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February 08, 2008


Solh Zendeh

I'm not sure how they are going to prevent gentrification. The green line extension is going to make living in Somerville *a lot* easier. The solution to gentrification - if there is one - is not to stop making places nice to live.

Parking issues should only be a problem if they don't mark the current streets surrounding the stops resident only.

One thing that might make sense is to set aside a stop for commuters - like on the rt 16 line or something. Build a parking lot there and make it impossible for car commuters to park at the other stops. Not really sure if there is room for that, but if so, it might prevent some of the traffic/parking issues people are nervous about.


Solh, exactly. If they build a parking (Park n' Ride) lot off route 16 - then the parking issues go away. Resident only stickers would help too. Not a big deal. Let's roll with the GREEN LINE!

My home values in this city are speaking to me and they're saying "CHA-CHING!!!!"

Charlie D.

I think the solution to parking is resident-only parking near the stations (or 2-hour meters on main streets for local business patrons). I don't really think there's room for a park-and-ride lot, but that's ok. Not all lines have one. For example the B and C lines have no park-and-ride at any point along them. The important thing is to ensure bus connectivity to the green line stations. That is really the best way to feed riders onto the line (in addition to walking and biking of course). There should definitely be bike parking at all the stations.


“We're very concerned that this doesn't gentrify Somerville."
This must be the most idiotic quote I have ever seen...yeah we don't want Somerville to be a nice place to live. Great idea. Besides most of Somerville already is gentrified...and the better for it as well.


Not gentrify Somerville?? As a homeowner, I say bring it the heck on! Given that property values are declining all around the country, the news that something is likely to prop ours up is fabulous. Keeping values growing in our area decreases foreclosures, encourages high occupancy levels, and ensures that our community has a revenue growth path as state local aid falls.

Also, from a practical day to day point of view, I'm thrilled about the Green Line. Our house is in the area between Ball Square and Davis and I work near Lechmere. I would LOVE to be able to hop on the Green Line and have a straight shot to work. Right now I drive, because by the time I walk to Davis, get on the Red Line, and then walk from Kendall to Lechmere, I've spent about 45 minutes and I can drive to work in 15. I'll happily be one of the cars that gets off the road. We might even sell one of our two cars.

Bring it on.


I don't think Medfordites can keep the Green Line extension from being a reality, but they can keep the stations out of their city (like Arlington did with the Red Line extension). Looks like the terminus might be in Somerville anyway at Rte 16.


“I think we need to look at the demographics so we can understand who the station will serve,”

What an idiotic quote. You need a long-winded study to determine who is going to use the Green Line and its stations?!
Quit arsing around and just the build the thing already!


Couldn't agree more. Further, the focus on the stations should, call me nuts, perhaps be around finding a company that can come up with some sort of revolutionary cost saving design that wouldn't chew up too much of the overall budget.

File Under: Do you think anyone in charge of anything in the Commonwealth learned a damn thing from the Big Dig?

Answer: As Bob from Bob's Discount Furniture used to say ---- "I Doubt It!"


I would love to see Somerville become much more gentrified so anything that helps to get us there is a plus. I'm very excited about the Green Line.

Ward 3 Voter

a quote from judy garland from the movie meet me in st. louis. the trolley song


Fat City Citizen

“We're very concerned that this doesn't gentrify Somerville."

There's no mystery as to why the Somerville Community Corp is concerned about gentrification: they're afraid it might put them out of business.

Somerville has already built more than its quota of subsidized housing as required by the state, but SCC keeps asking for more. That's only way the SCC folks can keep getting their very fancy salaries, but what's good for SCC may not be good for the rest of us.

Most subsidized housing fans live in West Somerville, far from where SCC puts their large-scale projects, but people who live near SCC's housing know all too much about the drugs, assaults and frequent calls to the police and EMTs at all hours.

Ron Newman

Gentrification increases demand for subsidized housing, as people get priced out of market-rate housing. I see no reason gentrification would put SCC out of business.

Fat City Citizen

Gentrification has several negative effects from SCC's point of view. First, as property values rise, it is more expensive for SCC to acquire property to be converted into subsidized housing. As a "cheap" town adjacent to a wealthy one like Cambridge, there is indeed more demand for subsidies. If Somerville was more like (say) Arlington, then Everett and Chelsea would fill a larger share of the regional demand for subsidized housing.
Second, as a neighborhood has more long term residents who own their own homes, SCC knows there will be more pushback against plans to bring in subsidized housing occupants and the problems that accompany them.
Finally if the city as a whole gets more revenue from property taxes, it is less dependent on the programs that force poorer towns to take on burdens like subsidized housing that more the affluent towns don't want. If the City of Somerville had more real tax income, instead of always chasing after grants, it'd have a much greater ability to plan its own future, and that might not include as big a role for SCC.

