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February 01, 2008



Then what the Mole posted last month for all of us view was correct!!!

it *is* funny

One of the reasons that the other paper yanked posts about stories is someone had the gall to ask how this guy is getting back and forth to work now since he doesn't have a license and doesn't live in the city. I think it's a good question.

The Mole

Joeycakes probably picks him up with the vehicle of the day that the Mayor gets to run around with since he still hasn't leased another car since he backed out of his prior lease with Sentry Lincoln Ford of Medford.

The Mole

The Mole

“Despite Gannon's legal troubles Curtatone said he will remain the head of the city's law department”.
“John Gannon has been an outstanding city solicitor. He has been an honest and hardworking employee since coming to the city. He was candid and forthright about his legal situation after the incident occurred and he is now seeking the appropriate medical assistance,” Curtatone said.
“Curtatone said Gannon's arrest did not come while he was working and does not undermine his ability to do his job.”

OK, Mr. Mayor, how would you react if a SPD, SFD, DPW or any other City employee were cited for the same violation as J.G.? Who you evaluate that situation the same way?

Let’s go a step further and maybe uncover the reasons why you have in the past jumped right to the State Ethics Commission, bypassing your own City Ethics Commissioners, to get to the bottom of some of your prior unbiased investigations. Could it have been because J. G. Wife, State Rep from Watertown, R.K. was once appointed to the board that oversees the appointment of State Ethics Commissioners and the Departments workers? Now, this would be your appointed City Solicitors wife we are speaking of that you rushed to go to the State Commission because you stated that you wanted a level playing field. I believe you threw about 3 recent city employees under that State Ethics Commission bus, the SPD accused of insider information on a house on Vernon St, Ex- Superintendent J.V. from Lights and Lines/Highway who indicated that from his recollection he was asked by Hog to pass the envelopes and others that you wanted to quickly get resolved.

Now I could be wrong but I am sure someone out there may either confirm or cast some other light on this but it seems awful fishy. In fact, if it were J.G. wife on the appointing commission of the State Ethics Commission I am sure other eyes that read this blogg may find an interesting time investigating this, without the help of the State Ethics Commission.

It only makes sense as to why you would quickly throw your unbiased investigations to that State Ethics Commission if you knew ahead of time what your outcome would have been now wouldn’t it have???

My track record on knowledge of what has happened over the past two years during your Administration has been almost impeccable. Breaking your lease with Sentry Ford, receiving over $60,000 as a loan repayment back to you from your Mayoral campaign back in 2003-2005 when you couldn't raise a cent from your failing Law practice, Jed Clampetts oil finds in several of our City Owned buildings that ran amuck because you didn’t want to deal with them until they were exposed by ME and of course the most recent Houdini evolution, J. G. situation back in December. Could I be right again?

The Mole

Hasnt Ben Sober

Mole.....who ever you are, where ever you are.... keep up the GOOD work.....It is nice to know that someone has the time, balls and the integrity to be a "WATCHDOG" for the pathetic gullable city of somerville malcontent tax payers......The last thing that somerville needs or can afford to have is a mayor who emulates the behavior of a Vinny Piro or better yet a William "Corrupt Midget" Bulger ...People that get into public service that "say" that they do it to give back to the community and or serve the community that they love are so full of the brown stuff that comes out one's arse it is not funny.......Pursuing one's own "Self Interest" and financial advancement has been the reason many, many politicians get into politics especially in good old SOMERVILLE Massachusetts ..the list of names is an endless one...isn't it ? Just in our own fair city..... lets take a quick inventory......larry bretta, jack havican, gene brune, john bunomo, paul haley jr, vinny piro, peter piro, dennis Mckenna, michael "zorba" god rest his soul McKenna, mary tomeo, Bobby "howmuch" campo...want me to go on ? I will stop there....but believe me there are many many more to name.....The Legacy continues and some of the aldermen presently serving their community are headed to being included on this list...This city soliciter, what's his name ? is just behaving the way he saw city officials from days gone by "ACT"....He fits right into the Somerville Political profile and will continue to perpetuate that image as long as Jo Jo is the mayor adding to the image of a city that would have a "DRUNK ALKIE" for its top legal advisor .....denny Mc Kenna would be / and is looking on with much pride knowing that there are people like the city's attorney behaving just like he did and getting away with it....Higher standard for city officials ? are you kidding me this is somerville where behavior like this is not only condoned it is encoraged and rewarded........oh my god.........


