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January 14, 2008



This public officials are paid to do a job. They should not be getting any cars paid for by the taxpayer, whether they are Crown Vics or hybrids. They should buy a car themselves and be reimbursed for gas when they use it for the job like the rest of us. This money could be better spent. When you are spending other peoples monet, you tend to be profligate, and this is just another example.

Are you kidding me?

This is a non-issue. The new Chief should be able to pick out the car he wants. As Chief of Police he is on call 24/7 and must respond to any major felony calls. He also must travel out of the city to numerous meetings whether it be with other law enforcement agency's or for training. He will really represent the city pulling up in a "Gewirtz" hybrid! He will be the laughing stock in police circles. A guy his size being crammed into a hybrid, they will need the jaws of life to get him out!

Roache says: "He (the Mayor) seems to be doing alright without a city-owned car,” Roche said. “And I don’t think we’ll be seeing the new chief [Holloway] flying through the street at 90 miles per hour, hanging out the window with a gun in hand involved in a shootout. The administration should do some more homework on what exactly is needed.”

Sure the Mayor gave up his car........but is picked up and dropped off everyday in a city vehicle. Who's shittin' who? And just because this city is used to having Chiefs sitting on their ass for the past 25 years doesn't mean the new Chief won't be a hands on fightin' crime type of Chief.

Has this city become so politically correct that we are worrying what the new Chief will drive and not about fighting crime and sending illegal aliens who commit crimes packing?

People get a grip!

Deal or No Deal

I don't get the reason for this discussion. The Chief signed a contract with the city. He gets whatever the contract says he gets until there is a new contract. End of discussion. What part of the word 'contract' do you people find hard to understand? And for the Aldermen and the Mayor to grandstand now makes everyone look silly. I was always taught never to sign anything until I've read it. Too late now, boys!


Now we have the situation as before Chief McClean could not have a car Joey Cakes chief has to have a car. Just think Joe if you don't like this Chief you can have another fire sale, come on down.

any chief or mayor deserves a car

lets face it. Any chief or mayor deserves a car!


Ugh, I have to agree with whomever decided to end the cars in the first place. It's ridiculous to think that he can't drive his own car around to and from work. But, since it's in the contract, we do owe him what we promised him. It would certainly be gracious if he'd accept the hybrid, though. It would send an excellent message about our commitment to the environment. I'm actually astounded all city vehicles aren't required to be ultra-fuel efficient.

hybrid vehicle



these are public safety people screw these elecrtric cars hybrid bullshit hes a police officer the chief for christ sakes give him a real police car someone mentioned in another post he represents the city at events around the country and it would be an embarisment to this city having him drive a friggin YUGO rember those cars in the 80s wake up people should we give the coast gaurd row boats to patrol in is that next

James Norton

Hey John - could you please for the love of God stop hitting the Post button? I can almost live with the incoherent rambling, the insanely long run-on sentences, the stupid misspellings and the grammar mistakes from Hell - but I CANNOT live with the multiple posting of comments!



Jn why should i stop hitting the post button??

John - because the posts were showing up four deep with more than a minute elapsed between them - I unpublished them, so you probably never even knew it, but still - just hit the Post button once (unless it wasn't you and it was a little gremlin from TypePad thats screwing it up).


Ron Newman

Isn't that last comment by JN, not John?

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