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March 26, 2008


Curt and Tony

Hey Sal. You ever find that boat in Lynn Harbor? I heard it might be still a salvage job.

James Norton

Who'd a Thunk -

Wow you reaching or what? Clearly you don't know Stan...he would never EVER say that line to anyone you know or wish you knew - regardless of whether it was true or not. Don't like the guy, that's fine, but don't make yourself look like an ass by completely fabricating something like that - it's just not funny.



Yes the guy who coaches with the Seattle Sonics is from Somerville Ronnie Craven. He worked with the Center from Somerville high's basketball team Pat Flanagan over last summer and helped him get in shape. Great story of someone giving back to a young kid. I know Ron and his family and they are good people.

Who'd a Thunk

Mr. JN, you, as well as I know, Boss Hog has always used both quotes. He is proud of it and states it many times.

He has at the DPW weekly department head meetings swanked with broad chest expanded about the 5th Amendment and how he used it to his benefit. Unless you were at those weekly meetings with the rest of the department heads, which I doubt, you would be the one that would be reaching into the air.

If you would care to ask the dearly departed, T.V.; Ex-Highway Superintendent; B.S.; ex-Water Superintendent, J. V.; ex-Superintendent of Lights and Lines/Highway, T.D.; Ex-Engineering Director, J.L.; another Ex-Engineering Director and the current Department heads C.A. Water Superintendent, F.S. Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds and R.W. Director of Operations, everyone of them laugh and chuckled when the 5th came out of the Commish's mouth.

With all those department heads around the long table, I never, ever remember JN sitting in on any of those meetings, ever. I haven't fabricated anything regarding those meetings and what was said before, during or after them regarding the 5th. And I agree with you JN, it isn't funny when a grown man boasts about beating the system. It tells you something about this individual who is haughty, abhorrent, dangerous, and a whole lot more.

You know him extremely well and you know what he is capable of doing. I doubt this posting will make the day of light come tomorrow. I am sure you will bounce it out because what I speak is the truth and you know it!!!


A buddy of mine just alerted me about these slandering posts about me. Who'da, you are this close from getting sued, man. I'll give you one chance to retract your lies, before I get my lawyers going. I'm not the kind of man who would make such statements. You are just useless parasite.

Who'd A Thunk?

Sal, what are you talking about. Did you say something at the Department head meetings that I said you said? Help me out here Sal. Your post is out of milieu.

City Hall Nose

Ah, didn't the city and Fire Department deem that fire gutted property unfit for standing and ordered it demolished? What is the procedure when this is presented? Does the City cal it an emergency and call Cuz sal to do the demo and thus paid by the City through either SPCD funds or General funds?

Let's face it; if the City does pay for it I am sure they subrogate the cost to the insurance company or private homeowner. So regardless of the bottom line amount, the City will get back what they paid and no loss to the City. So if the job comes in over the quote, the building is down and the demo man has to be paid. So Sal gets 2-3 times the quote and puts it in his pocket and the city goes for the insurance or private homeowner. Not salt off Demo mans back, he got paid along with paying others with the higher costs. This is called greasing the palms of those that feed you.

Why was Demo man the company that did the work? Were there bids submitted for the job or was it like the recent renewal of the trash collection fiasco? If the City hired Demo man, he should be paying prevailing wages? Does he file prevailing wages with the IG's office? Did someone at DPW collect the prevailing wages as they should?

Too many questions unanswered on a hose job by the City.

I Spy

Has anyone heard that the SHA had purchased a home on Grove Street lately? It seems as though they must have due to the recent activity there by the Chooch noted in one of the above postings working there so much during the day. I don't mean on lunch 1/2 hour breaks but most of the day all week long. It has been happening for the past 3 weeks that I have noticed.

You see, one thinks that if there is a large enough area in the rear of the building no one would be able to see from the street who or what goes on behind the building they think they are in the clear. But that is not the case now is it M.S.?

Got's too Know

Why would the SHA be buying property on Grove Street? I thought all they had were projects. Good projects.


To the Union Preident, we need help, this administration is dictating like the mafiea, can you help us?

