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March 18, 2008



Great job Jay and everything you wrote is 100% correct.

But after quoting Chief Kelleher, it looks like he will be next on the Mayor's hit list. Mark my words....his position will be taken out of civil service and be replaced by a puppet to be controlled by the Mayor, just like the Police Department.

Growing nose

isn't it true that the fire departmant is current working under its alloted budget?
I think the 300,000 dollar number is misleading to the public to influence their opinion of the firefighters.

On the record

So, Mr. Colbert, if your reasons for the overtime are real, then the city should end up spending much less than 300K in overtime after hiring these new young and energetic firefighters. We shall see, but I'm ready to bet one grand that the result will be exactly the opposite: More overtime. Why? Because overtime is generally abused and the more employees you have around and the more it is abused. With the economy crashing, expect people to try to get as much as they can from the system, regardless of whether it involves cheating.


Thank you Mayor Joe.


To On The Record, Just because you are a morally corrupt person who has abused overtime doesn't mean the rest of the world is like you.


Unionized workers tend to become sloppy and feel entitled because they think they have guaranteed jobs. That's why that criminal inspector in NYC did not inspect the crane that collapsed and faked the reports. Hire 8 more people and all you'll get is 8 more people charging for overtime. You'll see I'm right.


To on the record: Young and energetic firefighters! Didn't they just hire someone in their late forties and almost hire one in his late fifties. No wonder the fire department is getting old.


If it is true that they hired middle-aged and older firefighters, than this is a freaking JOKE! Hiring old people to reduce overtime! These folks will pretend to be sick half the time and add to that 300K deficit. I'd be OK with a one year contract, until the Fed grant runs out... There should be an investigation on the hiring process there.


Lets talk about Mr. Colbert's altercation with another firefighter at a Christmas party this past year. It was pretty sad to see him in a parking lot acting like a teenager who was angry..

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