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February 14, 2008



This is unconscionable. Our government knows who they are and where they are but they choose to just 'look away.' They have lost the moral authority to punish any criminal when they so blatantly ignore these millions who have illegally crossed our borders, plundered our resources, and put our culture in the toilet.
Carminati said most of these people earn between 8 and 12 thousand dollars a year. Can anyone guess how much these people took from public coffers in medical, education and judicial expenses? Or how much they cost legitimate businesses that hire Americans and pay a proper wage? People: MAKE NOISE! We must take our country back; we are in the 4th quarter of this game.


States will have to addres this issue, the feds can not deal with it without amnesty. As more and more states take up the issue, then the feds will have to deal with it correctly. Until then the feds will allow us to suffer in this mess.

Richard Boyce

Mr. Carmeneti gets ? percentage of his business from illegals? Could this influence his attitude? I can tell you where some of the money may go. Health care in the form of delivering tens of thousands of illegal's babies. Bilingual social workers, bilingual prison guards, teachers, legal defense people and on and on. Much more than the tax collected.


Since this statement is included "In 2006 1.4 million people used Tax ID numbers when filing taxes, Carminati said most of those people are undocumented immigrants making between $8,000 and $12,000 a year." That means most really don't pay any taxes at this income. In fact many would qualify for earned income credit and get much more back my expense. When you add in the children getting an education at over $8500 per year(nat'l ave) it's clear they are NOT paying in anywhere near what they are costing in social benefits that should be for citizens.

12 Million

So out of the roughly 12 MILLION, and that's a low ball figure, illegal immigrants in this country a little over a million pay taxes. The government probably gets about a two million anually from the ones filing but we shell out billions for the whole lot of them.

Carminati not only received good advertising from this post but is also so full of shit I believe he is "lost in space!"


Lost in space??!! This article shows a lot of ignorance. Obviously the writer and Carminati do not understand how the social security system works. It's not that you pay social security, and some entity is holding that money for when you retire. That money goes to pay those who are receiving retirement income now. That's the whole reason we have a social security crisis coming, because there will be a time when we won't have enough people paying into the system for the amount the system has to pay out. So these undocumented workers may be helping offset that gap, but then again, not really. If they make only as much as $12k, then they aren't paying much into the system. Also, all the social benefits they receive cost tax payers more than they are paying. So tax payers are still losing money, if you want to think of that way.


ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers) return filers are indeed mostly illegal aliens now. They use to be given out mostly to self-employed individuals but now the illegals have caught onto them and use them to get payroll taxes back (including limited earned income CREDITS which actually pay them back MORE than they had taken out in taxes). Although this article is quite distorted (on purpose I'd guess); these illegals are not going to Carminati's office to "pay their taxes", they are filing for "refunds". Their taxes are coming out of their paychecks. They have no choice but to have those witholdings taken from their pay like everyone else. I'm not sure how these illegals got these jobs being so "honest" and all. I-9 documentation requires documents that prove they are legally eligible to work in the country. Their employers are also breaking the law but they know that.

My guess is that 99.9% of Mr. Carminati's business is from illegal alien filers who are getting refunds. I doubt that illegals who OWE taxes would use him to file and then write out CHECKS made TO the IRS. If they OWE, they change names and apply for a new ITIN. Using ITINs to file for refunds will be outlawed soon. The stimulus legislation passed recently
BANNING rebates to those filing returns using ITINs. It's only a matter of time before ITINs will only be used to withold taxes but will no longer be
used for refunds. Mr. Carminati question of "where is the money going"
is laughable. If there were money for his clients being PAID, it's going to build walls on our borders, flights back to their home countries, and for the WAR ON TERROR. Remember, several of the 9/11 hijackers got fake documents and driver's licenses using the illegal alien infrastructure.
Also schools, emergency wards, and city and state services.

The hits to this site must be dwindling a bit and Hassett knows this issue gets his site going.


"fake documents and driver's licenses using the illegal alien infrastructure".

There was a scam at our own Boston RMV, years ago, perpetrated by actual RMV employees, who were also U.S. citizens. There are still states in the U.S. that do not require SSN's to get a driver's license. North Carolina is one.