Funnily enough, what surpised me most about this article was that the Somerville City Solicitor lives in WATERTOWN!!!! What is up with that?

Farmer Browne

What is good good the goose is good for the gander so if someone that is employed by the City gets involved as did the City Of Somervilles' City Solicitor, then he/she should get the same treatment.


It sounds disturbing that if in fact the Mayor went straight to the State Ethics Commission, bypassing our own City Commission, he may have premeditated a verdict in which he was looking to achieve. Watertown Rep. R.K., being the spouse to the City Solicitor surely could be construed to be a conflict of interest.

In the investigation of Officer Trant, this Administration would have wanted a favorable outcome that benefited the City, which it did by stating the Office was wrong in his actions. This clearly put the City in the right for the actions they took towards Officer Trant.

In the case against ex-Superintendent of Lights and Lines/Highway, this too, was a pre-drawn conclusion favoring the City in as much as the State Commission found nothing wrong or no substantial evidence to find Comm. Koty soliciting funds for the Mayoral campaign. My question on this instance would be did the ex-Superintendent ever have a voice during the investigation by the State Ethics Commission or was it a one sided presentation. I do not recall reading that J.V. was deposed or questioned by the Commission. This could be factual that this too was a preconceived decision before it was presented to the Commission.

I would agree that this would warrant further discussion on the matter of unbiased, uneven playing fields for at least these two incidents. This would at the least answer some cloudy thoughts that some of us are waving our hands at.

I wonder?

I wonder if the mayor would take the same stance if Gannon killed an innocent person. Think about it people, it could be you or a loved one next time this idiot takes the wheel after a couple drinks. He shouldn't have a job, least of all in government!

Mole's Record

Ok Mole - let me issue you a challenge. You were right about one item that I am aware of. That is that JG had been arrested for DUI. Now as far as that goes I hope he discovers who you are and sues your a$$ off. Now has there been anything else?? I ask that the News go back in the archives to all your ridiculous claims and see how many are true - or are the Feds still in town? HAHAHA Let's discuss just the recent claims above.

1) Sentry Ford - 1st that is the Mayor's personal business not anyone else. 2nd there was NOTHING illegal done. He turned in his lease and paid all the penalties that come with that. Which by the way is perfectly legal.

2) Repaying a $60,000 loan to himself.. umm the key word here is REPAY. I am pretty sure every candidate for Mayor has loaned their campaigns money. Again perfectly legal.

3) I just want to be sure that we are talking about the "Oil fields" that have been around for decades. The same ones that Brune, Capuano and Gay all ignored? The ones that Curtatone did something about when it was brought to his attention. As a matter of fact each one is taken care of immediately after it is discovered. Are they the same charlie? Brownie? Whoever you are.

4) Gannon and the Ethics commission. Is a DUI a reason to send someone to the Ethics commission? Umm don't think so. Now ST (formally of the SPD) was sent to the State Ethics because of the incredible nature of his accusations. JV (Formally of the DPW) went to the State Ethics himself - not the City. Now you said 3 employees but only mentioned 2.

So what about that track record???? Here is my perdiction. the Mole is discovered and loses everything.

The Mole

OK Mole’s Record, ManBoobs, let’s Dance tonight.

I had never stated that J.G. should have been investigated by the State Ethics Commission nor do I think he ever should have been. I think it is a great thing for him to be doing what he is doing for what he had done. Where did I ever say that J.G. should be investigated by SEC. Alcoholism is a disease like no other and I commend anyone that takes that first step. I stated this in at least two past posts. What YOU do when posts get too close to the truth is spin the web and cloud the waters.

What I said was, and if you cannot hear me turn up the volume because I will not repeat myself again, the Mayor boasted about going right to the State Ethics Commission on two occasions, SPD and DPW personnel. A level playing field and unbiased reports is what the Mayor announced. I ask you this question, how does one receive a fair assessment when YOUR City Solicitors wife, Rep. R.K. from Watertown may have influence on the State Ethics Commission? I say may have, and I reiterated that on the first post, because I was informed that she was on a commission appointed by a Governor who appoints positions to the State Ethics Commission. Another cloudy watering situation.

