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January 01, 2008


Read the Boston Herald today page 19, Bay State Lawmakers who missed the mark!

If you get a chance take the time to read page 19 of today.




WHO MAKES THESE PICKS? Are you serious with some of these picks?
This has to be a joke!


The businesses listed here are only those that paid the fee to the pathetic Somerville News. The same hold true for the rest of the list.


SCIROTINO TOPS THE TICKET! Wrong one though. How can you people vote in a guy who could care less about his district? Somebody who loves this community needs to take this guy on next election.


"Best Auto Part Recycler"? There were a lot of "reader" votes for that category?

Gee, I expected to see "Best Local Somerville Newspaper" in the list. But I guess that would have been too obvious.

I guess this sets the tone for 2008.

Kip Welch

Thanks for the entertainment, guys. I had to double check the date to see if this was the April Fool's edition of the News.

Here's a helpful hint for the New Year:
Review the nonsense you printed and reflect on why people don't take the News seriously as a legitimate source of news.


Best Laugh I've Had So Far in 2008: The Somerville News' "Best Of Somerville 2007"

Best New Year's Resolution: Seek out real local news at any cost

Get your facts right

The Herald's rating was *solely* based on Carl's position on the MCAS.

"Sciortino has filed a bill that would allow students to graduate from high school regardless of whether they’ve passed the MCAS test."

That's a pretty biased assessment of Carl's record which includes more notable wins on the Green Line extension, don't you think?


It was more than that he was absent from votes that could benefit his community. Either do the job or get out.


In 2008 will Somerville:

My Opinion
Lower Taxes (NO)

Accept Change in the
Somerville P.D. (No)

Increase Parking Fines (Yes)

Open Station Four; (No)

Begin plans to build a
prison in Somerville; (Yes)

Disband the School Committee; (Yes)

The City gets it's way ( Zoning wise ) with
Union Sq. because the vaunted "Green Line" is coming; (Yes)

City Workers? What's next? (?)

Assembly Square (?)

New police station?
Prison again?

Illegal Immigrants. What to do? (?)

Etc, etc. etc, etc,etc,etc,etc.

Prediction for 2008

Prediction for 2008

Newman runs unopposed
for political office to get a
fundraiser thrown in his
honor to be able get
some more free election
food for him to doggie bag
only to loose because his
own constituents preferred
to vote for blank!

Blank is better!



Best Tow Company? Who voted on this?


Bob Trane beats out Mayor Joe and everyone else as best politician. Hahahahaha.

Best Tow Company? Oh yes, I love tow companies just like all the other readers who voted.

Best friends of the newspaper are the winners in most categories.

Who wrote this comedy column. Funniest thing I've read in the paper.

best of a little mind

I find the postings as I do the author and editors of this blog to be quite humorous. The last time I looked Norton was dead last in the Somerville real estate market falling behind even small start ups like Benoit. Pat's auto body does the worst work of any body shop in the city.


Absolutely. Norton was dead last in the Somerville real estate market. That's why they are so desperate for a little bit of publicity on this junk site. It is truly pathetic, when you think about it. The competitors are just better than they are. They should just get better or quit. Losers.

PS. James, you should lose some weight, man. I saw you recently, and you are getting really fat. Not good for your health and your looks. Not so hot with the ladies.

open season

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Would anyone know the best place to take your laptop to be serviced in Somerville?

Posted by: AM | January 12, 2008 at 11:08 AM

Dpends on what is wrong with it and if it is under warranty. If it's under warranty, contact the manufacturer (Dell, HP, etc). If it's an old laptop and out of warranty then I would highly recommend just buying a new one and transferring your data. If you can't afford a new one - then there is a place in Davis (under Harvard Vanguard on Holland). I can't vouch for them, but they do laptop repair.

Problem with taking your laptop for service is you will pay a couple of hundred for just about any service. If the screen is screwed up - then you're looking at a minimum of $500 to replace. Go the the Dell Outlet store online and pick a new one - you can get something decent for $700 or so.

Hope that helps.

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