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January 26, 2008


Davis Square.....

Davis Square is a victim of its' own success. Rents have skyrocketed, pushing out local, independent businesses, as well as long-time business owners, who can't make a huge profit. I give you....Pluto, La Contessa, Dollar Store, Someday, Sacco's BOwl Haven, Boloco, Bertucci's, etc. Sad but true, and time marches on. Unfortunately, I think what we'll be left with in the end will not equal what we had.


Bottom line is businesses that do not make enough money close. I know we will hear alot of sentimental claptrap about how Davis is changing. However, as the story says, you can be a small business and be successful.


I'm under the impression Someday was forced out by its landlord to some extent - granted the ball was in Someday's court, but you know the landlord wasn't going to lift as much as a finger, he wanted them out. Didn't Mr. Crepe offer to sub-let the space to Someday, before the landlord put the kibosh on that?

The emotional "movement" of its customers came as a result of this, no?

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