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March 26, 2008


Ron Newman

Sell the Middlesex Courthouse? I'd rather see that eyesore demolished, if they aren't going to move back into it.

Hauling pro

Who transports loads out of state without a manifest? Nobody, that's who! I've been driving for a hauling company my whole life just about and a manifest log is part of your daily routine! Anyone saying that they don't have one is definitely hiding something especially when they crossed state lines like these hoodlums did! Their full of shit! A manifest could be easy to find, just locate what company that he's using and go from there!


How much money can Somerville waste?

Honda motorcycles replacing Harleys at police department because they are cheaper to buy and cheaper to maintain -- shocker!

Newman and Only Three

Why don't they build it up in Lowell and combine the two Superior courts. Then you would need only one Register of Deeds and one Register of probate and so on and so on etc.

It would be accesible to the T and would rid Middlesex County of countless employees, most through retirement, who wouldn't dare make the trip to Lowell everyday.

It would save millions on the payroll and would help Lowell with new jobs and construction.

Step #1

He's using Robert's Demolition and Excavating out of New Hampshire!

Why cut down all those trees?

An unclear question is going through my mind regarding this Demo Guy Sal! Why did he remove all those lovely irreplaceable trees that were nowhere near the fire scene at all? I know he charged her to take them down! But why! Did he just do that to just fill up more trucks loads to overcharge these poor folks? If you really think of it, it's pretty senseless the trees weren't anywhere in the way of anything? This guy should be sued and arrested by the city for malicious destruction! Also I heard that he used his inpolitical influence to overcharge those poor folks $5000.00 for police and fire details as well! Come on now, it's a dead end street and it's no a big structure at all? What gives? He's even using the police and fire departments in his scams to make money and nobody is doing scwat about it? Come on people, let's wake up some here! The city should think twice before letting this guy work in the city again to chance him over charging others in his schemes! And what's the story with his wife? Is she the one with al the connections up city hall that's fueling this fire of manipulation? Things like this make me more ashamed of myself to live in this city!

Larry G

Residents can't fix up their houses because of all the charges and paperwork to get things done. Instead of city that fights corruption and improves things for the residents we have culture of corruption that leaches off the residents and owners!

And Who has prevented the war with Iran?

the Democrats that is who. I like ron paul but despite what he believes he has no power to stop the GOP as long as he is a GOP.

Make no mistake about it. If it were not for the Dems and Pelosi we would already be fighting a third losing war with Iran. The republican neocon strategy for winning is to beat Iran too. They have no other plan.


Somervillians in the news Ron Craven one of the asst. coaches of the Seattle Supersonics was at the Celtics game recently. Nice to see after the game he was talikng with Kevin Durant..

City Hall Monitors

Why don't you update your website and replace the names of the Zoning Board people who left with the current one's who are on the board?

Chand Stevens

What is the goal of the zoning board? to increase quality of life in Somerville or to increase revenue for cronies? Or something else?

Sal's wind storm!

In Somervile, it's not who you know but it's who you blow! And Big Sal got a lot of wind!

Demolition Procedure

The following is the City of Somerville's Demolition Procedure;

Ron Newman

Would someone at the News like to write a proper news story about this? It would be far more informative than the rumors and blog comments.

Inspectional Services

Department of Public Work, 1 Franey Road, 1st Floor

8:00-10:00am & 3:00-3:45pm Monday-Friday

617-625-6600 ext. 5600

Superintendent, George Landers

The Inspectional Services Program is to provide permitting, plan review, inspections and related services in order to have compliance with the Mass State Building Code and Somerville Zoning Ordinances to provide a safer City.

Issue building permits to homeowners, licensed contractors or architects and ensure they comply with all City Ordinances and State Regulations to provide a safe City.
Issue plumbing permits to licensed plumbers and ensure they comply with all City Ordinances and State Regulations.
Review plans submitted by homeowners, licensed contractors or architects to ensure proposed construction meets all City Ordinances and State Regulations.
Conduct field inspections on building permits, plan reviews, certificate of occupancies, certificates of inspection, fire escapes, elected officials requests, homeowners and contractors to ensure all City and State Regulations are being met.
Respond to all complaints received by homeowners, tenants, elected officials or contractors to ensure a safe and clean environment.
Represent the City of Somerville in Court for violations of the Somerville Zoning Ordinance and/or State Regulations to ensure public safety.
Respond to all emergencies requested by Somerville Fire Department to ensure all life and safety requirements are being met.
Coordinate with the Somerville fire department, health department, engineering department highway department and fire departments to ensure all life and safety issues are being met.

Bret Stevens

Ron, wouldn't a proper story be kind of boring?

What questions would you like answered?


I all ready contacted Help-Me-Hank and she's coming!

tim Stevens

Then why didn't an inspector come to my house after sears installed a new water heater in the form of the leaning tower of Pisa?