Solh Zendeh

I'm not clear on what the merits are of low income developments vs something like section 8... Seems to me that a program like section 8 allows lower-income families to more fully participate in the rental market, and discourages the kind of ghettos that Fat City Citizen has described.

Ron Newman

Here's a YouTube video about gentrification in Somerville, made by local residents involved with Save Our Somerville.


This is a funny clip... Seeing that steroid-inflated Matt McLaughlin and his buddies whine about gentrification (a complex word they must have just added to their vocabulary)! Man, Matt boy, if you had spent more time studying, instead of spending your time stroking it, now you'd have a decent job and you could afford a single home on Albion St.
These idiots are basically saying that Somerville should be a slum so that their loser friends and the poor immigrants can afford living here. If some idiot makes 3 children and then they cannot afford to raise them, why should I, or anyone else, have to pay for it? What an f*ing bunch of retards.

Implant is a coward

I'm tempted to ignore your comment (and I would if the moderator here would just delete it) but I do feel the need to point out that the McLaughlin's are a good family who I have never heard attack anyone personally. In fact they are all very involved in their community and you may disagree with some of their stances but you should do it respectfully just as they would with you. I don't need to attack you because you have made it clear just what your character consists of by going on a blog anonymously and attacking someone who, as far as I can tell, has done nothing to you. I hope you find the help you need.


Well well, what do we have here?... Some anonymous moron, probably from the McLaughlin family, bitching about anonymous users on this site. What's YOUR name, pussy? That silly video showed clearly a sign saying "Kill a yuppy", and there was nothing in the video saying anything against it. As far as I can tell, this video is instigating people to murdering new Somervillians who are making more than minimum wage. It should be reported to the authorities. Mr. Newmann should be ashamed for having posted the link. Have a good night, Matt beef boy.


When someone requires other people to pay for their lifestyle choices, they should expect that demand to be countered and should expect to be judged. If they make their choices and take responsibility for them, and don't expect handouts or subsidies for them, then only in that case should they be free from judgement.

True Conservative

Yeah, I watched that video too. Amateurs should really think twice before releasing to the public something so cretinish. If these idiots want to make a point, fine, do some serious and balanced interviewing, instead of just showing 3 random people who don't know what goes on in Somerville because they don't read this online piece of garbage. And, I agree, showing that sign about killing yuppies, in the context of the video, could certainly be construed to imply that the makers of the video agree with that. I think Mr. JN should take down that link, before somebody creates trouble. To Matt: why should we give a damn about that family of 5 (or whatever) who could not afford to stay on Albion St? Why should the guy who moved in be the target of your hate?
If you are a loser, and want to remain one, that is only your fault, don't blame others.

Albion St yuppy

Dear all, I believe I may be the person mentioned in that videoclip. I don't think I've done anything to anybody around here. Actually, my neighbors like me and we have a great relationship. I donate to various funds in Somerville. I volunteer to teach kids in the city. I vote. I tend to spend my money in Somerville shops. I don't have a car, so I don't contribute to that kind of pollution. I don't hate anybody, but if somebody attacks me for no reason, I can fight back, I'm not relatively well off just by luck, trust me.
I challange ANY of the long-time residents to compare what THEY are doing for the city, when all is said and done, with what I (and other people like me) have been doing in the relatively short time I have been here. I believe that they would come up short.


Open the floodgates.

To: Albion St yuppy

"I challange ANY of the long-time residents to compare what THEY are doing for the city, when all is said and done, with what I (and other people like me) have been doing in the relatively short time I have been here. I believe that they would come up short."

That is a remakable quote from someone who has lived here a short time. I could think of hundreds of Somerville residents from the 1950's up until the present who have made more contributions to this city than you. So stop implying that you are the "Second Coming". Who do you donate to? The PDS? The Arts? Give me a break.

During this upcoming summer why don't you, as many Somerville residents have, walk into Kelly Park and strike up a conversation with the kids that hang there and talk to them about how to get off of drugs or how to apply to college. That is what is needed around here, adults showing the way out of trouble and into the classroom.


I like how you capitalized ANY and THEY, it sounds a lot like "them against us".

Ron Newman

"ANY of the long-term residents" would include such people as Joe Curtatone, Mike Capuano, the late Joe Mackey, and Joe Lynch. Not to mention all the teachers and firefighters and business owners who grew up in Somerville and remain here.

It would be presumptuous for any new resident, 'yuppy' or not, to claim to have done more for the city than these folks. It's also arrogant and unattractive.

Ron Newman is the illest

Wow Ron. Way to lash out. I'm starting to like you after all. In fact I never had any reason not to like you (you are eminently reasonable on this message board and often ignore some of the lower attacks on your character). It's just that once you proudly stated that you had written for the Somerville Community News I had images of a flag burnin', free lovin, commie scumbag running through my mind. Sorry Ron, maybe you're ok after all. By the way, have you ever burned a flag?


