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March 02, 2008



Cut the "mumbled" crap, who are you, Howie Carr?

Try to be professional.

Ian Thal

The important question is: What would be the role of Somerville's Poet Laureate?

Some communities do so little for the arts that just having a poet laureate is an important step forward (just look at Boston City Hall, where Arts and Tourism are part of the same department-- or where much of arts education in the Public Schools is outsourced if it is present at all.) However, Somerville, as a city, has had a greater, more visible, commitment to the arts-- so it becomes a matter of what would the duties entail? Should we define the role and find someone to fill it? Or should we ask potential Poet Laureates: "What would you do for Somerville and poetry?"


"First time Portsmouth author Stuart Wisong delivers a sweet episodic melodrama about a man, a woman, a dog and a myriad of unlikely characters. A real dog takes a fictional journey from Portsmouth -- the Paris of New England -- to France and back."

So who is the "Paris of New England"?

Don't follow Cambridge

Whatever a poet laureate does here in Somerville, I just hope the selection process is a lot cleaner than it was in Cambridge. In that screwed up city, the guy who eventually won -- Peter Pollack -- was not even a finalist until he pulled some strings with some local pols and got himself on the ballot. Then, with the help of some Chicago-style voting (read: vote early, vote often) he actually won, beating out more worthy candidates who could have energized the city's poetry scene. Even more proof that Cambridge city government will screw up everything they can.

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