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February 05, 2008


Its sad that the owner is a jerk

Its nice that obama lived there, but that doesn't say much for the current owner!

Dictator Too

So we had two morons using our city:

Charles Taylor;
He was briefly arrested in 1979 after threatening to take over the Liberian diplomatic mission in New York City. On May 24, 1984, two US Deputy Marshals arrested Taylor in Somerville, Massachusetts, on a warrant for extradition to face charges of embezzling $922,000 of government funds, intended for machinery parts, into a New York bank account. Citing a fear of assassination by Liberian agents, it was announced by Taylor's lawyer, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, that Taylor would fight extradition from the safety of jail. He was detained in a House of Corrections in Plymouth, Massachusetts. On September 15, 1985, Taylor and four other inmates escaped from the jail by sawing through a bar covering a window in an unused laundry room. After dropping 12 feet to the ground by means of a knotted sheet, the five inmates climbed a fence. Shortly thereafter, Taylor and two other escapees were met at nearby Jordan Hospital by Taylor's wife, Enid, and Taylor's sister-in-law, Lucia Holmes Toweh. A getaway car was driven to Staten Island, where Taylor then disappeared. The first escapee to be caught was apprehended on September 18 in Brockton, Massachusetts; eventually all four of Taylor's fellow escapees would be tracked down, and Enid Taylor and Lucia Holmes Toweh were ordered held without bail on September 23 for driving the getaway car. Taylor managed to flee the United States and shortly thereafter went to Libya where he underwent guerrilla training under Muammar Qaddafi, becoming Qaddafi's protegé.[3] Eventually he left Libya and used the training he gained there to begin a civil war in Liberia.

(from wikipedia)


Obama ain't presidential. He has NO chance. None.

Real Conservative

Last night, I think I saw maggots come out of McCain's left ear. The guy is a walking corpse. Won't last till Nov.


Have you seen McCain's wife? Whew-eeeeeeee! I'd do her.

Newman lived here!

Ron the Newmanator, did he live here as well?

Good Job

Good story George...this kind of thing is what the farm team lacks. How about Walter pulling the lever for Obama - you go Alderman Pero!


Seems a bit more relevant today with news about the US Secretary of Treasury-nominee Tim Geithner also not playing his taxes either...

Jason I.

Now a resident of the area, this is just the kind of history I've been looking for. Thank you for the article.

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