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February 23, 2008


Ron Newman

Is DiBenedetto running as a Democrat, a Republican, or an independent?

About time

It's about time someone had the guts to challenge the ruling class of Pat Provost, Denise Jehlen, Little Carl and Becky Boohoo. These nuts think they have our communities in their pocket and permission to push a socialist/communist/whacked out agenda in the State House with our blessing! Unless this guy DiBenedetto is Rick Scirocco incarnate he's got my vote. I don't want to see Somerville be the "Havana of the north" any longer. Go DiBenedetto!


DiBenedetto is DOA.

Ron Newman


If you're part of that campaign, you might want to finish the web site before telling people to look at it.


don't look now but a big name from somerville is seriously thinking about running for state rep against sciortino also.


Big names from Somerville should think twice before running losing campaigns for state rep, lest they jeopardize the seats they already hold. The big name from Somerville I heard about also happens to be widely disliked, particularly by voters in 7-1.


Just looked at election results online for ward 7 city race. Looks like it was very close in 7-1 but no contest in other precincts. Looks like a strong candidate to me.


If I am not mistaken Prince Carl just endorsed a candidate in ward 7 and she got a major league beating. Lost by 300. Looks like he might be the weak candidate.


The rumor I hear is that the Mayor's assistant MB is considering a run against Carl. That would be interesting....

Nasty Carl

Here we go with the gay bashing bullshit;

"Sciortino said his only previous interaction with DiBenedetto was when he and his wife contacted him to express their opposition to gay marriage."

That smarmy little one issue peckerhead needs a wake up call. If he thinks beating Vinny "Overeasy" Ciampa was a victory to be proud of he is in dreamland.

Iron Mike

"Nasty Carl"

When you use derogatory terms to refer to ones sexual orientation, that would be gay bashing.

He's worked on many issues than concern all of us including equal rights for all. Please do your research.

Not a Carl Fan beacause he's way tooooooooliberal....wide left extremist

I am not a Carl Sciortino fan. The only reason being, is that he's way to liberal. I am not a Bob Trane fan because I think he's not playing with a full deck. I'd like to see what this DiBenedetto character is all about.

I am a democrat/independent voter and strongly feel that Carl doesn't represent the majority of medford/Somerville voters. I think he's dedicated and works very hard, but doesn't represent my vision of what Somerville and Medford could be.

I hope thease rumors of Bob Trane running for State Rep. get put to rest. He's a nice man, but doesn't have the skills. As much as it would kill me to vote for Carl, i'd probably have to do so over Bob.

If DiBenedetto has the proper support, and is willing to knock on every door twice, he might have an outside chance. With a name like DiBenedetto, he better have alot of money and rely on the elderly because liberals wont vote for him.

Ron Newman

Plenty of liberals vote for people named Capuano and Curtatone, so I don't see an Italian name being a liability by itself. But any challenger needs to make a good case against the incumbent. Campaigning against gay marriage (a dead issue now) will doom anyone running for this seat.


people of ward 7. the major candidate who is set to run against carl is a prominent person in the davis sq area. he/she is not affiliated with the mayors office or bob trane. he/she is a pawerful person who attracts both sides of the isle.


EARL, you got me. I just don't see Carl facing any serious challenger: also, the "he's too liberal" nonsense doesn't work in a district dominated by Democrats. Even our Republicans become Democrats..sheez.

Any anti-marriage candidate like DiBenedetto will get trounced. Carl can raise $100K if need be: check the public records to see what he raised last time as an underdog.

To Iron Mike

"Nasty Carl"

"When you use derogatory terms to refer to ones sexual orientation, that would be gay bashing.

He's worked on many issues than concern all of us including equal rights for all. Please do your research.

Posted by: Iron Mike | February 25, 2008 at 07:18 PM"

Since when calling someone nasty gay bashing? That's a pretty lame excuse.......Carl is nasty just look at the nasty things he did in the ward 7 alderman elections.

Get a life!

Co-Ed Carl

From the Harvard Crimson:


Tufts Students Agitates for Co-Ed Dorms

Published On 3/10/2000 12:00:00 AM


Contributing Writer

Tufts University last week rejected a pilot plan for coeducation dorms that it had been considering for several months. The university had considered testing the idea with 10 co-ed rooms.