I definitely will not repeat myself on the long drawn out affairs of Jed Clampet. I will tell you that YES this Administration were trying to forgo correcting the problem until I enlightened the DEP just what Joeycakes was prepared to do with other City ventures before fixing the problem with our City buildings. The Recreation Building was the start, then came the Cummings, High School; still having a problem there at the High School, Atrium diesel tank, DPW which has 3 tanks being confronted, Brown School and still to be worked, the Edgerly. Just go back and look at the first fax that Janet D, Mayor’s Aide, sent to the DEP about bringing the mitigation of those oils situations out to the year 2010 due to lack of funding on the City’s part. Out to 2010 when your Mayor wanted to take of Dilboy field, and several positions to the management layers what about our poor children in our oil infested buildings and the staff members that work diligently to school them? Remember that fax?

And whether J.V. brought his case to the State or not, when you have an insider on your team such as the Mayor may have had, you would be blowing the air up your ass to try and break it.

You are spinning your yarn way too tight about the lease agreement my friend. Joeycakes had to get out of the lease for his own vehicle just to save the family SUV he was also leasing, as I would have done. But an ethics questions would come about it he used his office to do this without any due penalty. You should have seen the face of the Leasing manager when I dropped the campaign finance sheets off at his desk with the highlighted amounts the Mayor legally got as a repayment of loans he made, and I never said it was not legal for ones’ campaign finance committee to repay loans to the candidate. HA, I still find it hard for the Mayor to donate $50,000 on one day to his campaign, ah “forgetaboutit” Seeing is believing. Here is a list of some of the Aldermans Curtatones’ contributions while he was a failing Attorney that could not even pay his rent just outside of Union Square: Dates and amounts obtained legally from the Committee to Elect Joseph Curtatone filed year end 2003.

Curtatone, J. 10/27/2003 $480
Curtatone, J. 10/27/2003 $2,000
Curtatone, J. 10/27/2003 $7,000
Curtatone, J. 10/29/2003 $2,000
Curtatone, J. 10/31/2003 $6,300
Curtatone, J. 10/31/2003 $4,000
Curtatone, J. 11/1/2003 $925
Curtatone, J. 11/5/2003 $50,000
Curtatone, J 7/28/2003 $1,600
Curtatone, J 8/8/2003 $854
Curtatone, J 9/6/2003 $1,250
Curtatone, J 9/9/2003 $5,000
Curtatone, J 9/9/2003 $5,000
Curtatone, J 9/16/2003 $7,500
Curtatone, J 9/17/2003 $1,500
Curtatone, J 9/17/2003 $5,000
Curtatone, J 9/19/2003 $5,000
Curtatone, J 9/22/2003 $10,000
Curtatone, J 9/26/2003 $1,000
Curtatone, J 9/30/2003 $4,000
Curtatone, J 10/1/2003 $2,000
Curtatone, J 10/2/2003 $2,800
Curtatone, J 10/3/2003 $900
Curtatone, J 10/7/2003 $5,000
Curtatone, J 10/17/2003 $1,000
Curtatone, J 10/17/2003 $1,750
Curtatone, J 10/17/2003 $1,350

Note the Huge payment to the Mayors’ campaign from the now Mayor Joseph Curtatone on 11/5/03. An important date I would think. The day AFTER the elections in which his bid for Mayor was successful. I went to Chelsea High and my math wasn’t good but I add up almost $115,000 of donations, personnel donations, made by the Alderman at the time. Spin, Spin, Spin, Mr. ManBoobs, until your top blows off.

Whether you know who I am or find out who I am, it don’t matter. Anything I try to bring to the forefront, I try my best to ensure it is the facts so that the Citizens of this great City know how corrupt this Administration has been and will continue to be until you are all exposed for what you truly are.

I haven’t even touched up Testa Demo, Aggregate Industries, Bartlet industries or some of the others. Those will come at a latter forum.

Now let me take my meds so I can get a good night sleep unlike most of this Administrations appointees that probably take their meds to stay awake.

The Mole

Free Press

OK Mole wrote, "That is that JG had been arrested for DUI. Now as far as that goes I hope he discovers who you are and sues your a$$ off."

Sorry to rain on your parade pal, but you can only be successfully sued if you said something false or invaded someone's privacy. If the person in question here really did get arrested for OUI (which we now know he did) then the Mole's off the hook there. Additionally, the records of the arrests are public so there isn't an invasion of privacy. It looks the Mole skates.

