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February 18, 2008



"This is the same message that Governor Patrick is trying to convey at the state level: even in a time of fiscal austerity, you've got to make prudent investments in public assets and public programs if you want the “real economy” to grow."

In a time of fiscal austerity, public employees should not be able to retire after a measly 20 years work. That might have been apropriae 50 years ago when life expectancy was lower, but not anymore.


Improving schools is probably the most important thing the city can do. That will attract more people to raise families in Somerville, and then the rest will follow. Improving schools means hiring top talent for educators and improving facilities. I'm surprised that the Brown school's facilities are still in bad shape. For example, why is their playground simply a rectangular fenced-in piece of asphalt. It looks more like a prison's recreational facility than an elementary school playground. Why is there a community garden outside the school? The school grounds should be for the children's benefit, not the adults of the community.

I know the Brown school is supposed to be the best elementary school in Somerville, but it's because of the people who live in that area... not because of the effort the city has placed. I plan to raise my kids in Somerville, but I'd hate to send my kids to a school as depressing as the Brown school.

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