Little Ceaser's Battle

Much talk floating around the court house on a daily basis about poor Elaine who just wants to know how on earth it's done! How the Demo guy's company that's located on Everett Ave in Chelsea got to demolish her house that burnt down! It's easy if you do the math! He's the guy who goes out, wins with that guaranteed high bid that he placed and then either subs it out to other demo company's that want the work but don't have a connection to get it and then he jumps on board with that company as a supervisor for that company and gets his cut and in other cases he gets paid to walk away from a winning bid that he won so that the second bidder down in the line behind him who didn't win the bid definitely gets it! It's all for a price of course to walk away! Who said being second in line is not being the winner? Nice thing going for him with all his cuts! Most times he never gets his hands dirty at all. I don't thing he even owns any demo equipment at all! He's a smart businessman in a sense with good connections but sometimes he thinks carelessly because he forgets that there's always a paper trail that follows everything! But, you just got to have the accessibility to get copies of that paper trail! Elaine's one of the nicest persons that you could ever meet and with the misfortune of not having enough proper insurance in place to completely cover her loss! Thank Goodness Elaine works for the guy who is going to make it right! The guy always keeps his promise and he's there for us when we need him no matter what certain people around Somerville and especially on the Ave say about him.

The sad cause of Somerville's chaos

Haven't you noticed how much transpires from people's posts here. Fellow Somervillians seem to hate each others, based on false divisions.
The cause of this all is mostly one: this blog on the Somerville News. Think about. BEFORE this blog appeared, there was not way to vent in public, anonymously and cheaply. One could do so after church and all, but that took effort and time, and it could not be done anonymously.
James Norton, I believe that your tablog has caused much damage to our community. Now we are having drive-by shootings and massive unemployment as a result.
James Norton, do a favor to Somerville, tear down this blog!


The Power of The Somerville News!

Just think before this website came along how easy it was for people to sneak around town and do who knows what without citizens knowing what was going happening on a daily basis, or not ever knowing about it at all and sneaks not getting caught! We wouldn't have known about the famous missing desk, the Skippers boat in the Holman's Building, Obama's Tickets in Somerville and much, much more! The Demo Guy would have even continued to stay in business for even longer! Who knows, Rick Scirroco would have even possibly became mayor of our city! Oh Lord!!!! Good loking out Somerville News! So all I can say is thank you Somerville News for providing us with this great panoramic view via this virtual window that overlooks our fine city and everybody's movements as the day goes by! Just think, if we had this tool ten years ago just maybe??? Oh well you can figure it out! There should be a special holiday declared called "The Somerville News Day"!

Snoop Dog

This is the place for all of the haters to congregate. If would just give B.B. a try you would find that you will live a much happier life, just ask the king of B.B. himself M.S.

I Wonder

Is this the same guy who had been working down on the apartments off of Walnut Street a while ago? He would park his black truck in the SHA complex and walk to the apartments off of Walnut Street.

B Banger

Don't be a hater be a participator, hard work will get you everywhere. Working hard for the Benjamin's is what B.B is all about. If you ain't got no money take your broke ass home. Just cause you can't pay your rent don't be hating on the Players!


Somebody needs to make a marriage out of the current fiasco thats taken place over the past two weeks. Many people have turned from stand-up-guys to RATS! A meeting with the family administration needs to take place to settle the recent disputes. Chiaachierone's are talking out of line and from both sides of their mouths.
"Col tempo la foglia di gelso diventa seta" Its very dangerous to be an honest man in Somerville. Politics and crime are the same thing!

Hopefully part 3 comes out this week

Hopefully Mr. Toro and Mr. Norton will come out with part 3 this week. (Harvard Place, Park Street, etc..)


Neil - "Now we are having drive-by shootings and massive unemployment as a result."

You can't be serious; that is a ridiculous statement.

The eye

If your on disability should you be working @ the court house on Cambridge St? The tax payers are watching you! May he without sin cast the first stone.

Jose Gonzales

¿Nunca importe de si usted está en inhabilidad y el trabajo en el Palacio de Justicia, qué sobre el trabajo en el estadio de Dilboy y conseguir pagado por órdenes de compra y en inhabilidad de la casa de correcciones? ¿Es la esta derecha?

BMc the Rat!

TO the eye aka Bob Mc! Read the law! Law allows so much income so its ok! Stop being a spy for the little guy!You Rat!

Bill Shelton

No Jose,

No "es la esta derecha." Mas importante, no es derecho. Para convencernos que eres Latino, tienes que hacer mas que escribiendo signos de interagación al revés. ¿Sin embargo, de quien estas escribiendo?

Adventures of Buonomohole

I just finished cleaning the shithouse and was wondering, how does one become Register of Probate? Is this a job that someone goes to school for? Is it a job that requires any special training or qualifications?

When most kids are young, they envision themselves becoming firemen, policemen, teachers, astronauts, doctors, mayor or even president someday.

Who looks in the mirror and say’s “I want to be register of probate when I grow up”?
I’ll tell you who… Someone who was too much of a pussy to be a policeman. Someone who was too short to be a fireman. Someone who was too selfish to become a teacher, someone who liked the astronaut “slippery finger physical” a bit too much for Nasa. Someone who wasn’t ethical enough to become a Doctor. Someone who tried to become mayor but failed twice. Someone who couldn’t even get elected student body president when he ran unopposed had no chance at ever becoming much more than Register of Probate.

