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February 20, 2008



Hey Maryann why don't you just call Joey Cakes for a vehicle? he is a very good used car man as he showed when giving away (no pun intended)a very good used car, sorry I should say selling!

Ron Newman

If you like the way that I-93 disconnects Assembly Square and Ten Hills from the rest of Somerville, you'd have loved the Inner Belt.

Just imagine an elevated expressway coming down from Sullivan Square, slicing off the eastern edge of Union and Inman Squares. Add to that an extension of Route 2 from Alewife through Porter Square to meet the Inner Belt at Union Square.

Somerville would not be a desirable place to live if these roads had been built.


That's some serious revisionist history on the Inner Belt right there by the News.

A few thoughts~~

~Hey, I know a good mechanic who would be THRILLED to have a good, stable, city job fixing fire trucks. And he'd be so happy to have the job he wouldn't mind driving his own vehicle around for 3 or 4 miles a day in a city the size of Somerville! Let's give him 3 or 4 extra dollars a week to cover the gas, and he should be good to go. I wonder who this employee is, my guess is he's 'connected'!
~Thanks to the Somerville News for printing the Beacon Hill Roll Call, more people need to pay attention to that sort of thing, rather than election-time rhetoric. Will it appear online as well?
~Thanks also for the plug (and reminder) about the Somerville Youth Peace Conference. Kudos to Teen Empowerment, and Danny McLaughlin and clan for putting it together.
~Home Depot, Assembly Square is listed as THE most profitable Home Depot location in the country! And by the way, most chains in the city DON'T contribute to fundraisers and community organizations. It's the small, locally owned businesses that do!

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa)

It should be a good take in 7 if Trane gets in. Carla will have her hands full!


Teen Empowerment does do good work. Good thing the Queen, Prince, and rest of the progressives get them $$ from the state budget every year to fund all that good work, huh?

Smarty Pants

maybe the fire guy can put the 100 gallons of diesel fuel his work truck carried in his back seat, and his tool box strapped into his kids carseat. Another shot at the fire dept. Thanks concerned citizens of Somerville.

Stop the Clock!

Noting for nothing, Somerville is what, 2-3 square miles? They make it sound like this Fire mechanic has to drive hundreds of miles a day in an emergency status! He's only doing preventive maintenance from station to station at a regular 8-5 work schedule, not rescuing the Space Shuttle! Give the guy a halfway decent extra DPW truck that's laying around anyway and let him be on his way to do his job! Big Deal! One day at a time! $44,000. can buy a lot of needed stuff for the city! Just try saving some money while your at it!


Shit, Newman goes to work everyday including during snow storms on his bicycle carrying his lunch box, twirling a baton while wearing a chicken suit! He's not bitchen!


They should just give the mechanic a T pass and a bus schedule. I mean Christ, why give him what he needs to get the job done the right way, that only makes too much sense. They can take the $44,000 and buy more flowers to plant up and down the islands on Broadway.....pansies and tulips look lovely this time of year mixed in with the dead grass and road salt.

Thyroid condition! Kev makes me sick!

Thyroid condition! Kev makes me sick!

Hey Kev, don't get mad, it's reality! You mean to tell me the mechanic can't do his job correctly if he's driving a DPW truck? He has to have the $44,000. whip to make his brain click? Do yourself a favor and get a life! You make me sick!


People! People! People!

Let's all relax a minute and try to understand the needs of the fire mechanic.
I understand the truck he uses now is a 1975 Chevy truck that runs on gasoline.
It is very old and not in good shape. Think about how embarrassed he must feel when he commutes from his home in Tewksbury to the scene of a fire in Somerville with a truck that gets 4 miles per gallon @ 4 miles per hour. The new diesel truck will allow him to represent Somerville with pride while chugging down I-93 with lights and siren blaring.

Therefore I ask, where is your pride people? Where is it?

Goodbye Mike

We hear there is a very large shipment of rags being delivered to the DPW mechanic shop today but the catch is they won't be used for cleaning up oil, they will be used for MB to wipe his tears away now that his run as union president is officially over.

The lying, stealing and cheating has come to an end with MB being supplanted by the Hawk, now we have someone in there who we can trust and might actually do something to help the employees of the union.

We want to wish MB good luck in finding new ways to scheme the city out of OT, fake "union business" days and all the other tricks he had up his sleeve....

Glad to have you in that seat Hawk, make us proud!


What does that have to do with anything here in this article? Seek some professional help and stay away from sharp objects please.

Guess What

a DPW truck is a great idea, they have the best, newest, up to date fleet in the city. Can MAACO paint over that "we think we live in Winchester" green color. At least we could see the orange trucks parked near the pubs at lunchtime !

special birthday

Last week we celebrated a special birthday.

Monica Lewinsky turned 34.
Can you believe it?! It seems like only yesterday she was crawling around the White House on her hands and knees, and putting everything in her mouth.
They grow up so fast, don't they?

Who's Trowing Those Pies!


O'Donovan stealing ideas and quoting Lynch at a BOA meeting? Say it ain't so Sean.

Pray tell, what did the Rhodes scolar from Ward 5 have to say this time?

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