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February 23, 2008


concerned mom

As a mom of two I've seen the results of using a single test as a graduating requirement. I have a daughter struggling in math (along with many others in her class) because the teacher needs to go quickly in order to "keep to the curriculum" Please, let's evaluate how this is affecting the education of our kids.


Wait a minute. This issue is the exact reason the Herald named Sciortino one of the legislators who "missed the mark", but now you agree with him?


I agree that the a test should not be the only deciding factor in graduating, but I have not heard any good proposals. The problem is that if you get away from standardized tests, the decision becomes more subjective, which in turn, waters down what graduation means. What's the difference between (1) someone who drops out because they haven't mastered the material and (2) someone who graduates even though they haven't mastered the material? It doesn't make much sense to pass someone who can't do the work, does it?

I'm open to suggestions for a better system.

Joyce .

It is definitely time for MCAS reform!!! Over the last ten years with two children in Somerville Public Schools I have watched the dramatic increase in pressure put upon the administrators and teachers in their classrooms and this pressure has been passed down to the students and their parents. They keep adding more and more and more each year. The school day has not changed, in any way, time wise and don't even talk about money. Every aspect of our children's education has been short changed by this teaching to the MCAS test. I do understand that there has to be accountability and bars raised for our children to succeed but at what cost. Life experiences and the differences in us all prove that you cannot evaluate all people by the same standards!!! It is time to get rid of No Child Left Behind it is definitely not working!!!

MCAS Rocks

I, for one, appreciate the MCAS as it has forced schools to concentrate on academics and get away from all of the feel-good social nonsense being taught in many schools. I think it also shows that a high school diploma means something. Could it be tweaked? Absolutely. Does it in some respects go a little too far? Maybe. But I'm tired of kids who can barely read or write being able to say they have a high school diploma. It makes the diploma meaningless. New York state, for years, has had the regents exam and I think it's a good thing.

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