"fake documents and driver's licenses using the illegal alien infrastructure".

There was a scam at our own Boston RMV, years ago, perpetrated by actual RMV employees, who were also U.S. citizens. There are still states in the U.S. that do not require SSN's to get a driver's license. North Carolina is one.


It's good that you now realize that the illegal alien "community"
which steals identities, sells fake documents to terrorists, and
bribes workers at RMVs around the country (usually
RMV workers who came from the same countries as the illegals)
are a threat to this country's security.

I also wonder if ICE agents will be looking into Caminati's business practices. Check his files and maybe the IRS may want to look into his math.


It's about time we also began to require a valid ID to register to vote, and also when you arrive to vote. The time for this measure of security is long past.
And as an aside, I believe that another reason for the social security crisis are all of the benefits that our government (democrats) keep adding. SS no longer goes only to retirees who have paid into the system, but also to people with disabilities (both real and imagined), survivor benefits, etc.

Ron Newman

Unless IDs are free of charge and very easy to obtain, requiring them in order to vote would constitute a poll tax, something specifically prohibited by the 24th Amendment.


Grog29 - If you are addressing me, we've done this dance before. My eyes have been wide open since the mid '80's; you can't tell me much that I haven't already heard of. Things are further out of control that many realize, and we have our own inept officials to thank for that.


IDs ARE cheap and easy enough for legitimate citizens to obtain. They should be required at voting booths like they are required beer stands at baseball games, movie rental stores, and cigarette selling convenient stores. Only CITIZENS are allowed to vote.

Stop making excuses for the Democrat illegal alien voting fraud NEWMAN.

kate, I'm glad you've come around to the massive problems that illegal aliens are bring to our country with ID theft, credit fraud, and selling documents to terrorists. Welcome aboard the reality train.


I agree. Government issued IDs are cheap enough and easily obtainable. If worst comes to worst, make them free... as long as they are required to vote. If you can read upside down, you can fraudulently vote several times. You just have to point out "your name" on the list they have. How dumb is that?


When I got my MA license recently the cost was almost $100. I had to provide proof of my citizenship (US Passport), proof of residency in several ways (utility bills, bank statements, signed lease, etc) and surrender my out-of-state license. I think there were other requirements, but I'm blanking now.

All that being said, licenses are not cheap. Nor are they easily obtained (although they should have strict requirements for prevention of ID theft).

And for those who think that voter fraud is a bigger deal than vote-counting fraud, wake up. You've been sold a bill of goods to keep you distracted from e-voting glitches, both intentional and unintentional.


Go home Calderone! Take your illegal immigrants with you! Stop engaging in America's politics!


We're talking about photo IDs for the voting booth. Not just driver's licenses. The poorest in this country living off the system can afford IDs. They get plenty of free money from the system. Sometimes it works out more for them than a working stiff.

"MASS IDs" are $15 at the registry.
Adding "Class" sections to them for voting purposes...which would require documentation of citizenship would be easy.

All this can be done easily and cheaply. Stop trying to pimp excuses for that prostitute of yours; illegal alien voting fraud/multiple voting fraud agenda. We are on to you.

Ron Newman

But that pesky amendment to the Constitution says there can be NO poll tax. Not even a $15 one.


It's not a "tax"'s a fee for service idiot. Those that drive pay nothing extra because they already pay for and have the license to use.

Is the 41 cent stamp one has to pay for to mail back one's census
form "or you will be removed from the voting list" a "poll tax"??

You're out of your league again NEWMAN.

Ron Newman

You don't have to mail back your census form. You can also drop it off for free at numerous locations citywide. Maybe even for this reason.

Grog 29

What if someone doesn't live near one of the "drop-off" places?
One is disabled and "it's difffffffffffficult". One's county or city is "a rurrrrrrrrral or spreaaaaaaaad out" area. You're not being very
"acommmmmmmodating to the neeeeeedy".

The stamp requirement would be considered a "poll tax" under your
ludicrous scenario for those people.

What if the "State ID had no charge if it was a seperate 'voting class' ID"?

Would you be for it? Fraud pimp? Or would the "neeeeed to travel to the local RMV be too burrrrrrdensome for the needy and disabled""???