Carl Sciortino, former co-chair of the Tufts Transgendered, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Collective (TTLGBC), has been pushing for co-ed rooms at the school, arguing that same-sex dorm rooms discriminate against gay students by forcing them to live in sexually tense environments where they may face homophobia.

He said the administration ought to respect the wishes of gay students.

"They want to choose who their roommates are," he said.

But administrators said logistical difficulties made the proposal difficult to implement.

"We're a very diverse university and we get a lot of special requests regarding housing," Cindy Pollard, Tufts' director of public relations, told The Boston Globe. "If we do this, all the others will claim that we're doling out special favors. People are always making requests based on lifestyle, medical conditions, living habits. It would open floodgates."

Students said they believed Tufts might also fear the reaction of parents and others.

"The university is largely being cautious about the wider perception that comes along with offering co-ed rooms," Judith Brown, coordinator of the Tufts University Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered Resource Center, told The Globe.

"They're worried about how parents will react if they hear their daughter can move in with her boyfriend," she said.

But Tufts junior Lloyd E. Park said he thinks that parents can be involved in a student's choice to live with a member of the opposite sex.

"I don't think parents would mind," he said. "If parents are involved in students' lives, they can be part of the decision. The option should be there."

Tufts senior David A. Rosenberg says he thinks the details of the plan could be worked out.

"Any complications can easily be dealt with if you're circumspect when planning your program," he said.

Some Tufts students said they would like the administration to re-consider their decision at a future date.

"It is an option that should be explored, but not letting it go through this year was a good idea," sophomore Johannah M. Krueger said. "It seemed too unclear to happen this year. It's something that they should keep working on."

Most Tufts students support the idea of co-ed housing, but have not been actively fighting for the plan, Krueger said.

"People should be able to choose their own roommates," junior Mithila Pateo said. "I don't see what right the school has to stop you."

Although plans for the pilot program have been turned down, Tufts administrators said the decision does not preclude allowing same-sex rooms sometime in the future.

"I view this as something that can be continued," Tufts Vice President of Arts, Sciences and Technology Mel Bernstein told The Tufts Daily.

Sciortino will continue discussions with the president and the provost of the university on Wednesday.

"I will not accept a closure to this dialogue," he said.

ancient history

So the campaign tactic this year will be to pull out the same ancient trick that Vinny tried? (How\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d that work for him again?)

Maybe if you pulled out some more recent news articles about Sciortino...

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Next stop for Green Line: Somerville\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
Somerville News - 12/6/2007

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"A proposal from Sheriff James V. DiPaola to build a new county jail in Somerville has received outright opposition from State Rep. Carl M. Sciortino\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
Somerville News - 8/2/2007

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"The MCAS reform movement led by State Rep. Carl M. Sciortino is not intended to abolish the test. It is meant to reduce the overwhelming emphasis on standardized testing that currently infects our schools. Instead of scrutinizing test scores, schools must take on the responsibility of educating the whole child and consider test performance as only one factor in a field of many.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"The governor or the legislature must take a serious look at how this high-stakes test is affecting the future of children in communities such as Somerville. They owe them at least that much.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"
Somerville News - 2/23/2008


Hey ancient history, wasn't Carl just on the top of the Globe or Herald's list for least efficient rep? I think it said he missed the most votes and was basically a do-nothing bum. I've seen nothing from this guy. He is useless. Time to give this fool the boot!

Ron Newman

No. The Herald listed him solely for his position on MCAS.


it will be a tough election this year and very expensive.


Again EARL, you are simply in the wrong district. No one in Somerville or Medford wants to see our State Reps pandering to the other "side of the isle." Sorry, but your "pawerful" candidate who has yet to emerge is simply in the wrong district.


a prominent candidate can raise and spend between 150,000 -200,000 to run against carl.wait and see who it is..


Alrighty EARL, time to put up or shut up. You're starting to get boring.


watch and see. you progressines will be shocked


watch and see. you progressines will be shocked

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