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February 07, 2008



The Journal wrote, ‘Sources said there were three fire spots on the first floor’.

Ward 5 Born

This structure should never have been approved in the beginning. It has been an eye sore in that neighborhood for years and should be torn down. How did is get this far without city officials demanding action?


Ward 5 Born - That is a good question.


An eyesore compared to the barren dusty asphalt that was there before the house was (sort of) built? Not really. Of course I've wondered for years how this house has remained unfinished. That's been baffling to me - and the details here certainly explain how that's happened. Gotta wonder about the thought process of some people. Approved for a single family and he builds a two family. How did he think he was going to get a certificate of occupancy?

it *is* funny

He certainly put enough money into the UGLY iron fence in front of the property. I love that they can't find him to ask a few little questions!

Mr. Wizard

was Engine 4 there or is this engine4 area?


Can't locate Rocco Polino, plaster man? Just follow the trail of plaster he leaves from job to job. The guy owns dozens of buildings and a villa in Italy I was told and that was a lot of years ago. He plastered a house down the street from me about 10 years ago and made a mess out on the street with empty bags of unical everywhere and white dust all over the cars parked in front.

Kevin Bumpus

was this approved by the zoning board controlled by Butchie


How many boards is Butchie on anyway?


He is on more boards then me

Kevin Bumpus

Leave herbie alone he's a gfg


Who cares they are all hacks and frauds.


You should ban this Rocco Polino's IP address from posting here if he is going to be a hater and use such foul language.

minnie ginnie

keep it up u. c.


Does butchie have more board appointments or retirements


Hey, One more board appointment and Butchie will have more than Tom Bent!

Now that's something to brag about!

For Real?

~"This structure should never have been approved in the beginning.... How did is get this far without city officials demanding action?"
Is this a trick question?
Do you live in Somerville?


Since we're getting off track, here, anyway. Does anyone know what the story is/was about that house that used to be on Prospect St. in Union Square, beside (across the street) from Dunkin' Donuts and abutting the dealer of radiators, etc. I imagined that the owner ran into some sort of legal/building issues, and all construction came to a halt. It was there fro quite a while, before being torn down, last year. Anybody know? Thanks.


the person who posted the ugly fence in front of polino's property is a real IDIOT YUPPY WHO SHOULD MOVE THE HELL OUT OF SOMERVILLE AND LET ROCCO BUILD THE HOUSE. IDIOT


the person who posted the ugly fence in front of polino's property is a real IDIOT YUPPY WHO SHOULD MOVE THE HELL OUT OF SOMERVILLE AND LET ROCCO BUILD THE HOUSE. IDIOT


You say "Let Rocco Build The House" and then you call someone else an idiot.?.?.?

That's the funniest thing I'll see all day.


Does anyone know if the owner of this property has been contacted/found?


Just to let all of you ignorant people who have nothing better to do than complian about other people know that Rocco is dead, he DIED in Florida of a Heart attack . Hope when you people die everybody makes fun of you.


No electricity? Arson sounds very believable here. Too bad it didn't get torn down far earlier.

Somerville n00b

What proof do you have that Rocco is dead? Perhaps he just changed name.

Leo P. Laliberte

If everyone let the city officials do their jobs
everything will work out. The wheels of progress moves slow for a reason. The building
official in Kingston, Ma. a few years ago, jump the gun and tore down a house that he condemed without following proper procedure and in the end it cost the towns people over a million dollars in a lawsuit. The reason things move slow is to protect the rights of the individual.
I do not know Rocco, however he has rights just like everyone. He is not guilty until proven so in a court of law.

All the neighbors have to do is get a pettion signed and present it to the city, to have the house condemed as hazordus and the officials will take the proper action.

Editor's Note (JN): The (new) Somerville News website is up - you can comment on stories over there.

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