Manboobs shouls also be called Back-tits, because they're coming out his back as well.

Mole's Record

Still pure lies by you. RK was not on the SEC. Nor was she a representative to the SEC.

You have still failed to address the FACT that 3 or 4 prior administrations ignored the oil tanks. This administration has not. Even if it is true that JD asked for a delay so what? They still did something.

You need to re-read your own words you did in fact indicate that JG should be before the SEC.

The FACTS still are the the Mayor has done absolutely nothing illegal with his campaign account. I am sure you will find the same with all. (as I already stated).

I would love to know what you are talking about with all those companies but I suspect it's another tossed bomb. Jealousy is a sad sad emotion.

You need to review 86% - this administration must be doing something right.. no?

Now please don't go crying to MB when you are asked to actually perform or do the right thing. He may help you but that's it.

As Shakespear once said "Cowards die many times before their death but the valiant die only once"

Ward 3 Voter

Hey John
I am sorry to read this about you. hopefully you get well and be back to normal soon.
your friend
ward 3 voter

The Mole

Mole's Record, did you find the fax yet that wanted to place the oil mitigation out to 2010? It is a public document don't ya know.

The Mole

Mole's Record

again - who cares. I believe you it exists. It still does not change the FACTS. This is the ONLY administration that has done anything. The prior administrations (including the one that hired you) have purposely ignored it. Those are public records too. Look it up.

Mole Fan

Hey Mole, keep up the good work. Looks like TC is blogging from behind the Dewars bottle again!!!

Find out!

Who is the mole?

Has anyone actually done the math?

The mole is someone who is either close to the mayor or is someone who holds a position that is privy to confidential information. He/She could be someone who interacts with people who have this information. If this administration really wanted to find the mole it could be accomplished. More than 95% of the information the mole writes about comes out of 1 of 2 offices. The Mayors office or the Law office. Start there and ask them all to take a lie detector test. If they have nothing to hide then why not take one?
I know I would take one in a heartbeat in order to clear my name (Yes, I have been accused a few times and I even have my suspicion of who it is). A very simple test to take, a small price to pay to end this bullshit. Start out with a few simple obvious questions to test the accuracy of the machine and then the main question: Are you the mole?

Before everyone jumps on me for suggesting this. I’m not saying we should crucify this person (provided they have not broken any confidentiality laws over the past few years). But at least stop the flow of information to this person. Shit, who am I kidding; I would love to know so I could personally beat the snot out of them.

I personally think the Mayor is a great guy and he does an awesome job. I serve him proudly! However, “Some” of the people in his administration are assholes who are only looking out for their own best interests. Some are nothing more than self-serving credit hogs always looking for the pat on the back. (Yeah, you know who you are!) Maybe this is why the mole has never been identified? Think about that for a minute.


Find Out,
Great job jerkoff, What's your name... I'm sure some people will want to who you are because,as you say, "Some are nothing more than self-serving credit hogs always looking for the pat on the back. (Yeah, you know who you are!)"

What's your name punk?

Find out!


Why are you so offended?


I don't like people being threatened on this site or anywhere else. Do you understand, you punk-coward?

If you're so brave, stand up and print your name so others can see who you are. See how you like it.

Before you wet yourself typing a response, let me be clear: I'm no trying to threaten anybody, I like the anonymity of posting truthful comments without some idiot threatening me.


That's why I keep my name out of it.

Find out!

Who threatened anyone? Sounds to me like you have something to hide if my post made you this angry.


Hey Find Out!,
When you said "Shit, who am I kidding; I would love to know so I could personally beat the snot out of them" that wasn't meant as a threat?

As I said pussy, leave your name and maybe the Mole will come to you.

You don't come here and threaten people. Punk.

Magic Hole

the Mole can be from any city department because the whole city is a bunch of gossiping know-it-alls. I'm sure the Mole will be listed on this years salary page in the other rags paper.

Find out!

Election, I'm a punk? I'm a pussy? You better look in the mirror.

I'll tell you what; I will post my name on here when you and everyone else does. I don’t give a shit if anyone knows who I am but I will not jeopardize the safety of my family and friends to make my point.

As for the so-called threat? It was not a threat! It was a promise. Do you understand the difference?

Why would anyone stick up for the mole anyway? The countless accusations against the mayor and other good people that the mole post's about have never been proven to be illegal or unethical. Most of it is pure bullshit. "The feds are coming" How many times have I read that! Like I said, pure bullshit!

