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January 26, 2008


Rabid Blue Collar

Why rebuild that dumpy school anyway? Students can just look stuff up on the internet! Yeah, your dumb "friends" are teachers because leeching off the system is all they can do. Who needs these teachers anyway? They just teach kids how to teach on standard exams; and these kids in the end cannot even do basic math.

-One of your old "friends" who still remembers what a coward you were as a kid! Little Jimmy!


At least you're not bitter.

it *is* funny

Wow, Rabid. You must have a huge chip on your shoulder. I caught a little bit of Jimmy's routine on the Government access channel broadcast of the fundraiser and at least he's trying to DO something for the place he came from and the people he stands by. Why do you have to be such a hater?

Mike Bonanno

Rabid, you must be a real jerk, you have no clue what life is all about. Jimmy was never a coward growing up. If you don't like MY HOME TOWN of SOMERVILLE, why don't you get out.Teachers are great people to put up with what they do for such little pay.God help your kids if you are man (or woman) enough to have any.


Rabid must be the same clown that was bragging about his finances, 2 weeks ago.

Old Man

Rabid, you have a point. I don't like teachers and their BS union myself. It is true, the good teachers are squashed by the fossilized system based on seniority, not on merit.
Regarding Jimmy, heh, we all know, we all know what he did as a kid. But people change. Heck, I bet you were a nice kid. Look at what jerk you've changed into.


Hey Old MAn ..what the heck are you talking about " what Jimmy did as a kid " HE was in bands, ....he was never in prison ...what the hell are you talking about??? Did he lead a secret life??? was he a spy or something ??

Old Man

Howie, ask Paul. He might be willing to say something. I've said enough, already.


Old Man, let's not dig out unpleasant memories. OK? We are both old now, just take it easy. The past is past.

mike bonanno

Hey Rabid, why don't you tell us your real name and lets see if you were a girly man growing up.

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