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February 22, 2008


Ron Newman

I thought Somerville had prohibited billboards citywide, years ago. If you look at old photos of Davis Square, the place used to be full of billboards. No longer.


I don't think changing ages or advertising has any great effect. It is more do to with the drinking culture. The UK has a drinking age of 18, which is not really enforced. However, the have a massive binge drinking culture among young people. The USA has a 21 age limit...but again has a binge drinking culture.

France, Spain and Italy do not have binge drinking cultures like the USA or Northern European cultures.

Kids are always going to drink. It's hard to remember what it was like to be a kid....but kids do it for the same reasons we did it. It is fun.

Ok Seriously

This is the dumbest idea I've ever heard of. You can't legislate education if kids are not getting it in the home. Why not ban all smoking ads? Why not ban all packs of cigs so that kids won't ever see them? Why not try to protect the hell out of kids instead of educate them... probably because we have this idiot as an alderman.

Ok Seriously

Oh, and these kids are drinking it because they're stealing it from their parents. Bad parenting is the problem, trying to hide the existence of alcohol from kids, who are obviously more bright than this alderman was when he was a kid, is insane. Dude, fix the pot holes.

adolescent alcohol treatment

"Of particular concern is the exposure of underage youth to advertising and promotional messages that glamorize alcohol and downplay or ignore risks associated with underage drinking, and tout alcohol as an integral part of becoming an adult" it is right but as of now when you said "alcohol" its very famous specially for the teenagers, i think the best think that we have to do is find the way on how we prevent this kind of alcohol addiction.

by: dick


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alcohol rehab centers

The problem is not on the add but rather the implementation of law against the limitations of alcohol use. One example is driving in the influence of alcohol. There should be punishment for someone doing it enough to deter them from doing so. Next is the age limit, every one at any age can buy liquor drinks from store. The front liners like the seller, bartenders and others should be educated about them not giving alcohol to teenagers. Laws should be implemented as it should be whether who he or she is.

teen alcohol treatment

That was a good idea, I think it is the best thing to do and somehow it is the solution to the problem in alcohol.


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