A poll tax!?!?
Are you for real?
Proving your identity and that you're eligible to vote is NOT a poll tax. This is the dream argument of the Democrats. Any silly notion they can think of to make it easier to collect more votes from those not eligible (i.e. illegal aliens). This is the most ludicrous argument I've ever heard, and I think it's a sign of desperation. Let's face it, most people who are here legally already have some sort of ID (drivers license, SS card, passport, school ID, etc.) which would serve as acceptable ID for voting. Noone would have to run out and get an ID so that they could register to vote!
The time is now for requiring identification for the most basic of our rights as citizens, the right to vote, because it's gradually being taken over by those NOT eligible to vote. By the way, have heard lots of anecdotal evidence of voter fraud by Democrats during the recent primary contests.
Surprised, anyone?? (besides Newman, that is)


What about the other 30% this Carmaneti is assisiting who don't pay a dime? He is aiding and abetting a crime and has admitted it! Prosecute this piece of excrement to the full extent of the law!


if you are unhappy with the life you lead, the money you make, the person you married, the children you raised, the government you chose, the life you've lead, the choices you've made, then take some responsibility and stop making scapegoats of the weak, who are you going to go after you no longer have 'illegal' aliens to blame for your faults, the homeless? the poor? if you are a paycheck away from being on the street, it's only due to your own fault. you are no better, you're worse. you've been raised in the richest country in the world, yet you can't try to make a better life with the all that you've got and instead choose to try to build something with what you do not have and blame others when it all vanishes away. people who grew up in poor countries can start a spark at the thought of the need, you on the other hand, can have a second gas stove, all the starter fuel that your vons can provide you with, and still spend 1 hour trying to start a bbcue pit. do you blame the 'illegals' for that too? you should thank god that while at every second spent by you thinking about your daughter's friends tits, there are 'illegals' crossing over. they'll teach you a thing or two about what it means to live. they'll teach you selfish assholes that life is not a club, it's just a stage of trials. you are leaving just as you came, with nothing. so try worry instead about helping yourself become worthy of the air you breath, because to many of us, it's not immigration the problem, it is the excess of loosers and cowards sharing in on our precious Earth oxygen and polluting its water with the lavish lifestyles they cannot afford.


WOW! It is nice to see we don't only have homegrown lunatics here in the 'Ville

PFC Bryan Douglas Heden

there are a few things in this article/comments that really upset me.

one is the fact that all of you are spending your time online bickering instead of out there actually trying to change things.

another is the fact that noone cares that "illegal immigrants" are people looking for a better opportunity. just like my great-grandparents were when they came over from germany. sure, they might have came through legit, but does that mean they didn't have the same type of people trying to stop them [people like all of you].

yet another is the last few comments, specifically; the point that 'newman' is trying to make is that requiring an id to vote would mean that even people that didn't have an id would NOW HAVE TO GET ONE in order to vote. these same people would have been mailing their census forms for [supposably] years. it's something NEW. like a tax.
why would you insult another [i'm hoping] united states citizen by referring to him as IDIOT?

it's not just obvious blue/red politics, it's plain disrespect.

you really need to consider what it is you're all arguing about before you attempt to destroy another's point of view with bigotry. bigotry towards something because it doesn't agree with what you think or say or do.

i'm fighting for you. even though you think you're better than me. just remember that.


PFC Heden - thank you for your service. I think we are talking about ILLEGAL aliens - not LEGAL aliens of generations past. Remember some of these illegals are funding terrorist activities like those IUDS that are blowing up are brave service members.


I prefer immigrants, illegal or legal, over the poorly educated, backwards thinking townies that unfortunately still reside in this otherwise nice little city. All these immigrants are doing is filling a need. If there weren't any jobs and opportunities here for them then they would simply do the best they can in their home countries.

A Proud Townie

"I prefer immigrants, illegal or legal, over the poorly educated, backwards thinking townies that unfortunately still reside in this otherwise nice little city."
This comment, unfortunately, illustrates perfectly why 'us townies' don't like the newcomers, be they yuppie, barney, or whatever else you want to call them. Many of them have a 'we're better than you' attitude which is not conducive to getting along with your neighbors.
But you are right that they wouldn't be here if they couldn't work, however, they are not "filling a need" as you put it. Why do you think so many teens and young adults are having a hard time finding work? Many good jobs have gone to technology, and simply disappeared, but many of the jobs formerly filled by students and teenagers (Dunkin Donuts, for one).