The mole always puts a spin on things to make it appear to be something it's not and runs with it causing pain to as many people as he or she can because they are so miserable in their own life they try to bring everyone else down around them.

Since when are you the site monitor around here anyway. Is the mole a friend of yours or is this one of your aliases?

Tell me you never fantasized about beating the crap out of someone that was pure evil in every way shape or form. I'll say it again, I would love to beat the snot out of the person who post's as the mole.

If that makes me a punk and a pussy then so be it! Better people have called me worse!

The Mole

Well, well, well, my friends. Take a step back and inhale. I for one have never stated the "Feds" are coming to my knowledge. I do remember singing a tune that went," What ya gonna do when they come for you, Bad Boys! Bad Boys! Bad Boys!!! That, to me is the "Cops" intro theme, not the Feds.

That statement about the Feds coming has been entrenched in the "Ville" since day 16. It's a myth or someone else’s wish. My spinning is far, far less than that of this Administrations people that twist my words in making them what they want them to be.

If I have stepped on someone’s toes, it seems as though Find Out they are your toes, since you are the one blasting about identity, then you must feel guilty about something I had said about something or someone that means the world to you. Hey, sometimes I have FACTS, sometimes I have been wrong; and due apologies given at that time, sometimes I search for facts on the blogg which blooms as the daisies do in the Spring time. Others come forward with the correct information that I may be searching for then one does the digging deeper.

Mole's Record states that Rep. R.K. from Watertown never ever served on an appointed Committee that appoints to the State Ethics Commission. OK, I had heard differently. So now the search engines turn on performing the fact-finding details to either disprove Mole’s Record or me.

You see, Find Out, if you read my post about the State Ethnic Commission you would have read, and this is in quotes darling:

"Now I could be wrong but I am sure someone out there may either confirm or cast some other light on this but it seems awful fishy."

This is pertaining to what I had heard but could not readily account for it. And look what generated from that. Is it touching a nerve too close to the source? It might not be and if it isn't, then I cannot account that this instance is reality, now can I?

There is a mystery of sorts that doesn't play out in its proper setting with anything this Administration does or says it does. There is a hidden motive to most of the activities accomplished by City Government, any City Government. There always has been, back to the 70's here, and there always will be, especially in the "Ville".

So, I take what Mole's Record is spinning, like Rapunzel in the tower, and go fishing on the web for more Intel. That's all I can do. If that Rep has or had nothing to do with what I was told and more to do with the Mole's Record, so be it and I will post to that fact. You got to understand Find Out; it's all a game.

Did you ever watch the movie, “The Game” with Michael Douglas? He was enticed by his entire family, friends and everyone into a unique party planned for him and that movie made you sit on the edge of your chair. It was a great movie with a fantastic ending. Maybe like this movie will be…

The Mole

Find out!


You think this is a game? It’s not!

A decent human being would not play games with peoples lives, character and reputation based on bullshit information. The fact of the matter is you are a piece of shit and you will be exposed of your own deficiencies. With every post, you leave a footprint as to who you are, where you are, where you’ve been and where you are going so keep up the good work idiot. I, and others who are tired of your shit are getting closer to your identity everyday.

I’m looking forward to beating the snot out of you!

City Hall Veteran

RK has given John Gannon ample reason to drink. And I agree that his drinking is a disease. I'm glad that he is getting help.

But none of this excuses his abusive treatment of city staff and certain Somerville residents. Or his collusion with the mayor's manipulation of city boards and commissions to get his way. Or his aggressive "endorsement" of Palmer and Dodge's illegal Assembly Square rezoning that cost the city well over a million dollars in legal fees.

By the way, anyone can find the public information that the Mole presents, if they are willing to dig for it. For example, election commission records show that plenty of Palmer and Dodge attorneys gave the maximum campaign contribution to elect Joe Curtatone mayor before he hired their firm.

Gannon's habitual drunk driving has been well known within the SPD for years. But like the DPW supervisor who enjoys impersonating a police officer, and a half dozen others, he has been protected because he is one of the mayor's favorites.

Find out!

Another country heard from. Let me make an educated guess. You’re a cop.

You were asked to look the other way a few times but you insisted on giving your Mother a ticket for double parking because she broke the law and that’s that! No discretion huh?