True Conservative - Matt McLaughlin and his brothers founded Save Our Somerville,
a group that has worked hard to unite Somerville, East & West. I have personally witnessed their good efforts.

I'd say YOU are the loser, not Matt McLaughlin!


It is laughable to suggest that just because you have lived somewhere for a long time, that you should be entitled to special privileges. I would like to think that people volunteer in the community because they want to help other people, not so that they can turn around and say "ok now I am entitled to XYZ."

No matter how long you have lived in an area you are not invested unless you bought property. People have this funnay idea that house prices keep going up and areas keep improving but there are countless examples of areas in Boston and other cities that were great areas and then went down the plughole. If you rented you could just cut and run. If you owned in those areas then you couldn't sell, or had to sell for a loss and had negative equity. If you were one of those long time Somerville residents that owned property in Somerville you could cash in....and many have. Someone is selling to these "yuppies."

Fat City Citizen: You hit the nail on the head. Everybody wants subidized housing until its on your doorstep. The it's a different matter. You can bet it wouldn't be put on Fed Berman's house on Cherry Street near Porter Square!!

I just don't undertsand the SOS whining about gentrification. I lived in a certain area that was a traditonally working class in a large city. I lived there for 22 years, when I left houses were going for over $500,000. I could never afford to buy in my old area. If I cannot afford to live somewhere I want to live, then I either figure out what I can do to get a better job to earn more money, or I move somewhere I can afford. I don't whine that I should be given subsidized husing or push back against people who have moved into the area. The point with sub housing is that someone is always picking up the tab, wheether it is taxpayers, or the person paying above market price for a property because the developer wants to pass on the cost of being forced to put affordable hosuing in the development.

Take responsibility for your decisions. Stay in school. Go to university, go to grad school, learn a trade, improve yourself. Then maybe one day, with a little luck, and a lot of hard work, you can own a nice property in a nice nabe.

People trying to fight back against gentrification are like King Canute trying to hold back the tide.


Let us all thank Mayor Joe for delivering up for our fine city. He is truly the best Mayor - hands down - this city has ever seen.


Let us all thank Mayor Joe for delivering up for our fine city. He is truly the best Mayor - hands down - this city has ever seen.

Matthew McLaughlin

I wouldn't have known about my good name being besmirched if it weren't for the catcalls of "beefcake" I get walking down the street. So I figured I should clarify things.
First thing first: I have never used steroids, and after the congressional hearing I believe the world shall know the truth. I'm 100% natural baby.

That is about it. I don't feel the need to respond to hypocrites claiming that we are "whining." Whining is what people who do nothing do, like those who go on blogs and criticize others. I don't need to explain to people who don't know me the services I have rendered to both this city and this country.

Have fun with your silly little blog, children.


Good for you, Matt.
Keep up the good work ;)

Ron Newman

I doubt that's really Matt, but I do agree that he doesn't deserve to be slimed.

Mickey Finn

Its Matt, alright, and everybody should give a good listen to what he says. I know the McLaughlin family very well, all of them, and the idea of some lame brained jackass coming onto a blog and insulting for trying to help their community is revolting. Matt McLaughlin, who has just returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq, has always been there for his community, trying hard to help fix the problems that are going o in his community, while people like you use the internet, like so many other low-lives do, to spit on his good deeds and insult his entire family. What have you done? Have you done anything other than whine on a blog like a sixteen year old? You make me sick.

Steve McLaughlin

I am Steve McLaughlin, Matt's brother, and the director of the video in question. When I mad the video when I was sixteen in a summer youth program at SCAT for a project, I had no idea years later it would be the subject of any kind of controversy. I have to admit my amusement at the idea that a five minute video project that I did would incite so much anger in grown men, that people possibly twice my age would be claiming that I made some kind of hate video to provoke violence against any certain group. While you can criticize the film making ability of a sixteen year old, I have my own criticisms to deliver to my young self, please don't use it as a reason to insult my brother or any other member of my family, as they were simply the mistakes of a youngsters underdeveloped film making skills. So please, refrain from attempting to degrade my families name, and try to exercise a little maturity with what you post.

happy jack

Matt, maybe if you had spent more time hitting the books, instead of pumping iron you might be able to afford a nice condo in Somerville. You made your bed, now lie in it.

Danny McLaughlin

I'm reading some of the nice things some very nice people wrote about my family. For a bunch of people who don't actually know us, some people sure do have a lot to say. All I have to say to you is, let's do lunch, we can talk face to face about the issues facing our beloved community. This is my real name and real email. Much love to all the haters.

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