Ron Newman

I'd like to congratulate George Hassett for scooping the Boston Globe by several days. The main headline on this morning's Sunday Globe front page: "More illegal immigrants are rushing to file taxes".


well if you know who these people are or are employing them call ICE tell them you have witnessed them employing illegals and hopefully they will do something they come goto welfare all they have to say is they are illegal and they automatically get welfare, cash, food stamps, masshealth, and are elgible for sec. 8 im sick of the,m saying i pay taxes they are taking right back i was by revere the other day they are pulling up in brand new cars 1 guy had $100,000 mercedes and he was there to pick up his welfare ID its bull shit they dont even have drivers liscences but are driving around in BRand new cars collecting welfare and supposedly paying taxes what they collect far outweigh what they are paying in so called taxes you people better wake up


Dunkin Donuts? I happen to know someone that owns a DD down on the south shore and he says that hiring reliable employees in his biggest challenge. If it wasn't for the immigrant (most from Brazil) community, he couldn't stay in business because teens have no interest in working at his store. And he pays $9 to $12 an hour depending on experience! Again, immigrants come here because there are opportunities for them.

When I refer to "townies" I'm not talking about the many hard working individuals that live here in Somerville, I'm talking about the backwards thinking people (by the way, these people have grandparents that came here from other countries, mostly Italy and Ireland) that blame different color immigrants, politicians and more well-to-do Somerville residents for all of their problems.


They're not "filing taxes", they are "filing returns" for REFUNDS of the money they had taken out of their paychecks (actually more than their deductions as they also claim the Earned Income Credit EIC) illegally paid by their employers for their illegal employment.

So they get more back then they had deducted, more free education at public schools, and free medical care at emergency rooms. The list goes on and on not to mention abuse of our credit systems. How many illegals committed mortgage fraud when they applied for no-doc-no income verification loans for houses? Those products have caused the mortgage industry to collapse and prices to tumble.


thats bullshit about DD i know people who have filled out an application they do not hire you if you are legal they do not want to pay health insurance,disability, etc, with illegals they cut thier expenses no health no overtime come on smarten up there are people who will take these jobs they are to cheap to pay the health insurance and disability insurance for a real worker smarten up


Hey Newman, you stupid jackass!! There is no amendment about poll tax! You must be getting Welfare because you seem to have all day to write your garbage. I bet you are a fat pig! Get a job and a life, you fat lazy loser!!!!

Ron Newman

I bet that most immigrants, even illegal ones, know more about the US Constitution than you do.

Passed by Congress August 27, 1962. Ratified January 23, 1964.

Section 1.
The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay poll tax or other tax.

Section 2.
The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.


and you've already been told that it doesn't apply here.

Tired of It Too!!!

Ok what should we do? I to am sick of seeing our system being drained by illegal's. How do we get our voice to Washington? We vote for the one we think will support our American Ideals only for them to do just the opposite and support only what benefits them and their buddies. We need a grass roots group who will get petitions from every state in this Great USA and hand deliver them to Washington. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hate monger. I know many of the illegal immigrants here do good work. I know a lot of them are cheated of wages by big business. How can or why can't a temporary ss# be issued with a easily obtained work visa so taxes can be collected and paid into the same system we do? And if they over pay they get a refund. AND IF BUSINESS HIRES THEM WITHOUT THE PROPER DOCUMENTATION THE BUSINESS GETS FINED SEVERLY AND DAILY.I sat in the waiting room at a large hospital last week and watched several illegals come and go. I was sitting near the Triage area and could hear the conversations. (yes I speak some spanish)NONE had insurance and NONE paid on arrival or departue. I have insurance and paid my deductible and co pay before I saw even a nurse.We are truly in the last 2 min. of the fourth quarter in this game and WE, AMERICAN citizens better find a way for our voices to be heard in Washington.I believe the USA could wipe out the our debt by collecting income tax from the working part of the 12 + million Illegal's in this country. WE NEED TO UNITE!!!


