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February 06, 2008


Girls ignored

Once again the Somerville High's girl's basketball program gets no mention for their outstanding year. The varsity has a chance to go all the way. The Junior varsity is playing well and the Freshmen team is now undefeated with a record of 12-0.

The girl's sports programs always don't receive their due..........can you say.....DISCRIMINATION!


What are the implication of the owner's death for the Hacienda restaurant and the parking lot it owns on Ward Street? Will it stay as is or will the children sell/develop?

To girls ignored

I don't think that the girls basketball program can claim that they have ever been ignored. For years you heard only about the girls, never the boys. .Perhaps if the girls GBL had any competition at all winning games would mean something. As it is even a really medicore team (overall) as this years' girls team can beat most of the GBL. Even former powerhouse Cambridge has dropped down a notch this year. The boys have to work for most every win. Put the girls team against any Merrimack Valley team and watch what happens!!

Tank Girl

It's because the town is governed by sexists pigs. They pay lip service to women's issues, but in reality they could not care less.


To: (To Girls Ignored)

These are young girls we're talking about; they are in this for the love of the game, and (if things are the way they were in my day) they are also maintaining an acceptable grade point average, to be able to stay on the team.

It's not the fault of the Somerville Girls' basketball team that they don't have any stiff competition. A win is a win; they deserve congratulations, and their accomplisments should be mentioned. It seems that, unless someone is the parent of a female student athlete, they cannot get excited about girls' organized sports. That's unfortunate, because just like young men, these young women are the future, and they deserve our attention and support.

shs fan

Why pit the girls teams against the boys when it comes to high school athletics. All of the athletic teams and the student athletes deserve as much publicity and praise as they can possibly get. This school year has been the best for SHS athletics in a long time. The football team had a winning record. The boys soccer team made the tournament for the first time in awhile. Girls soccer had their best season ever. Boys cross-country won the GBL. Boys basketball is doing very well and will be in the tournament. Girls basketball will win the GBL outright.(not sure why the Merrimack Valley being a stronger league should take anything away from the accomplishment of our girls). Boys and girls indoor track teams are both having great seasons. The boys hockey team is having their best season in at least ten years. Keep up the good work! Anything that the Somerville News does to recognize our student athletes and our teams is a worthy venture.

SHS Girls

When I wrote the post "Girls Ignored" I was alluding to the fact that the newspapers in this town seem to forget that girls actually play sports. The girls varsity team get a little "print" but when it comes to the other sports they play they seem to get no coverage or just a "footnote" at the bottom of a sports column.

She Fan; No one's pitting the girls against the boys. Girls just deserve the same amount of attention that the boys get. Simple as that.

shs fan

I agree with you 100%. My main point was that all the athletic teams, boy and girls, deserve much more than they get from all of the local newspapers!


SHS Fan - I agree with your points, also.


For once, I agree with Kate too. There should be more promotion of Sports all around. Boys and girls.

Larry Liberal

maybe we all should complain about the two bozos that braodcast the girls games. They're an embarassment to the city and the the girls. Grow up. They make the games a joke, so why do you want any other media to be serious.

Bobby Calautti

To Larry Liberal:

Larry, my name is Bob Calautti. I am one the "bozos" you speak of. Thanks for the comment by the way. Why don't you ask the Somerville Girls Basketball Varsity team players, coaches, and parents if Jim and I are bozos or an embarrassment to the City. Better yet, why don't you come down to the Brune Field House for a game and talk to me about it.

Bobby Calautti

Bobby Calautti

The 0708 Somerville High School Girls Varsity Basketball Team is having a great year. They will win the GBL. Congrats girls! They deserve credit.
The Journal does not have the greatest sports coverage but the Girls do get mentioned almost every week.

shs fan

Those "bozos" have made watching girls basketball very entertaining over the years. I think they have contributed greatly to the tradition of winning the girls have enjoyed during the past several years. Theres nothing wrong with putting a little fun into high school athletics. Keep up the good work Bob and Jim. Your dedication to the girls basketball team and the other sports you announce are appreciated by the vast majority of Somerville sports fans.

Bob and Jim

Bob and Jim may be a little eccentric, but the girls love them. All the way from the Somerville Pride Teams to the Varsity level. There dedication to girls basketball is tremendous and entertaining. If it wasn't for them the girls program would probably be more irrelevant to the sports pages in this town.

Captain Arlington

can't we all just get-a-long?

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