You are a control freak who has never done anything wrong in your life and you condone the irresponsible actions of the mole by spreading your own rumors about supervisors and others you allege broke laws in your presence.

How wonderful it must be being you!

The Mole

Be it almost 5 years old, this financial report of the Mayor's campaign is by far not complete. These contributions were made, as the Sitting Mayor was an alderman at large sitting as Chairman of the Finance Committee. Palmer & Dodge, Federal Realty Trust, were just starting to get into Somerville through Assembly Square Development. You start to see patterns to the contributions pouring in from prominent Developers, Attorneys who specialize in Land Use and Development, from Developers and the like. Again, this is at the start of the venture for Mayoral bid.

I can imagine once becoming Mayor how much more legal, yes I said legal, because it all is legal contributions made to his campaign. So Find Out, don’t ever say I said this was illegal. Anyone can check out the individual company web sites and obtain the same information that I have, back in 2003, of the contributors’ forte. It is always a good deal to have Litigations Heads on your team when your struggling to get Assembly Square passed through the noses of the BOA back at that time. We all know the fast pace passing of so many Mayor’s requests for approval during the Holidays back 4 years ago. These people helped with all that.

Birmingham, T 11/3/2003 $250 Attorney, Palmer & Dodge

Dewitt, Jr., C. E. 11/3/2003 $500
Attorney, Palmer & Dodge

Jones, J. F 11/3/2003 $100
Attorney, Palmer & Dodge

Swope, J 11/3/2003 $250
Attorney, Palmer & Dodge

J. Barrett - Attorney -$200 Palmer & Dodge

J. Barry – Attorney – $100 - Julie Pruitt Barry is a junior partner in the Litigation Department, and a member of the Land Use practice group. Her practice focuses on zoning and land use litigation, including matters under the state Zoning Act, Chapter 40B (affordable housing), determinations of the validity of zoning provisions, and the state Wetlands Act, as well as environmental litigation, particularly federal and state hazardous waste litigation, including CERCLA and Chapter 21E cases, and representation of insured businesses in coverage disputes with property and casualty insurers

D. Briggs VP Development. - $500 – Fed, Realty Inv - Don Briggs is Vice President-Development for Federal Realty Investment Trust. In this capacity, Mr. Briggs is responsible for planning and executing the Trust's development and redevelopment projects.

D Wood - $500 – President & CEO Fed. Real. Trust - Don Wood is President and Chief Executive Officer of Federal Realty Investment Trust and serves as a member of the Trust's Board of Trustees.

J. Berkes – Chief Invest. Officer - $500 Federal Realty Investment Trust bought Assembly Square for $63 Million From Assembly Square Limited Partnership -Senior Vice President - Chief Investment Officer - Mr. Berkes directs the Trust's real estate acquisition and disposition activities and participates in strategic planning for the Trust. Mr. Berkes also serves as a member of the Trust's Investment Committee. Mr. Berkes is located in the Trust's West Coast Headquarters at Santana Row in San Jose, California.

The Mole

Find out!

Wherever there is will find us! Wherever there is suffering...we'll be there! Wherever liberty is will find the mole, election and city hall veteran!

My Heroes!

El Guapo

hopefully someone can "clip" the Mole's wings very soon.

City solicitor is a nice guy

The city solicitor is a nice guy. I am happy the mayor stuck by him. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I give him alot of credit for stepping up to the plate and seeking recovery. Everyone knows somebody that has struggled with substance abuse. Lets not kick somebody when their down. Lets not attack Mr. Gannon in this fashion. It shows no class. Lets not use the mayor as a reason to attack Gannon. Lets give him the support he needs. Knowbody is perfect, and people have feelings.


AMEN! This MOLE ios a heartless bastard who loves to bash anyone - especially the Mayor and anyone connected to him.


Hey Find Out!,
Listen Sally, nobody's afraid. But thanks for the laughs.

I don't know who the Mole is and I frankly don't care for most of what he says. However, I wouldn't hide in the shadows 'promising' to beat him up like some 4th grade schooboy with no friends.

"If that makes me a punk and a pussy then so be it! Better people have called me worse!" I believe that, pal! I bet they've called you much worse! But then again, there's a reason for it. Later you pussy, enjoy the shadows. Your chest looks much bigger there.


