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February 12, 2008


April T-ACO

Nice pics.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction a few times today =)
That was one quick coyote.

Coyote at Assembly Square

I have a picture of a coyote at Assembly Square. They've been spotted on the baseball field at Bunker Hill Community College, also.


I saw what I know was a coyote crossing Highland Ave. one morning a couple of weeks ago on the way to work. It was still dark out and it was running, with that distinctive gait, between Highland Gardens and the driveway next to the Masonic Lodge.

A piece of advice... Do not leave small dogs out in the yard unattended!



Where was the second picture taken?


It looks to be taken from the Lowell Street bridge, looking west on the Freight Cutoff (Max Pak to the right).


April T-ACO

JAR-you are correct.


I thought I saw a Coyote in Davis Sqaure crossing the street only to find out later that it was Newman wearing a ski parker jacket!

Todd Hudson

My backyard abuts right where Wile E. Coyote was photographed yesterday. I saw Don Norton taking photos and Somerville Animal Control in hot pursuit. I was relieved Don wasn't a local perv, and also vey fascinated that the extent which nature is encroaching into our back yards.

Animal control tried to capture this poor guy - he was literally 15 feet away from me at one point. Unfortunately it will take many officers to catch these guys.

I do not doubt that we'll see more coyotes. Although they have a penchant for our pets, they will not harm humans unless provoked or cornered.

Living aside from Max Pak provides for interesting wildlife opportunities - we have possums, racoons, woodpeckers, skunks, and now coyotes!


Lets train the coyote to kill the illegal aliens.

April T-ACO

For more info on Coyotes, see this:

MassWildlife and Mass Environmental Police discourage the capture of coyotes unless they are sick or injured. What you saw me trying to do yesterday was scare the coyote toward the tracks and away from more populated areas. I had my catch pole with me to make me look more scary =)
Please, if you see a coyote leave it alone. If it is in a "safe" location such as on tracks where no humans travel, then they are better off left alone. February marks the beggining of Coyote breeding season and it is not uncommon to see them out & about during the day. Any one concerned about coyote sightings may call Somerville Animal Control.


Joaann - you need to 'up' the dosage of your medication.


Todd Hudson:

You can add Wild Turkey to that list.

I personally believe that it is only a matter of time before we see (and hopefully, it will only be a sighting--I wouldn't want to see anyone hit one with their car) either a deer or even a moose along the bikepath. I used to see deer regularly up at the park along Great Rd. in Bedford when we would drive up to see my father at the VA. That park is adjacent to the contiguous right of way that becomes the Minuteman Path (B&M's old Bedford Branch).

It follows along through people's backyards in Lexington, Arlington and eventually through West Cambridge and into Somerville. All along the way, there are numerous gardens and fruit trees and shrubs (and perhaps an open dumpster or two) that wild animals prefer. With the exception of one or two street crossings at grade (such as Mass. Ave. in Arlington Ctr.), there aren't many perilous obstacles.

I have personally seen a deer hit on Rte. 2 between the retaining walls at Arlmont (just below the Mormon Temple). They're quite close by.

Then again, maybe the coyote will keep them out!



Wasn't there a deer one afternoon a few years ago in the area of Highland Ave/Hancock Street/Cherry Street? And perhaps another incidence with a moose at some point? You are right, JAR, the wildlife has been moving in for years down the vacant rail beds/bike paths.


I can't say as I remember it, but it would not surprise me.


Coyote on bike baths? What a wonderful sight that would be between 6:00am - 8:00am Monday through Friday.

Todd Hudson

JARfromWard3 - Early one morning in March of 2006, I saw a wild turkey roosting on a handrail at Boston City Hall in Government Center. He was hanging out with the pidgeons.

I'm not joking. I was jogging, and suddenly heard gobble-gobble-gobble. Strangest site I've encountered in Boston.


That was Newman in Boston!

Y.N. In England

nice pictures ..
but why are they out and from where?


Well on the police scanner that day the police were authorized to shoot the coyote and not with a tranquilizer gun thats why they were looking so bad for the trigger happy SPD you can thank the new chief for trying to kill the coyote thank god he got away


i agree with John.....

Y.N. In England (aka Grandson Corey) they come down the tracks in search of food.

To John-

The only people who can authorize anyone to shoot & kill a coyote in Massachusetts is the Mass. Environmental Police unless said coyote is attacking or threatening to attack a person(which has rarely happened, if ever)at the moment and there is no choice. There was no mention on the scanner that day of the Cheif authorizing anything, I think you may have misunderstood.

Have a good day.

A Mac

A coyote just ran past me at what had to be over 30mph near the Somerville Medford line off of Mystic Ave.

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