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March 31, 2008



I'm looking forward to seeing the completion of construction at Trum, but what's the point of having a great view of the baseball and softball fields if they're in poor condition? I think the money would have been better spent on maintaining and improving the actual fields. Baseball and softball games are played almost every night during the summer, but the fields are not in good shape. I saw a guy lose a tooth playing SS because of a bad bounce. In fact, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. I'd love to see the City put as many resources as possible into Trum.

Lincoln neighbor

Please do something about the dogs in Lincoln Park. The signs are clearly posted yet irresponsible dog owners let dogs run in the baseball feild and tot lot. The whole baseball feild is dug up by dogs and the whole park stinks.

Cosmo's friend

Yes and I think it's because they know they can't get away with this over in Cambridge where many of them live. Cambridge takes care of their parks and looks after them. Somerville posts signs and hopes for the best. Maybe Lincoln needs a locked fence all around just like Conway. The field there does definitely need a total makeover though. Our kids and adults deserve better and the money that was blown on architects and fancy construction over at Trum probably could have been better spent making real improvements to the other fields. But even then, this Mayor, Joe Curtatone, is moving things in the right direction with focusing on parks and open spaces. Just do something about the dogs and their irresponsible owners please!


Hey Cosmo's friend - the mayor has his head up his a$$. The money spent on Trum should have really been spent on doing over the field. You don't need locked fences around the parks, you just need your DPW workers really working on them to keep them in good shape. Danhey park in Cambridge has their own crew that just works on that park to keep it in shape. What a total waste of money they are spending on Trum just for the seats. The owners of the dogs are the problems with the parks, (not the dogs). Signs don't do the trick, you actually need people walking through routinely to make sure things are in order.

Cosmo's friend

snowbunny, I agree with everything you said about the seats at Trum being done over. That was my point, fix the field surfaces first, but do something practical to keep the dogs off them or else their going to end up in bad shape anyway. Handing stiff fines to the owners of the dogs might be an answer if there's someone there to catch them. At Trum there's the DPW right across the street so there's people watching or who might be watching. At Lincoln there's nobody really, and that's the problem. Cambridge can afford to station a crew at Danehy and Russell and all the other fields. Somerville can not. Even with the ridiculous expense for the canopy at Trum, I still have to give props to the Mayor and the DPW for the job they do on the parks. If the people would get behind them to police the problems with scofflaw dog owners and so on, things might get better all around.

Fool on the Hill

Back before Mystic View got whipped like a rented mule, they made a persuasive argument that building offices in Assembly Square would create more taxes, jobs, and OPEN SPACE. I think they said around 30 acres of open space.

The city zoned for big retail stores and housing instead. Does anyone know how much open space is in the city's Assembly Square plan? Are they doing anything to get the developers to build more open space?


Aren't parking lots open space?

Ron Newman

The Assembly Square plan does require Federal Realty to provide parkland. I don't remember the exact details right now.

Ticket $$$

I don't know if parking lots are open space or not BUT if you find an open parking space, just remember the meters work until 8:00 pm so don't forget to feed...Traffic & Parking needs more cash that can go missing...and then squash the "investigation" if someone notices...

Ron Newman

Isn't that only in Davis Square, not in Union or Magoun or other places with metered parking lots?


the Trum park rehab is long overdue, but constuction is at a snails pace. Where did that money come from and what is the espected cost? I thought the Kemps site was contaminated? How about taking over Foss since the State doesnt care for it properly.?


The city is no place for a dog. I love dogs too, but that's the harsh reality.

Not fair to a dog having him live in a place where he can't come off leash for any reason i.e. run around, exercise etc. Dog owners should live in the country.

sick of it

Can someone please clean all the crappy toys out of Lexington Park? I called the city and nothing was done-so maybe this will get a message out-I saw a kid get hurt when of those toys with a broken wheel was left there. Why are people throwing their toys there? Leave them in your own backyard. It is not fear to watch the older kids have to clear them out of the new basketball court each day. They are filthy and unsafe! Donate them to a day care or shelter


To "sick of it" if theses toys are unhealthy and unsafe, as you put it, why would you want to see someone donate them to a day care or shelter? Broken and/or damaged toys should be thrown out.
Also, I agree with you Timmy. Unless you have a yard and some space for a dog to run around, it is inhumane to own a dog and have it couped up in a small condo on the third floor of a tripled decker. I don't blame the poor dogs, it is the fault of these irresponsible pet owners that are too lazy to take a dog to a "Dog Park". These yuppies can't seem to read the "NO DOGS ALLOWED" signs that are posted every 6 feet all over Lincoln Park. It must be nice to pick and chose what laws you choose to obey.


I heard that a developer for a Bio Laboratory for nuclear testing has just signed a lease in Davis Square and plans to build a mini lab very close by! Does anyone know exactly where?

Simantha Flores

I heard the same but I don't think it is expected to be in Davis Square! I'm almost positive that I is trying to sneak in the Union Square or BrickBottom area somewhere! Regardless of wherever it is in Somerville, We can't let it happen! I heard that a petition has been circulating last week in oppose of it. But I'm not sure where.

Union Square boy

What's wrong with that? They have them in Cambridge!


To Union Square Boy, "What's wrong with that? They have them in Cambridge!" Are you nuts? They also have a mini nuclear reactor in Cambridge as well! Didn't you know that? This is the exact same Mini Lab that they want to build here in Somerville! That's all we need now! There's a lot going on in this city that people aren't to aware of yet! Shoot down that project and negotiate something better that will be good for the city!

Larry Fink

Is the demo Guy involved in the demo of anything standing in it's way as well as the new building that's being constructed too?

sick of it

To Disguted: I should of clarified myself, these toys should be donated-not brought to the Park-they become filthy and unsafe by being at the park-they are indoor toys.

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