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March 21, 2008



It takes courage to change, to explore the unknown and to make decisions that will benefit our city today and in the future for our children. To maintain the status quo with the attitude "people are happy why change" does not benefit anyone. I agree with Joe, it is time to put all our cards on the table. I know many people who are not happy with how our government is structured. Our current structure gives too much control to the mayor with the Board of Alderman acting as rubber stamps. In a two year election cycle why have special elections? Why can't the other elected officials pick up the slack and save the city money? We have already had a school committee member question the need for the school committee. Let's have an open honest discussion without "the hacks" and the incumbent officials who have a vested self interest in the status quo. I support a review of our city charter.


I like the idea of a top to bottom, bottom to top and side to side review of the city charter. But I do think Joe Lynch is trying to push the boulder up the hill. Curtatone and the current BOA are too entrenched to rock their own boat. Kudos to Lynch for trying though.

Mary Lu

What a great article! I would love to see a meaningful, independent review of the charter, or at least a non-partisan discussion of election cycles and procedures in the city. As Aerosmith once said, dream until your dreams come true.

Lynch needs support

Support this man. We need more people like him.

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