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February 15, 2008




Oh, I'll translate my acronym.

Typical Online Racist Bullshit

NMN are so right. It's just racist Bull. Leave those poor guys alone...never mind the weapons, and pot and spraypainting.. That's just what we need in the city. Right?? I say let's blame the cops.


Ahhh - I'm wasn't calling this story racist or taking exception to the actions of the police.

There was a racist comment - in the form of an acronym - posted ahead of my comment. Jamie deleted that comment at some point over the weekend.

These guys were in possession of weed, had weapons, and were spray painting graffiti on public property - a playground at that. They deserve the full force of the law.


Cabbie..thank you for the clarification... We are in total agreement. I was born and raised in Somerville..and, proud of it. There were and are many great things about the city. But, unfortunately, from time to time, many disappointments as well


We need a more visible police presence in this area of the city. A review of city crime records in 2006-2007 will most likely show a spike in all types of crime in the neighborhood.

The neighborhood has been going downhill for some time due to a group of young thugs - many of these kids are not from the neighborhood. The lack of parental oversight/involvement in these kids lives is equally criminal.

The hardworking, law-abiding residents of the neighborhood need the help of the police.


Does anyone know what time this took place?


Time - 8:11 p.m., according the 'Journal'.


The area around the Winter Hill School is a disaster zone. From the poor Chinese lady that owns the variety store at the corner of Central and Medford St. (she is tormented by these thugs on a weekly if not daily basis)to thugs hanging out in front of that apartment building across from the school on Medford St., next to the corner store there ( I wonder who lives there and attracts these thugs ) tothe school grounds itself ( see above story ).

Citizens cry out for more police protection, but this department is so laden with "gold" ( a little deal reached by the Mayor to take the Chief's position out of civil service) that the working patrolman is is overburdened.

How many Police officer do citizens actually think patrol out city at night? We are lucky if we have 10!

Thanks Kate

Thank you Kate for the time this incident happened.

Truant Officers

If the citizens of this city ever knew how many kids from other cities use the Somerville School system they would be amazed. All the kids from Boston, Cambridge, Chelsea etc. have to do is use a relatives name that lives in Somerville and our school doors open for them without question.

If this city could hire just two ( as we used to call them ) truant officers, maybe retired Somerville Police Officers, just for one year to take the time to really investigate where these kids are coming from this city could save thousands and thousands of dollars a year. I remember when the truant officers used to wait at Sullivan SQ. and Lechmere T stops looking for out of towners, now you can add the red line. Has anyone noticed how many young kids come out of the red line each morning to take the 88 to School and Highland?I bet you a good 15% of the kids using our school's don't even live in our city and those are the kids who use up most of the schools budget for all types of school "special classes". It's a joke!


My son goes to second grade at the Winter Hill school. I have been wanting to get him out of there for next year since it truly is a sub-par school on many levels, and this just compounds it for me. I don't live in that area of Somerville (I am in West Somerville) so I am not really aware of the more "local" stuff that goes on, I had put him in that school to be closer to the high school, in case I needed him to be picked up by my older son. I just moved to Somerville last April, but reading this and a few other things has really opened my eyes to the fact that I do NOT want my child to be that far away from home in an area like that.

Although, I will say this...we moved here from Dorchester, near Franklin Field, and compared to where we lived....even the Winter Hill area feels like the swankiest suburb. lol


Tricia - I'm glad you mentioned moving from Dorchester. I was about to call you an elitist jackass for saying "an area like that" about my neighborhood. The truth is, there's nothing going on around here that doesn't happen in say Linear Park in the so much more desirable and precious West Somerville side of town. The fact that degenerates were hanging out in the school playground isn't really a poor reflection on the school.

Now, if you want to get into why and how the Winter Hill is a sub par school on so many levels....that's a whole other issue. And there really are issues that make that statement true. But rather than do something about it we get a rebuild of Trum Field. Now that's really a whole other can of worms.


Hey, sorry to revisit this so much later, I forgot the URL (hangs's now in the bookmarks). I realize now that I did sound sort of me, I know that West Somerville isn't all that fact, I live in Clarendon Towers, so I probably don't even have to say anything more about that. LoL. Maybe the fact that I keep to myself and mind my own damn business, so I usually don't know about or associate with the bad things that go on around me, will be my downfall one day...but it has served me very well so far.

But honestly, there are many other reasons I am not happy with the Winter Hill school, although I really do want to like it, and there are some great people there trying to make things work. But between this incident and the "jabbed with a sharp instrument" incident (this is the wording I believe that was finally sent home in a memo) let's just say that I am glad I don't have to rely on my older son at this time to pick my younger one up, and that I am there every day to supervise the homecoming process...

Kids shouldn't have to worry about being safe in school...and they shouldn't have to stress over passing some stupid test just to get to the next grade...grrr.

Close it down

Just close that cesspool of a school down for good. How many lives need to be ruined before that happens?
Tricia, I completely disagree with you regarding tests. Kids should sweat hard for tests. There should be more tests, written and oral, in front of the entire class. Or else they'll grow up like losers who cannot deal with any pressure. Perhaps you want your kids to be that way.

Tricia, I was actually talking about the MCAS tests, which are next to useless, since the only things they learn in school nowadays are the answers they need to pass those tests. I am all for tests, and standardized testing as well, I just feel that the MCAS puts WAY too much pressure on the schools, the teachers, and the students, with little to no REAL results. Note the general decline in overall education levels across the country.

Wow, thanks for the assumptions on how I would like my children to turn out.

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