Ron, this ammendment was meant to stop states from declaring you have to pay a tax to vote. The idea was to prevent poor people from not being able to vote - it did not mean that NO check on voter registration be allowed. You are a complete inbecile if you want the system to remain open to widespread voter fraud (by allowing non-citizens to vote) just so your buttbuddy, Paco-the-Taco, keeps sucking off the public teat. Talk about circumventing the constitution - your way means any non-citizen will be allowed to vote!

We need a national ID card that identifies who is a citizen and who is here on a VISA or work permit (non-citizens). If it means that the gov't provides this ID free of charge to all CITIZENS and makes non-citizens pay a fee - fine by me. No POLL tax that way.

This guy, Carminati, needs his business to be boycotted immediately. ICE should also station an officer right in his front door to verify the immigration status of these immigrants. Carminati should be cooperating with the authorities rather than thumbing his nose at the system to make $75 a pop. What a dick the guy is.

Other things that need to be done:
1. Federal gov't needs to withhold funds from any state/cities that declare they are illegal immigrant friendly (sanctuary city BS). If a city does not enforce the laws of the land they get no money.
2. We - as citizens - need to start reporting all known employers of illegals. If you're working somewhere and you know your employer hires illegals (thereby depressing real wages and skirting the system) then call ICE. Our ICE office is located at:
SAC Boston
10 Causeway Street, Room 722
Boston, MA 02222-1054
Main (617) 565-3100
Fax (617) 565-7422
When you call say you have have proof that someone is actively hiring illegals. You can be anonymous.

Bottom line: let's just enforce the laws as written - it will get a lot less friendly around here and then the illegals will slime off to some other country.


One can also go to and
FAX CONGRESS FOR FREE through their fax buffet board.
They just require a user name and password set-up and
notify you when you can send a new fax to Congress.
You can send the fax as writtten by NumbersUSA and also add a P.S. with your own words. Then click and it gets faxed to your representative's Washington office.

It's an easy way to become active on this issue and sites like it were the ones responsible for the crash and burning of last summer's amnesty.


the "illigal immigrant" business is a real red herring. as soon as anyone wants to do something about it, they can fine and otherwise penalize businesses and individuals that hire undocumented workers. stop the jobs and you will stop the flow of people who are thrilled to take them and willing to work hard for low wages. it's that simple.

if you really think that dunkies is full of illegal workers and won't hire teenagers, report em.


How could you ppl sit here and talk so poorly about "illegal immigrants"? America is a free country where anybody can be and do anything they want and put theyr minds to. Illegal immigrants didnt take anything from anybody people simply didnt want does things. Lets face it people dont want to work hard but now that they see how this people are surviving on minimum wage you people want to complain and say ohh theyr taking over our land. All you guys relly want to do is find a blame for why the economy is doing so poorly because you voters out there dont want to take the blame for voting for some unfit president so you pick on the weakest species the species that because of fear wont shout to you and say stop i had enough. And another thing the goverment isnt waisting money on bilingual social workers and teachers because theyr not teaching them spanish this people learned it because they wanted or have spanish in their blood. Because of this persons unclamed taxes our country has not fallen to the grown. Take a minute and think about it what do you really think they do with does 8 billion dollars they wait for the dream like does working "people" do? No they use it for something..... like walfare for people that need it or simply for people that dont want to work and take advantage of it. Medicaid aswell! This peole try to stay out of the way as much as they can they just want to live life like any other person and dream everyday of becoming one of us. An american citizen with right and a voice to speak out. The price of this people is aspiring a better life for their kids and themself why are people acting so unhumane and punishing them and titleling them so cruely? Everyone has a dream am i wrong? We punish does with a dream and overlook the people that want to rip this country apart!!!!


