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February 12, 2008


Spell and spell again

Could you please fix the headline? "Bully's" is not the plural of "bully". The article spells it correctly.

Felicia Donovan

Great article, Keith and a reminder to all parents that social networks like MySpace and Facebook are the new "virtual playgrounds" for our children and need to be monitored just as closely. These sites are, for the most part, self-policed, but often poorly and more often after the psychological and social damage is done.

Felicia Donovan

loving it

I love

Stop Whining!

Why do people have to whine about everything? Now they are whining about ONLINE bullying! Wake up, idiots, how can little characters on a screen been characterized as bullying? It's all in your head, folks. You need to go to a political correctness detox clinic.
Obviously, physical bullying is dangerous and can kill. Smaller kids cannot fight back. But online "bullying", if anything, is a way for smaller kids with a brain to have some fun and fight back against the big jocks who torment them in real life!
Jamie, could you please not allow articles this stupid to be posted here?


If you look at the YRBS survey done at the schools in Somerville, you be VERY surprised at the number of studets who are bullied everyday. Whether it's physical torment or mental online tormet, it's the same to a young person.

Some actually fear their for their lives. If you look at the number of students who thought about hurting themselves due to perceived violence, I think you'll think twice about calling cyberbullying anything but a real threat to our youth.

Here's the link to the survey results in the High School in 2006:


Here's the link to the Middle School survey from 2007:

I know you

To Stop Whining:

You are a type of poster. We all know your type. You always say the exact type of thing you said above. You're easy to dismiss because that is what you always say, and you really don't think about anything. So - when you put some thought into a post, then maybe people will respond to what you write. Until then - we'll just assume that you view any concern about a vulnerable population as whining, and you can just take the year off.

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