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February 29, 2008



Appointing these three stooges to represent Somerville on a national "policy" committee says all there is to say about Somerville politics. The deepest thought that they give to designing good public policy is trying to understand what the mayor has told them to do.

He wants to eliminate an elected School Committee and double his term. The only reason that he doesn't proposed eliminating the School Committee and Board of Aldermen all together is that it would upset the way in which he dispenses favors.

So where will this national committee's meetings take place? Is the city going to pay traveling expenses? Does anyone really think that these jokers are going to make any contribution to the committee's deliberations? Or that their participation will be good for Somerville in any way? Shouldn't our representatives at least be able to read, because you can tell at the BOA meetings that these guys are incapable of reading their own Board packets.

harry roache

What a stroke of genious displayed by the mayor "JOE C"...this is why he has been elected and re-elected by the good people of SOMERVILLE

I have heard that where ever this contingency has to travel too in order to lend a helping hand to some "Policy making" junket the means of travel will be that of and by commuter rail......Let's just hope beyond hope that there is no "TRANE WRECK" to be reported on...How could the city expect to go on with the loss of the 3 STOOGES.......Please make them travel separtely just to avoid the potential of losing the 3 amigos

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