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February 16, 2008


Frank Bucca

As a child attending the old Bingham School on Lowell Street in the 1930's....grades K thru 6[condemned and demolished....apartment houses now occupy the site]-I knew your Grandfather.
I still live in the same neighborhood house.

Gotta remember too, the heat was provided by coal fired furnace in the cellar.....your Grandfather had to keep it fired up via shoveling in the coal....and cleaning out the dead ash...putting same in heavy metal barrels; and out to the sidewalk for collection by the open-top trucks. Hard work, for all involved!!

Teachers sent me to get him many times to fix a classroom problem. [window, desk, chair,sick-child clean-up, light bulb, etc.]

He also delivered the pint milk bottles, using a caddy,at morning breaktime.
He got some help from me and other kids, who were appointed by teachers for their own rooms to go fetch the milk, and collect the empties afterwards, returning same to the designated area in the cellar.

He usually (always} had a unlit stogie clenched between his teeth.

Had a great sense of humor....teasing teachers or a kid. [probably not acceptable-unfortuneately- in this day and age, sure to generate a parent complaint or two]

My four siblings-[older and younger than me]- also went to one point all five in attendance.

Great teachers.....during the Great Depression they took money out of their own pockets-[I found out belatedly]-to pay for the milk for kids whose families couldn't pay; something like .05 cents a pint; and also paid for supplies needed for kids to complete a project.
Usually bought at the 05 & 10 cent store in Magoun Square.

Will never forget the names of my teachers:

Kindergarten...Ms. Driscoll & Ms. Tancey.
1st Grade......Ms. Maguire
2nd Grade......Ms. Fisher
3rd Grade......Ms. McCarthy
4th Grade......Ms. Griffiths
5th Grade......Ms. Wiseman
6TH Grade......Ms. Barrett
There were two grades at each level.
How I remember the "take and give" between your Grandfather and some of these teachers.
Left everybody, including the students, laughing.

Vice-principal: Ms. Canfield--[ she was the other 5th grade teacher.]
Principal: Mr. Hawthorne.

Other teachers at grade levels;
Ms. Molloy
Ms. DeWire

Biggest happening for the kids...while enrolled at the Bingham;
When we "graduated" from the 1st three grades on the south side of the building, to the 4th, 5th, & 6th grades on the north side.
Each side had its own separate play area.

Also--later years-- took storm windows to be repaired, to your uncle's place on Vernon Street.


I love the story Jimmy


Please fix the incorrect grammar in the title of this story.

James Norton

Otis -

You are obviously not from here. Yes, it is incorrect - but it's supposed to be. Enjoy.



Dear Otis. Please correct this !!!!


Hey Otis are you weird like the Newmanator? You Idiot!

mike bonanno

You're right, being a grandpa is the greatest thing in the world. I have 3 grandchildren and it's great. Mike


Well, I'm choked up. Your grandfather was a wonderful man. My grandfather lived with us until his death, when I was fourteen. I can't imagine what life would have been like without him in our everyday life. We could do nothing wrong, as far as he was concerned.

Sharon Mahoney

What a wonderful, loving tribute, Jim. Thanks.


Jimmy your the best. Somerville used to be a great place to live. Not like to day with all theese yuppie assholes.

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