Here's some INFO. I was at a training class for tax prepare. During the blah blah steps it then came down to the Wf form for TIN or ITIN numbers for illegals. And this tax agent place says they will help them fill out all necessary papers for free.
and if thats not bad, heres another: this agent place says that doing the tax preparing for the clients (illegals) if they have a tax ID # TIN OR ITIN and it doesn't match their VISTA number ( becuase most Vista are made up, false numbers and stuff) so if the both numbers don't match up, it is not the tax preparers job to question it, but to file their tax returns click it, send it. The IRS and SS doesn't want to get involve with all that cost it will be costly for them to get attorneys to question where they obtain these numbers on the false VISTA, but the TIN and ITIN is the identification of them whether it matches or not. Well, heres what I did, because I am too honest and fear I will be held responsible for putting that information into the tax files... I walked out.
I feel these tax places and agents are just looking to get their money for doing the filing and the help with the USA citizens who work hard. Why are they helping this horrible situation, the Congress should look into that, and pass a bill for agents not to do this. I know a true honest CPA will never allow this. Why are these small open rental tax places doing this?


Indeed this great nation of America may not belong to the immigrants who are reported to bring down the quality of living in this great nation. Who really does this country belong to? As an American living in America, please remember how you came to be an American. Your forefathers who came here, illegally uprooted the original citizens of this nation.

As with your forefathers, the immigrants have come here for a better life for themselves and their families. And once they are given the opportunity they would contribute on a greater level than they are doing now to the further development of this country.

Unlike your forefathers the immigrants are not here to uproot the citizens of this great nation but to work side by side with them, to share in the benefits of hard honest work that will bring growth to individuals, families, communities and in turn this great nation.

Please do not criticize the immigrants who are said to steal money from your schools and hospitals. They are very hard working people as your forefathers were hard working people. What is this country afraid of? What are you afraid of? Because by legalizing the immigrants you open up the doors for the quality of living in this country to become better not only for the immigrants but also for yourself.

Please uproot the corrupt ones, but do not allow the corrupt ones to make you so afraid that there is no reasoning in your treatment towards those who are making and would continue to make honest contributions to advance this great nation.

Legalizing the immigrants can only benefit this country and developing a sensible not vindictive immigration reform bill will save this great country alot of money and stress. Think about it!

I have repeatedly used this great nation, because it is great, initially because of the heart and spirit that was put into writing the constitution of this nation.

Do not be so blinded, that you have as an American, forgotten the beauty and privilege of being an American. Not only because you were born here, but because America of old had heart, had spirit, had concern for those within its borders, both legal and illegal.

I do not accept that this great nation has lost the heart and spirit that has made it great not only within itself but throughout the world!!


There will always be fraud and corruption in Government despite the country. Whether you are illegal or not, in some cases the buck is passed under table and received by some in authority. Some are lucky and some not. Does this mean that if one become legal or citizen by documented registration means you can now call all illegal alien a lesser of a person??? Just because you were lucky. In the bible it states in Deuteronomy 5:6 reads:"I am the Lord thy God which brought thee out of the land of Egypt from the house of bondage". Is the same thing happening here as Moses went through. Countries suffer with hard times and people move all the time. Even Jesus Christ and his family were moving all the time and crossing bouneries, then who are you to tell people they cannot come to America and stay there. I hope you who are against Aliens go to heaven.

Natural Born American

You should all be ashamed that you have let your home, your city, be overrun with illegal, criminal, immigrants. You are enabling these criminals to freely be here in your home, our country, by doing NOTHING.

I was raised and grew up in Somerville, as it became a city of ever increasing NON-Americans I left. Everyone I went to high school with also LEFT. When we get together and talk about what Somerville was, we joke that if we were to go back now we would need our passports to leave again. The funny part of that is, it's not too far from the truth.

This is our country, our home. Would you let strangers come into your home and eat your food and use your house if they were not invited? That's the equivalent of what they are doing when they come here illegally into our country, your city of Somerville.

Then there is this joker here in the article who freely admits he is AIDING CRIMINALS!!! Why are the Somerville Police not doing their job of arresting not only this traitor but every single criminal that is standing in front of Foss park every day taking work away from Americans. It's a shame, Somerville you are rotting from within. Take care of your problems before they spread outward.


Why don't the INS get these peoples adresses and deport the illeagals! Then they should charge Mr. Carminati with aiding illeagals in their illeagal activity of not leaving our country when they are supposed to. They suck up so much of my tax dollars in education, free health care, interpeters ect...

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