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January 23, 2008


Bill Shelton

Look in Charlestown.

Tank McNamara

Wrong answer mutton head......!

I am;


Tank McNamara


I bet Ron did it. I'd start there as there is something really shady about any dude that rides his bike without a seat. That post must get cold in the winter!

Speaking of anklegrabbers; what ever happened to that idiot Election?


I think its also very starnge nobody hit the panic button there were 4 of them and 1 robber ive also been in that bank it has bullet proof glass and you need to be buzzed in to get behind the glass i also heard on the police scanner that the cameras were moved or possibly not working it sounds very fishy to me they were tied up in the basement for a half hour before they called the police how come no panic button??


The getaway car was found at Porter Park and Porter Road in Cambridge, last night.


Hey Bill why don't you swing by Charlestown for a COCKtail? You would fit in with every bald headed, fruitcake yuppie who has darkened our doors.


Wow, Bill & Julie should really get a life!
How can two church going folks harbor such hatred & vindictiveness for the last dozen years against one individual?
Do you have any other purpose in life, other than to make Christos the reason for your existence?
God remembers people like yoou two when the final judgment day comes.
Bring some small tree branches, marshmallows, Hershey bars, and graham crackers for your "eternity", the fire will be supplied.
Shame on you.

Ron Newman

Who are Bill, Julie, and Christos, and what do any of them have to do with a bank robbery?

Angry employee

John who the fuck do u think you are. First off there aren't any bullet proof glass in this bank and any one can just jump over the counter. Dude had a fucking gun you think you would have done something, you stupid dumb fuck. You would have shit your pants. We have procedures, you think by pressing the button and being locked inside with the robber is going to do any good. So, we could have been hostages. You dont' know shit and your lucky i dont' knwo who you are. Use your small ass brain it's not worth getting killed for money. So, u got any suspicions or anything to say called the police they obviously don't know what u know.

To Angry

Some people are just a-holes that don't have a clue. People like John would give up his own mother to save his life!

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