My guess is that they believe they can pick and chose based off of who and what they like.

That is dangerous.

Inspectional Services

"Conduct field inspections on building permits, plan reviews, certificate of occupancies, certificates of inspection, fire escapes, elected officials requests, homeowners and contractors"
Then how are developers able to build contrary to the approved plans, and noone knows about it until the neighbors complain?

What a joke!


Help-Me-Hank is no match for this Administration!!!!!!

To: I.S.

Welcome to Somerville!

To: City Hall Monitors

We all know that you moniter this blog on a daily if not hourly basis, why doesn't someone from City Hall respond to all the questions being asked on this blog?

Is everyone conniving their own "save their butt plan" before answering any questions?

harvard place

Its quite obvious that somebody close to the family on harvard place is dropping dimes on Demo Sal! The only way to obtain how many truck loads of debree were taken from Harvard Place would be (A. Sal would release the info, or B. The family that owns the home would release it.) Somebody must have an ax to grind against Demo Sal. My guess somebody who is actively involved with that family is underminding the demo man!

Ron Newman

Would a proper story be boring? No, it would be good journalism, and useful to the local residents who read this paper.

Who's the barracuda of winter hill?

Who's the barracuda of winter hill? Why is this person called teh barracuda? How did he/she get this name? Can somebody please elaborate more?


I also saw Ronnie Craven at the Celtics vs. Seattle Sonics as he was out with the team before the game when they were warming up. I went down and said hello, he shook my sons hand and had Chris Wilcox come over and say hello to my son.. My son has not stopped talking about it, Ronnie is a class act..

Addint to it

""Conduct field inspections on building permits, plan reviews, certificate of occupancies, certificates of inspection, fire escapes, elected officials requests, homeowners and contractors"
Then how are developers able to build contrary to the approved plans, and noone knows about it until the neighbors complain?"

Great Point. And I once received a notice to abutters by mail after the work was approved. The Post office seemed to have lost the mailers until after it was done according to the post mark. Perhaps they have friends everywhere? Or maybe I am paranoid. If I am, it for good reason anyway.



You should know by now that good journalism and The Somerville News don't mix!

The Big Ragu

The barracuda is the woman who is president of Winter Hill bank initials SM. I dont know why they call her this. Also Sal's a good guy. I wish that everybody throwing bombs at him would wait until they have solid evidence about how many trucks and how much money it cost and then if it looks that much out of wack then go for it. But until them they shoudl leave it alone. He's related to the mayor I think and maybe thats why he is under the heat.

As long as we're vamping

Whatever happened to all of that cash that disappeared from Traffic and Parking Office? How's that "thorough investigation" proceeding? Or that "plow job" on the T & P Director's driveway? Welcome to Somerville indeed!

Ron Newman

I'm not sure what beef the News has with Winter Hill Bank, but I appreciated the bank's collecting donations for the East Somerville Community School after last year's fire. The bank also helped sponsor a Chamber of Commerce fundraiser for the same cause.


Why are all of these allegations falling on the head of Sal? Sal is a good guy with a heart of gold. Wasn't there another guy mentioned in the last posting about this situation, HF, that has a long history of shady deals?

The Barracuda runs the Winter Hill Bank

I've known her since I starting doing business with her in Somerville. She's very determined when it comes to doing business with the opposite sex. She's a sassy barracuda to say the least. Well known with developers throughout the city as having a feminine mystique! Operation Barracuda just recently struck down a development project on Park Street. This fish has been known for being bold and inquisitive, and fearfull to developers throughout the city. The great barracuda is known to have been involved in many silent partnerships.


Did anyone stop to think maybe Sal was trying to do the family a favor with regard to insurance? Maybe he just put a higher cost on there so they would get more from the insurance and then they could apply that to rebuild the house. its happened with others situations and I have seen it before. Sal's a decent guy who will do what he can to help anyone and I dont think he's about screwing people when their down and out like that. Cut him a break.

Mike Moccia's playbook looks similar to Karl Rove's

Rumor has it Moccia was seen reading Karl rove's secret playbook. That was very genuine of Miguel to apologize to his neighbor. I love how he's using the jedi mind trick. He should of used this tactic along time ago. Cute to say the least.

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa)

What happens if Becky Boo-hoo gets into legal trouble and has to relinguish her seat on the board? Who gets it? Choo-Choo Charlie Chisholm?

Al Coholic

helping with the insurance?? Isn't that illegal padding bills?

Sal is for Sal!

