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February 04, 2008



Joey Cakes as you sit before the mouse trap eating your doritoes remember that the mouse may be bigger than you think, like the comercial on the superbowl show!


Some of the comments made here by the mayor illustrate just what is wrong with government. The only way to keep costs under control is to cut spending. You can't just continue to increase your expenditures, then go back to the taxpayers for more and more money. Guess what - the well is dry! My heat rarely goes above 66 degress. Why? Heating costs are high and if I turn it up to 72 I have noone to whom I can turn to pay the added costs. Government needs to learn to work the same way. While most people struggle to pay their (approx. 50% of actual cost) health care premiums, cities and towns pay 90% of employees' health care costs and want the taxpayers to supplement it. I know that this benefit is 'in their contract', but it shouldn't be. It's not responsible to have such a huge expense which is uncontrollable in city employees' contracts. Government spending is completely out of whack to the economy and that is what is driving the wedge.....between politicians and taxpayers! All of the politicians tell people what they want to hear, i.e. 'I'll institute Universal Health Care'. All you need to do is look at today's reports of the Massachusetts version of Universal Health Care to know that this is NOT going to work. Wake up, Joe, and the rest of the politicians. It's not the state's job to pick up the slack when cities and towns spend beyond their means. I can't wait to see the societal devestation caused when - if ? - the state sets up 3 gambling casinos to pay THEIR bills. It's like a house of cards!


As noted above, we have situations where local government and state budgets are massively out of control. If you are spending too much, you cut out non-essential items and tighten your belt. However, government never does that. Since the Great Society programs of the 1960s government intervention and spending has increased enormously. We need to take a long hard look at cushy state and local government jobs with their enormous healthcare costs and retirement after a measely twenty years. Given life expectancy these days, that means you could retire at 40 and have the taxpayer finance the next 40 years of your retirement!! What planet are these people living on????

Ron Newman

But what are we willing to call 'non-essential'? Snow plowing? Keeping Foss Park and Trum Field in good condition? Rebuilding the East Somerville Community School? The Green Line extension? These things all cost money.

Get a Life

Mr. Newman, please get a life! It was stated very clearly above that there are thousands of dollars spent every day in our governments (local, state, and federal) on unnecessary, wasteful programs, and perks and benefits for government officials and employees. Noone said anything about cutting snow plowing (in fact, things like that are a scare tactic of the left: 'if you don't vote to raise taxes we'll have to eliminate special education programs or stop providing services to the elderly'.). Have you never heard of the multi-million dollar 'bridge to nowhere' in Alaska? Get real and do some research beyond blue mass group or the latest 'books' by Al Gore or Al Franken.

Ron Newman

I thought we were talking about Somerville, not Alaska. I don't know of any unneeded bridges being built around here.


Did I hear the Maya flip flopping on who he is thrusting his support too on the Presidential level? Not 4 days ago he was hedging towards Hilary Clinton. At least that is what he was stating to VB from Fox News at Kelly’s Diner. In less than 3 days and 8 minutes on Local TV, he’s’ changed his mind. He is just like the weather, constantly changing to fit the occasion.

A politician true to form.

You got a nickel I he will give you a cent.

Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes.....USA, Massachusetts, Somerville, same thing, just progressively smaller projects and dollars. And I believe the story was about the PRESIDENTIAL election. I don't think that will affect only Somerville. Let's discuss substance, not minor grammatical issues or semantics!


Have you been paying attention, Mayor Joe? Edwards dropped out last week (unless of course the third candidate you are talking about is Mike Gravel, LOL).


Have you been paying attention, Mayor Joe? Edwards dropped out last week (unless of course the third candidate you are talking about is Mike Gravel, LOL).

Ron Newman

Most likely the Mayor submitted this article before Edwards dropped out.

it *is* funny

My reading of the Mayor's article is that he hopes despite our various leaders backing different candidates it wont scupper the Municipal partnership (ie: money for cities and towns). DiMasi wont let most of Deval's ideas get out of committee and it will be the citizens who pay the price if a grudge is held. I'm not saying that all of the Governor's ideas are great, but they deserve to be debated.

Yorktown Street

The Mayor is not the only one who's gone back and forth this election season. I know I have. Usually, I take comfort in the fact that the Mass. primary doesn't mean anything anyway, and so I vote for the person who's closest to my position on the issues--whether or not she or he has a chance to win. This year is different. I plan to give my vote to Obama because he is bringing people into the political process who never saw a reason to take part before. But I honestly don't know whether he or Clinton is the better bet to win the White House, or who would do a better job once they got in there.

Everything Old is New Again

"DiMasi wont let most of Deval's ideas get out of committee"
"I'm not saying that all of the Governor's ideas are great, but they deserve to be debated."
It's funny, but in the past when there were proposals made by the governor, or even by the electorate (i.e., ballot initiatives) and the speaker wouldn't let them be debated or voted on, it was considered a great thing. Now people are upset. It really does matter which side of the fence you're on, I guess. In fact, I specifically remember when the legislature, BY LAW, was to take a vote on same-sex marriage and Deval Patrick advised them NOT to take a vote. My, my, how times change.......'together we can'!


Joe Cakes is just a jock gone bad. It happens frequently, when people with a big ego and not so much gray matter acquire a little power. They imagine themselves as the next big mafia boss, dealing in the background with the other big boys.

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