (a field appropriate for very young soccer players only) at the Capuano School an artificial turf field. What a waste of resources!


The Mayor is the very best we have ever had. You detractors want a return to the back room deals, the murders and the corruption? Shame on you all! Get behind the Mayor and offer your support.

Ron Newman

I think the Mayor is generally doing a good job, but he may want to reconsider whether a City Solicitor who has been convicted of three drunk driving offenses is setting a good example.


Ron I agree with you 110% that the City Solicitor should be gone ASAP. Horrible example, especially to the teens in this City.

Inman Square

I also agree that its time for the City Solicitor to move on. Its one thing to have a drinking problem. Its another thing to OUI three times. He's lucky he's not on the hook for vehicular homicide. And it does set a terrible example for kids in the city.


One of the most glaring examples of the flaw in Melanie's law involves Somerville City Solicitor John Gannon, husband of state Rep. Rachel Kaprielian (D-Watertown). He was arrested three times for OUI in 2007 but avoided being convicted as a three-time drunken driver by bundling two of his cases.

Gannon, 45, was first busted Feb. 13, 2007, on Soldiers Field Road in Brighton. The case was continued without a finding.

He was nabbed again Oct. 19 and Dec. 4 - both also on Soldiers Field Road - and pleaded guilty to both OUIs on Jan. 10. But rather than face mandatory jail time as a three-time drunken driver, Gannon combined the new cases and was convicted of two counts of “OUI second offense,” court papers show. As a result, he received a one-year suspended jail sentence and probation instead of three months behind bars. He also lost his license for five years instead of eight.

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