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January 24, 2008



What the hell is wrong with this picture?

"The Somerville Police Department will aggressively investigate any such incidents, which are felonies in Massachusetts.”


"Capt. Paul Upton said officers tried to get an arrest warrant for the boy but were denied one."

Hey News, do your job! The real story here would be WHY couldn't the SPD get an arrest warrant for a juvenile who committed a felony?


well the SPD lies alot i just hope they dont make an example out of this kid he needs help not jail. Jail will ruin this kids life for 1 stupid mistake


Well I guess I'm practically a lawyer compared to the understanding many who post here have of the law. An arrest warrant wouldn't send the kid to jail for "1 stupid mistake" (that he apparently made three times). It would get him arrested, booked and probably released with $150 to $500 bail. When he gets his day in court I'm sure he'd be looking at a fine and a years probation.

This is the kind of help a punk like this needs.

Man, I'm starting to sound like Imux or something but the idea that a punk kid like this DOESN'T get arrested for committing a felony three times is just beyond ridiculous.


The electric chair for this punk would teach a lesson to many. What if a real crime was committed while cops where investigating these hoaxes? What if your wife or sister got raped while they were wasting their time after these hoaxes?

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