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February 09, 2008




Great memories (as usual). Remember "Captain Boston"? He used to MC the afternoon kiddy offerings on Channel 56--"That great new channel in town". I can't recall who played him. He reminded me of Adam West. Let's face it; it was campy, low-budget fun... and we loved it! And you're right... Willy Whistle WAS annoying.

Rex Trailer rode a horse in the Memorial Day parade on Highland Ave. last May. He looks fabulous at age 85 or thereabouts. Seeing him go by, you just wanted to yell "BOOM, BOOM, BOOMTOWN!" Heck, I can still here the kids singing the jingle... "Come along kids, cause we're gonna have some fun in Boom, Boom, Boomtown!!!"

I was just recollecting with my brother Mark, who is an Air Traffic Controller about this and thought you might find it of interest...

Back around 1976, when he was first qualifying for his flight data certificate, he was assigned to the tower at Hanscom Field. The controller he worked with there at the time was none other than Billy O'Brien--as in "Sargent Billy"... just in case you ever wondered what his day job was. Mark said he was a cracker jack at separating planes and would occasionally bring his banjo up to the tower.

I was on Bozo once. I was 8 or so at the time. It's amazing how different the show looked from the studio seats, with its concrete floor and backdrops; an early lesson in camera-magic and theatrical backdrops.

Thanks again.


Ward 3 Voter

bozo ha ha ha. how about major mudd, rex trailer, and yes even willie whisltle

dapper dan

Who remembers Bob Gamere and "Candlepins for Cash"? Was it my vivid teenage imagination or did Bob look a little tipsy from time to time...Bowling was big because we also watched the Saturday bowling program starring Don Gillis (is that right?) from "Sammy White's Brighton Bowl"...the best female bowler was Stacia Czernicki (?sp)--you just can't get quality bowling programming anymore...

As a host nobody could hold a candle to Dave Maynard.."Star of the day, who will it be? Your vote may hold the key..."


Quick question (50 Cambriville points for JAR or Jimmy) that came up on the Davis Square LJ: What was in the Caning Shoppe on Elm Street before it was a Rent-a-Center?

Ron Newman

Was it some sort of furniture store? I wish I could remember.


Wasn't it Goff's Auto Parts?

Performance Car Parts

yes it was Goffs actually.


Speaking about Sgt. Billy, I know at one time he worked at the phone company. I know this because he was friends with my uncle who worked there. He even came to my uncle's house after a Paragon Park appearance with Rex Trailer. We were at Paragon Park with Rex Trailer for having a backyard MD carnival? Remember the carnivals?


I seem to remember that Clank the Tin Can Man was an occasional on Bozo, but it sure was long ago. His arms and legs were obscured with flexible dryer ducts and his body was something akin to a galvenized trash barrel. No expense too great in those days!


Hi Jimmy

Great memories. I was on Major Mudd show, and I was also on Bozo. I used to watch Bob Emory and also Boomtow (when he had Pablo before there was Sgt. Billy). Yes I remember Feep, under the costume he was Major Mudd. He did two shows. Also do you remember Captain Bob who was an old seacracker with a sea cap and a beard and he drew pictures for the kids? Captain Bob also had cartoons on.

I grew up in Milton and watched all the Boston shows. Also Romper Room with Miss Jean. Haha. Thanks for the memories.


My father was Clank the Robot as well as General Funn :) I wasn't born at the time, nor an inkling in his eye, but it's great to watch the old shows and see my dad up there in all his glory :)

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