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February 01, 2008



The Mayor & JN are right on! Keep up the good work

The school committe should be appointed by the mayor

Why does Mary Jo always have a puss on her face? I agree with JN, it should be appointed! Lets face it, what do they do? I agree with Baur!


Why do I get the idea you guys would be singing a completely different tune if (God forbid) Rebekah Gewirtz was Mayor?

Just sayin'.


She would never be Mayor. The loony left is on the run my friend Tricky.


That's not the point.

The point is if anyone in your disfavor was mayor, the shoe would be on the other hand, and you (or whoever) would be perfectly happy with an elected school committee.


While I usually agree that it's always better to elect than appoint, when it comes to the school committee it really is a little different. Ed Reform in Massachusetts took away ALL of the school committee's power. They have ONE job and that is to hire, fire, and evaluate the Superintendent of Schools. Everything else is in the hands of the Superintendent. They can suggest things and advise, and make demands, but they're just flapping their gums. They have no authority to hire or fire teachers, create the budget, or even create the curriculum. What is the point? We're paying lots of money (and I'm sure most of them stay there till they can collect city retirement $ also) so they can sit there and tell us what is going on at the Kennedy School or the Healey School. It's a waste of time and money in my opinion. They like to hear themselves talk, and that's about it.

Ron Newman

I'd just as soon keep the elected committee, regardless of who is mayor. More democracy is better than less democracy.


Vote/Appoint you hit the nail on the head - a waste of $, regardless of who the Mayor is.

Ron Newman

Do you want to not have a School Committee at all, or do you want an appointed committee that does not receive any pay?


when it happens the BOA will never vote in the affirmative.

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