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January 29, 2008



The big question is: would Trane run as a Democrat, or a Republican?

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa)

Trane would anniliate Carla. He's made his share of rookie mistakes.


If Trane thinks being the board president was so tough, how does he think he would handle being a State Rep?


trane run against sciortino- yeah right! he barely won his own ward in the alderman race against newbie heller- how could he beat a two term incumbent with at least some name recognition in both cities (i think the district is mostly medford??)?

also, can trane give one good reason he's running besides revenge against sciortino for endorsing heller? yeah i thought not.

State Rep.

If Sciortino can handle being a State Rep. then a blow up doll could!

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa)

Here's a reason, bring the seat back to the Ville, Carla moved to Medford to solidify his base, Tufts students. He only goes into Somerville to have latte with Ugly Betty and Becky Boo Hoo.


Trane is a useless alderman yes man. I hope that he abandons his position on the board if he runs for either seat. It will be the only positive thing that he has done in ward 7

Ron Newman

That's unlikely since aldermanic elections are in odd years while legislative elections are in even years.

I would love to see Trane elected

I would love to see Trane run against carla or patrica. I don't think he has a chance at beating either, although it would be entertaining. Is it true that Trane's brother is going to be financing the campaign? Most of Trane's clout comes from his brother. Rumor has it that people fear Trane because of his brother. Regardless what people say, Bob Trane does a great job in ward 7 and really cares about his constituents.

That is right

Whatever about Trane, I think that everyone will agree Sciortino is pretty ineffective. What has he done? Somerville's delegation has no pull anymore.


As a Medford resident/voter and neighbor of Carl, he won't be getting our votes, he's useless and inaffective. Name one bill he's sponsored, or someone elderly resident he's helped out, or done anything other then to show up and collect his paycheck. Send him packing back to Somerville where he came from.

Ron Newman

Looks to me like Carl's done a lot to make sure the Green Line extension stays on track.


So now Carl and his PDS phonies are going to claim that he is soley responsible for the Green Line? Please you insult the intelligence of all the Somerville / Medford residents that have fought for it, certainly not just Carl. Please is that the best you can do? is that your best shot? I read the Herald article along with a lot of other residents, get a grip of reality, he needs to be voted out of office as his mentor the Queen of the Progressives Jehlan should be gone as well.

Ron Newman

Who said anything about "solely"? Not me.

Sciortino's close friend

Medfordvote, your post shows you are mentally retarded. Enough of that, though. Carl is my friend. I know him very well. He can beat Trane while juggling 10 torches on a unicycle. Don't mess with him, that's my message to you and to all the cowards who insult him on this site. He may LOOK ineffective, but that's because he's playing a longer-term game. Cannot you see that, morons?

To: Sciortino's

"He may LOOK ineffective"? Huh?

"Stupid is as stupid does."

I guess to look ineffective there has to be some evidence of being

People didn't vote for this little twit they voted against Ciampa. If Trane goes all out Sciortino will be the new editor of Bay Windows.

To: Sciortino's

It looks like the little twits biggest accomplishment was voting "no" to keep, "one nation under God", included in the Pledge of Allegience. What a wanker!


Just out of curiosity... has anyone here actually called Sciortino or Jehlen to get help with anything?


Yes, I have called Jehlen regarding some issues and she was very helpful.

Somerville guy

I think the one question that people should ask is where does Carl get all that money for his campaign accoutant. He takes in thousands of dollars from special interest groups. The next time you get a piece of campaign lit from Carl look at the very tiny small print at the bottom and see who really paid for it. Then ask yourself, if he is taking all that money from special interests is he really working for the voters or the groups that pump thousands into his campiagn war chest.

look it up!

If only there were somewhere we could see who gives money to political candidates...

It could be called something like the Office of Campaign and Political Finance...

And it could have a web site, like

And they would have a searchable database of campaign finance records...

If only...

To Somerville Guy

Sciortino could give two shits about any Somerville resident that has lived here longer than five years. Simple as that!


i've called sciotino's office a couple of times- he was very helpful to me anyway!


I've called and visited Rep Sciortino's office hours a number of times for information and help. He has been incredibly approachable when I needed assistance with housing issues and help navigating school concerns with my children.

That is right

Yes..what bills has he sponsored? Has he any legislation passed?

Demented Man

Jeebus, Trane in that picture looks like a hybrid between Dracula and somebody from Dawn of the Dead!

Why did Trane, change his vote (opposing russell disposal)

Bob Trane aka JUDAS changed his agenda minutes before a vote was cast at the last board meeting. Trane stated publicly that the citizens needed their trash picked up and was in favor of Russell Disposal keeping their contract. After speaking with Rebekah Gerwitz, he quickly changed his opinion and stance against Russell Disposal. Trane needs to start thining on his own. Why was he persuaded by Gerwitz?

How can anybody take this guy serious?

How can anybody take this guy serious. Take a look at the pic. gimme a break!


Trane should think about taking some "elocution" lessons before he tackles state office.


Have another drink Bob

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