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January 23, 2008


Charlie on the MTA

does ANYONE really believe that the Green Line is coming? The MBTA is broke and the Beacon Hill Reps. want to halt all new transportation projects until the current roads and infrastucture is fixed. That will take many many years.

Tony, Tony, Tony.....

With this new "Command" structure you just cut yourself off from a lot of information, nevermind cutting yourself off from the street cops.

A Chief's door should be open to anyone that wants their information to be kept confidential.

This is a bad move that will eventually come back and bite you in the ass. Are you too good to spend time with your patrolman/women?


Surprised you guys missed this, or are you guys suddenly beholden to the DPW powers that be?

Farm Team reporting a little dustup regarding the T&P director getting his driveway plowed by a contractor doing business with the city. Perk, perk, perk...

it *is* funny

My understanding is the Police Chief is patrolling with each and every officer during his first months in the job. I respect him for following chain of command -- it's simple people management 101. If there's a problem, at least let the higher up know there's an issue and give them an opportunity to fix it before running to the Chief (Daddy). He's been around the block and he'll get all the information he needs, don't worry.


Along with the recent passings noted above, I want to note the sad passing this past Saturday of Mrs. Eileen Wilson.

Mrs. Wilson taught at the Kennedy School for the past 41 years (since it opened) and spent a total of 50 years as an educator in the Somerville Public Schools. She "retired" several years ago but continued to serve the kennedy School Community as a substitute and active PTA member. Both of our kids had her in fifth grade and she was, in my opinion (and I think anyone else who ever had her or met her will agree), a teacher's teacher. Strict but caring. Humorous but serious. Demanding but forgiving. Fortunate, indeed, were those kids who found themselves in her classroom.

She was, in many ways, a throwback to an earlier time, yet understood in the most profound way the modern challenges of education and loved her students and her job as much as any teacher I've ever known. On top of that, she was just a fantastic human being who I am grateful to have made acquaintance with. Whenever I read or hear the saying "I change the World--I teach", Mrs. Wilson comes to mind.

She is being waked this afternoon and evening at Doherty's. My guess is that this will be a well-attended visiting.



Don't waste your time going to the Journal's web site looking for the story about the T&P Director's driveway plow job. No doubt someone threatened the Journal with a law suit. They pulled the story and photo off their site. That story ruffled someone's feathers.


It's still there, it's just been bumped off the front page. Do a search for the guy's name...

Vive le Grey Area!


$50? PLEASE!!!!!!! He got caught and now he says that he is being billed $50 dollars for them to plow out his driveway.

$50 for a driveway? Maybe 20 years ago!


Mrs. Wilson passed away!?

She was always my favorite teacher. JARfromWard3, you described her perfectly. I remember my Mom was in college when I had Mrs Wilson in the 5th grade. She was having trouble with her math class and Mrs Wilson would stay after hours to tutor my Mom.

Somerville has lost a great resident with the passing of Mrs Wilson. May she rest peacefully.

Kennedy School Graduate- Class of 1990


LOL!!!!! All-American city!!??! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! I do remember when we were voted that and we laughed then. Now - if they go to east Somerville - maybe we could win All-Brazilian or Hiatian city! American??? You're hard pressed fine one down there anymore.

Deval doing us any favors? Why would he? He knows the moonbats are in ALREADY in his pocket and we're represented by two of his watergirls - Jehlen and limp-wrist Carl.

I'm seriously considering of getting the hell out of here -- for good this time -- and moving back down to West Palm. This place has gotten out of control.

it *is* funny

Yes please Imux. Do go.


1. Good to hear about the El Salvador project. I never know what to expect next from the Somerville News, and I like that.

2. John, thanks for passing on the information about Mrs. Wilson's wake. She was beloved.

3. What happened to Bert Gay? Did he get so angry this time that his head exploded?

4. What is the store that's creating new jobs? Why would the mayor have the authority to hand them out?


Imux, lifelong resident of Ward 7, except for the time he lived in West Palm.

I am reminded of Al Franken's book "Lies and the Lying Liars That Tell Them".


Trickster, I have never rented the 2nd and 3rd floors where I live, but I have "lived" for months a time at other places that I own (West Palm and Santa Barbara). Just because I bail the hell of of here most winters does not mean that my legal residence changes from Somerville. I've been here since birth and long before you were even a twinkle in your daddy's eye. Unless... of course... your daddy was a test tube - possible as your opinions never make any sense (WOO HOO MOONBAT!).

All-American city? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! I'm still cracking up about that. Half this damn city doesn't even speak english. The best way to get this "All-American City" moving is to yell IMMIGRATION at the star market down there on Winter Hill. They all scramble.

I think I am going to form a Patriot group here to start enforcing our immigration laws. Our local officials don't have the balls to do it (even at the expense of federal funding), so it takes leaders to get a group of Americans (people who speak english and were born here) together to start doing something about this problem. Who is me? [email protected] - let's ROLL!!!!

I can tell a rant is coming on....

"What the [email protected]% happened to the Somerville I used to know? Where's the spirit? Where's the guts, huh? "Ooh, we're afraid to go with you Imux, we might get in trouble." Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I'm not gonna take this. Wormer, he's a dead man! Marmalard, dead! Niedermeyer... "

Ron Newman

Oh wonderful, just what Somerville needs, someone trying to organize a vigilante lynch mob.

To Ron

Better watch out using that word "lynch".

Golfers know that word a lot more clearly now!

Charlie on the MTA

IMUX, a poor attempt at humor and you do no justice to John Blutarsky !

Yorktown Street

Immigration is what made America great. In that sense, there isn't a more all-American city than Somerville. The Statue of Liberty belongs on lower Broadway!

Dave S.

Newman, a vigilante group may not be what Somerville needs, but maybe we could all do with a little less of YOU butting your nose into every freakin' thing that goes on (or online for that matter) in this city.

Or maybe you are just mad because Imux came up with a community meeting you CAN'T be involved in.


I created an email called: [email protected] - anyone interested in helping enforce the rule of law just email me. It's time we ROLL!!!!

Website coming soon.

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