I just got a call from my friend Herbie. Herbie works for the Register and he gave me the scoop on how one becomes Register of Probate. Herbie say’s you got to beg, borrow, steal, cheat and make promises you know you cant keep. Doesn’t sound too inviting to me herbie. What’s the pay Herbie? Six figures you say? Wow, if I made that much money I wouldn’t have to worry about a second or third job to put food on the table huh?
Herbie says once you make that much you get greedy and want more. He say’s first you forget who your friends are. Then you sell out and move your family away from Somerville but keep investing in Somerville because it’s a great place to make money “when you can do favors”!

What kind of favors herbie? Well, you can buy houses really cheap as a silent partner when you have the authority to sign decrees and have privileged information regarding unclaimed and abandoned assets.

Sounds like a sweet deal herbie. Be careful working around that stuff, you don’t want to get in trouble while collecting that disability check. No worries say herbie. I will never tell anyone about the house on Spring Street.

Euphoria sets in and you begin to imagine you are untouchable.
Nobody is untouchable!


I wanted to be a Cowboy when I was a kid but I was too friggen big so I decided to become a demolition man. I knocked down this house on Harvard Street and now the broad who works for the register of probate wants to sue me for my prostate.

I think I’ll take my crew over to the development on Spring Street (Cambridge) and do some pro-bunomo work.

I Love you Video Boy!

richie d

Lady and gentlement boys and girls of all ages come one come all witness the grudge match of a life time. In the corner to the left from park street som ma. w.w.f. tag team champs sky low low bonnoomo (also midget champ) and Herbie I went out on heart condition I meant stress from the s.h.a. vicious V. VS Butch the 75 year old ball wash f. and Sal "Haystack" Demo guy.Winner takes all. No cheap shot no low blow (no pun intended)

Sentry Ford

We just installed a permanent baby-seat in Herbie V's car today so that when he has to drive Buonomo around, he doesn't have to worry about getting a ticket for having an unrestrained child in the car.
We even threw in a free binky for John!

Felica vee

Mr Regista
How long did u think you could get away with this. As hated as you are, you should have known someone was gonna dime you out . You think your cute trying to mastermind the destruction of big sal But Felica is calling everyone and giving us dirt on you and your dim witted gang (Herbie Bob Mac ) , keep promising bob mac a job , sal will have the last laugh.,

The Secret Squirrel Society

Operation Secret Squirrel was administered and lead by the infamous JOHN BUONOMO. The secret squirrel training facility is located in Cambridge MA at the probate court. Buonomo's secret weapon is a well known portuguese immigrant who came from SAO MIGUEL by the name of Herbie V. A true prostitue to say the least, and well known for being a mindless robot who only knows how to follow orders from John B. Herbie V's cheap and tawdry political tricks are starting to catch up with him. Rumor has it that he was recently demoted from his important position in the probate office. Is it true that he recently threw the registar under the bus in regards to Harvard Street?

Probate Gate

But first a message from our sponsors.

Have you ever hit your ass when stepping off the curb?
Have you ever been told you are too short to shit?
Do you get angry when the burger and fries you ordered comes with a toy?

Get My Big Boy Booties 2000.

Our patented lift system will make you feel like a big boy again.
Get respect at the office (and at home).
Never again suffer from road rash ass pimples.

Get My Big Boy Booties 2000.

The testimonies speak for themselves.

Tom J. from Columbus Ohio says, “ I can get on all the rides at the carnival again”.

John B. from Newton Mass says, “My big boy booties helped me get elected as Register of Probate” Now, I only need to wear them when i'm walking near the playground so the 8 year olds don’t take my lunch.

My Big Boy Booties are available in sizes 2 through 5 at our Spring Street location only.
Shore Drive location is now closed.

bob mac

I love the secret squirrel and video boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jose Gonzales

Sr. Shelton, gracias por entender. Además de la persona que recoge un cheque de inhabilidad, los otros trabajadores también están siendo pagados de una orden de compra como contratistas independientes. Éste correcto tampoco.

Bob Mcwatters/Herbie Vargas


Concerned citizen


bob mac


Lastbutnot least

We laughed, we cried, we loved unconditionally? Suddenly everything fell apart for no real apparent reason. The fun, the parties, the dreams, the end. Its a mystery. Some other force ended that relationship between the unknown woman and the infamous seat holder. A cinderella fairytale right here in Cambridge. Was it an affair? Na. Just for sex? Na "I know who I am." I know what I want."

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