Sal is for Sal and don't forget it!Don't start to believe anything less!It's all about Sal! As for the other hit HF he's made of the same stuff! Just think of all the doe that everyone contributed to his so called fundraisers! We all paid for his T Bird, his Florida property and everything else that he constantly flaunts in front of everyone every day! He's the king of scams!?al is just his student and buy the looks of it,he's a good learner!Just remember when Herb and Sal are done empting all your pockets to make them look good, they will fade into the warm sunset of Naples Florida sbd look back and laugh at is all!

Paul Rico

It appears that the feds are zeroing in on some upper echelon members of the SHA Crime Family. Those currently under surveilance are as follows:
1. Joey Mac: Capo di Tutti Capi known for quietly remaining in the background while carefully delegating duties to his faithful followers
2. Louie "DiPaola": Capo Regime who rules his crew with an iron fist. Also known as a good earner due to his connections to the shipping industry. He is a valuable asset to the family due to his contacts with local politicians and law enforcement.
3. Sal "Baby Hewey" Q: Soldier who is intimidating to look at however not the brightest bulb in the bunch. Known to be his own worst enemy when it comes to recent business decisions.
3. Mike "The Chooch" S.: Loyal Soldier who is not afraid to get his hands dirty for the boss. He is known to be the boss's traveling companion and front man on many pending business ventures.
Bobby Mac: This well dressed smooth talker is no relation to the Boss "Joey Mac" however he is a known cohort with a long history as the Boss's "go to guy".
Stayed tuned as the list will grow longer.

Who'd a Thunk

Boss Hog's best sayings at the DPW weekly department head meetings was, "It Ain't Easy. I claimed the 5th 23 times before the Grand Jury and they couldn't touch me".

Mr. Heuston

Rumor has it that Sal the demo guy was seen last week at a local watering hole with Mr. Heuston, and an unknown 3rd party who had olive skin and a ginny charm. Is it true that Mr. Heuston and his partner have their hands in the cookie jar? I heard also that the alderwomen from ward 2 is on board with the project as long as the criteria regarding "Mr. Heuston" is met.

LaHa Pizza

just don't leave the pocketbook behind !

Empty Suits

We have alot of empty suits in Somerville. (people with nothing to offer who hang around with developers/players in an attempt to become one) What ever happend to being a stand_up guy! Rats gone wild in this city! Too many half ass gavones wanting to talk ON THE RECORD, AND OFF THE RECORD! The sad part is that we have a big problem on our hands. A sit_down needs to take place. What ever happened to the Omerta' or code of silence. A friend of mine wants to become a friend of ours. Someone's gotta pay the nut or continue the vig. We got too many young turks running around forgettin where they came from. This city needs a good cleaning.

Is it true that sal was ordered by fire chief and  Mayor!

Sal was authorized by the mayor and fire chief to take down the property at Harvard Place. If Sal diddn't get the authorization in writing, he's a poor businessman. Sal should have recieved a order from the purchasing department. The fire chief has been running around headquarters stating that the mayor told him not to get inovolved with this issue. The mayor should treat his cousin Sal better than this. Sal just wouldn't take down a building without authorization. It would be foolish for him to do that. I think the mayor is running scared after the recent publicity and backing away from the issue. Somebody needs to hold the mayor's feet to the fire. I think an investigation should be done by the DA'S Office to find out what really happened. How come Sal can't come up with any manifests? Did it really take that many truck loads of debree to clean up the property? Is somebody getting paid off? The whole situation stinks! People should have realized that this women works in probate and has various connections within that department.

Stinky Situation


Bill H.

Ronnie Craven coaching with the Sonics is such a great story. I am so glad for him and his family.
Fran was right Ronnie is a class act indeed, he helped the big kid from the Somerville high school become a good player.

Just Sayin'

Maybe someone should check into Federal fraud charges. Look at Social Security/Disability payments. Like Al Capone, when you can't get him for murder, get him for tax evasion. It may be boring, but it does the trick. I'm just sayin'.........


I hope this paper follows up on the Smithfield story. I would love to find out how much the city will spend because of this foolish Alderman Gerwitz from ward 6. Why did she feel it was her job to defend some one that has no connection to this city and expose the taxpayers of this city to a lawsuit? Now our lawyers and city personnel will be spending hours and hours putting together records and making court appearances.


Sal and his workers are losers, I was there when he and his crew were demolishing home, they treated the victims like jerks and treated what little property/belongings that might have been retrievable or saved like crap and didn't allow victims to go into home and get stuff that they could have been able to save/retrieve, yet Sal and his crew were in the victims home taking things. They were throwing these victims belonging out the window like jerks. They had no hearts, I yelled at one of them. Sal and his crew and the city took advantage of this family and left them with triple the bill then was first stated and bs answers.


Is this guy who coaches with the Sonics from Somerville originally?

Where did it go?

A source that is close to Elaine told me that many items were still in the house that won't necessarily burn in the fire such as jewelry and stuff that didn't burn at all we not found!

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