Listen, if you look as far back as 1995 and see how much "family" money the Mayor has dropped into his campaigns it is astonishing. Not illegal, but astonishing. The Mayor's personality has changed dramatically over the past twelve years and he has committed the worse sin a true born and bred Somervillian could do.....he forgot where he came from. I worked to get the Mayor elected since 1995 up until he was first elected to his first term as Mayor. I couldn't believe when Gay lost how many of her ex-supporters flooded the Curtatone campaign to "help" but of course with their hands out. I, personally never wanted a thing from the Mayor that had to do with a job or any such thing, I honestly believed he would be different and someone I could trust. That all changed on his first primary win as Mayor. He then was taking advice from the wrong type of people, people that would cut your throat to move up the ladder.
It was/is sad to see. He was a good kid that got caught up in the bullshit we call politics. But in doing so he kicked a lot of friends and supporters to the curb in the meantime. When his time is up as Mayor and he either runs for higher office or gets a no show job like Brune, he will wipe the dirt from his shoes, Somerville dirt, and move to another city with the rest of his family.

I hope Gannon gets the help he needs. Never, ever kick someone while they are down.


WHATEVER I agree with you that nobody should ever be kicked when they are down. The Mayor will never forget his friends or where he is from.


I wonder how this will support Trant's case?? Me Thinks it will be to his advantage!


I know who Find Out is. I've been doing surveillance on this person for the last year or so. At the right moment, at the right moment, the truth will be distributed. Only when it'll hurt the most. Be patient, boys and girls...
Election, are you still around? I thought Norton boy had banned you long ago. Loser.

Find out!


Your opinions/commentaries/snide remarks mean nothing. I came here with an axe to grind with the mole so why don’t you shut your mouth and move along. You refer to me as a 4th grade bully. You are nothing more than the over protective brother who cant let the little brother fight his own battles. Move on big brother, your help is not needed here!

FYI, I don’t wait in the shadows. I come at ya head on! I have no reason to hide like you.

Find out!

Imux, whats "your" problem with me?

You think you know who I am? Tell me something that nobody else would know but me.

If you can't do that? Shut up!


Find Out, my problem with you is that you are a liar. I'm not going to mention the OTHER major thing, since that would out you right away, at least to people who know a bit about this city.
One thing about you? I could tell you exactly what medications you take, and when you refill them. Would that be enough? Do you want me to? It could be embarrassing....

Find out!

I don't take any medications loser! Try blowing smoke up someone else’s ass!


Find Out!,
You're a punk and a loser who threatens people. Like I said Sally, nobody is afraid. I didn't say you were a 4th grade bully, I said you were 4th grade schoolboy with no friends.

You're a disgrace to your family.

just a guess

I think the mole is someone from the fire department with a very close relationship with someone in the Mayor's office.

Find out!

Yeah yeah yeah, I'm a punk, a pussy, and now a loser. Blah blah blah! When people like the mole sit on their pimple infested ass in front of the only friend they have (the computer) and type lies and bullshit that hurt good people, I take offense to that. I am not here to threaten people. I am here because I am frustrated with the nonsense that goes on here. If the mole or anyone else for that matter were spouting off their bullshit (lets say it was at a local watering whole) I would in fact beat the snot out of them. That is a fact not a threat.

How would you feel if your name or someone you cared about was being dragged through the mud? You would call them a punk or pussy? And then what? You would do nothing? When someone that evil gets you to your boiling point, you call them names? You might, but most people I know wouldn’t. Actions speak louder than words and the mole needs a good bitch slap. It’s coming. Oh yes it is!


OK. Best of luck. I give up.


Imux, whats "your" problem with me?

You think you know who I am? Tell me something that nobody else would know but me.

If you can't do that? Shut up!

Posted by: Find out! | February 05, 2008 at 07:41 PM

Find out, this is my first post in this thread. That wasn't me who posted that other crap to you -- some shithead keeps posting using my name (Imux) and I think Election's. He's just an asshat trying to bait you while hiding behind his PC and using other people's aliases. Ignore him or laugh at him - that's all I do.

FWIW: I don't have a horse in this race... I know the mayor and don't really have a problem with him.


So JG has a problem.......we all do. JG seeking help and entering into recovery is a good thing - oh so far from a bad thing. Being a sober person myself I give the man credit and I say kudos to the Mayor for sticking by him. Keep up the good work JG. You got a friend in me.

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